Monday, November 28, 2011

Putting Together Your Glove Set

For many who want to get into gloving, the first question generally is, where do I get my lights? People who are sponsored by different sites will guide you to those sites claiming they are the best, and may even give you a code that will give you a 5% discount (or other stuff, like 2 free lights when you enter wishpaus3 on on your order. Now, those sites could be very good, but my suggestion is to do some research. I bought my set from They have very affordable "economy" glove sets. So after shipping and taxes, I bought the Bubblegum set for just over $30. That's a pretty good price, however, it is a very simple set.

Simple isn't bad though. After all, you need to start somewhere and it's good to get to know your gloves and the style you want to grow into. The simplicity runs in the type of light and case. Starting with the case: Edots are similar to a light switch on the wall. They are the smallest of the cases, and are a good starter set. Simple to open and change the battery, you only need a butter knife, or a nail clipper. Many people would complain that the on and off is a switch and not a button. It's true that a button makes for cools effects, but for the sake of saving a few dollars and in the interest of experience, Edots do the trick quite nicely.

Now onto lights. To power one led take 2 CR1616 batteries. The simplest LEDs (Light-emitting Diode) are solid ons. They stay one color while they are on, and there are a ton of color to choose from. There are several different types of LED bulbs too, between strobes, ribbons, fades, dashes...there are an endless amount of combinations to be made. The Bubblegum set came with three different solid colors for each hand, 1 green, 2 blues, 2 purple/lavenders.

After my first day of getting the gloves, I was forced into changing the set, because one of the purple/lavender lights came not working. I have a lot of friends into gloving, so I was lucky enough to hook myself up with two slow faders, and they were Dots, a slightly bigger version of the Edots. The set was beautiful with a lot of life in them, but I wanted to have the broken light replaces.

Emazing has a fantastic return policy, and not only did they replace the light for me, they also offered to compensate me for shipping with something of equal value. I said forget the solid colors, I want ribbons!! I got the ribbons in and my gloves completely changed. The only thing was they only sent one of the LEDs in the casing. I had to pull apart the extra purple I had (luckily) and learn how to put together the light myself. It's not difficult at all, and Emazing has tutorials on their website. I even put my own together!

My set has evolved once again. Now that you have a little tiny morsel of getting into lighting, the next step is practicing. Always, with or without gloves. Hell, learn the finger motions before you even get the gloves, the lights only make it look cooler. Learn slowly, and then speed up, and if you can make it look cool with solids, they will look so baller with the specialty lights, just save the money and do your research.

That's all for today kids. Enjoy the videos!!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Welcome to My World

I am Paus3. I am a glover. I love steampunk, EDM (electronic dance music), and club culture. I am completely new to these things. This blog was made solely as a platform to share my expansion into these cultures. Watch as my art of gloving evolves, listen to the music I find enchanting, and experience steampunk from the perspective of someone who knew nothing about it other than The Wild Wild West and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

But that's enough about me. Let the blog begin to roll.