Monday, January 30, 2012

Epic Party: Shut Up And Dance

When I originally heard about this event, I knew this was going to be a huge party. I showed the flier to a fellow OWL and close friend Hurricane Irine and she went crazy about how awesome it was going to be. I'm still new to a lot of the DJs on the scene, but after hearing it from her, I figured I needed to be there. And awesome it was! Both [OWL] Supernova and myself went to see the scene and catch what was good at this event.

Time To Have Sme Fun! By: Ronnie C.
CT Represent! By: Paus3
It was another night hosted at the extremely spacious Amazura Lounge. I've been here once before, the night that Showtek rolled into town, but this time it was done up all differently! The lighting and sound system were the same. Laser and moving heads everywhere and constantly putting on a show to the music. Massive speakers blowing out so much bass it was terrifying. What was different was the feeling to the main room. They had placed several large white spike-balls hanging from the beams in the ceiling. When the light was bouncing off of them it was unreal. Morgan Freeman was also in the house, and he did up the stage so nicely! There was an entire layer of screen stretched out from end to end of the DJ as well as two towers on each side as well. He was playing constant visuals on the screen, it was awesome to watch the stage come alive. Behind the towers were the Peek A Boo gogo dancers casting their silhouettes for the crowd to groove to.

Sweet Atmosphere By: Smurf
Sexy Gogo Shadows By: Ronnie C.
It was great being there and recognizing so many people. Our new friends from Electrik Graffiti came in  from Jersey sporting their custom made scoodies. These hoods are so warm and cozy! Not to mention uber unique and well made. It was so great seeing them, we were all rocking our scoodies and giving tons of light shows and sending out good vibes. It's people like that who are constantly putting out the positive message of community. Check out their store online for what they have in store for you!

Some Eletrik Graffiti Scoodies By: Paus3
It was wonderful, there were so many lights going on, thanks to all the glovers, poi-artists, hula hoopers, glow stick maniacs (?) and Utopia providing so many glow toys. It was a good night to be out gloving that's for sure! There were people there from all over... New Jersey, Connecticut, and even Massachusetts were there and representing their styles. There was supposed to be a glovers competition, but unfortunately it did not happen. That didn't stop the glovers from trading shows and entertaining the masses. If the competition did go down, it would have been hard for the judges to choose a winner, there was a lot of talent in the house.

Beautiful Ribbons of Color By: Ronnie C.
Gloving Upstairs By: Ronnie C.

Awesome Duo By: Smurf
Getting Bendy! By: Smurf
Holding The Universe By: Smurf
Cookie Streams By: Paus3
 The music was great, a lot of hardstyle and dub was being spun, and Afrika Bambaataa brought it back to a much funkier time. The crowd was going crazy for Jen Mas as it was her first time back on the scene or a while! She and Lady Faith gave some sick tracks to glove to, made me appreciate hardstyle a little more. It's so crazy to watch an entire dance floor dancing to hardstyle, things get a little crazy.

Afrika Bambaataa Spinning By: Ronnie C.
Bead for Kandi By: Paus3
Set List By: Paus3
Sick Hats from Method By: Paus3
There were other activities to partake in while the party raged on. There was a bouncy castle, right next to it a massage table, there was a kandi making table, a Utopia booth, a Method booth, cotton candy and popcorn as well as fresh fruit (YES, there was actually fresh fruit at this event!) being passed around. Definitely a night to remember, with a job very well done by Epic Entertainment and California Dreaming. Let's walk through the party, shall we?


The Pros:
Ronnie C. Photography: Set 1//Set 2
Taylor Flash: Set 1//Set 2
Reptar Photography: SET
Epic Glow Wrm: SET

The Others:
Paus3: SET
Deblette: SET
Delineation Digital Media: SET
ThreeFourteen Media: SET

Want to see more of the party? Then check out Three Fourteen Media's video of the event!

Coming up this weekend, another Hi-5 Gallery, Finyl Fantasy 3, and Jungle Bungle!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Glover's Spotlight: [OWL] Supernova

Along with raves you have the greater community within them. Something that happens within any large community are the smaller communities within. One such group within the rave scene here in New York are the glovers. They all go to raves, some together, some separate, but always gravitate toward one another with a common love of throwing lights. Every glover is unique and has a unique story to tell. They also help keep the scene alive with a newer artistic side of the culture.

For the first ever Glover's Spotlight, I sat down with G-reg, aka [OWL] Supernova, to hear his side of gloving:

Supernova By: Reptar
[PAUS3] What’s good everybody, I’m here with G-reg! what’s good man.

[SUPERNOVA] Not too much man.

[P] Glad to have you here. So tell me, everyone seems to have a glover name, what’s yours?

[S] I go by Supernova when I glove.

[P] Where did the name come from?

[S] I made it up! I was tossing names around with a couple of raver friends, and it’s just something that stuck, something I really liked.

[P] When did you start gloving?

[S] I started back in the spring of last year after I saw a couple of kids at a Deadmau5 concert with them. I had been throwing around the idea of picking up a pair of gloves for a while actually but it wasn't until the end of April 2011 when I finally decided to make the purchase.

[P] So was it the kids at the concert that really inspired you to go do it?

[S] Absolutely, yeah.

Tunnels By: Taylor Flash

[P] Where do you find the inspiration to actually glove? What is it that moves you to express yourself with your hands like that?

[S] Well, I guess it’s a combination of the lights themselves and the music. Just… creating different shapes with my hands, and different trails of light to a beat, to EDM. It’s my passion; it’s something that I love.

[P] Which glovers specifically do you look up to?

[S] Mimik was one of the first glovers that I looked up to, Mimik is on Team (AYO?). As I started getting into the community a little bit more there was this glover over in California who I spoke with on Throwlights(.com), his name is Fry, and he was on Team (Who?) and now he’s on Team [Fuck]. So he’s actually one of my favorite glovers at the moment.

[P] So, I’m kinda curious, were you part of rave culture before you started gloving?

[S] Yea, I started raving a couple years ago. Then I went to college and I didn’t have too much time for it. And then this year I started picking it up a little bit and, you know, gloving and raving kinda go hand-in-hand.

[P] In your own words, what is gloving?

[S] Gloving is… well, I see gloving as two separate things. One, it’s an art form. It’s self expression in its purest form. The other is just to fuck someone up! If they're sitting there and they're zoning out looking at your lights and you’re straight putting them into a trance… like that’s the two different avenues of gloving right there.

[P] Onto the music, what do you like to listen to when you glove.

[S] I like trance, because it’s slow and it gives me time to think about what I want to do with my hands. I can really get into a nice slow beat.

[P] Let’s talk about the gloving community as a whole. Describe what that community is like.

[S] The gloving community…I’d say it came out of the rave scene, but the two are very different from each other. Ravers are all about PLUR and all that but I'd say that a lot of glovers are more about their own swag.. They like showing off their stuff and trying to look cooler than one another. I’m not saying all glovers are like this but the community as a whole does kind of strike me as that kind of an organization.. at least on the west coast. The east coast isn't really like that at all! We're ravers at heart man.

[P] But what about what happened with Deblette not too long ago and having her gloves borrowed but not returned and the reaction on the NYC Glovers page? **

[S] Right, well these glovers were ravers first. So I'd say they have PLUR in the forefront of their mind. Whereas a lot of glovers that are just starting to get into it, like over in California, twelve year olds, fourteen year olds who have never been to a rave before, but now look on youtube and see videos of glovers… they get inspired by this and they’re not necessarily all about the PLUR like the old school ravers are. Over here on the east coast most of the glovers are old school ravers, whereas over on the west coast, not so much.

Entertainment for a Whole Row! By: Angie Radar
Even Clowns Love his Lights By: Sam Freund

[P] So do you think that the east coast has the old school ravers and the west coast doesn’t? Did they not have raves over there?

[S] Well over here it's a lot less commercialized. So in order for someone to find out about gloves they'd have to go to a rave or know someone who throws. In other parts of the world like in California for instance, it’s just so commercialized with Emazinglights(.com), and the BOSS videos that you don’t necessarily have to go to a rave to know about it. It’s a little different.

[P] Do you think that’s the only difference, commercial versus PLUR?

[S] Well I’ve never actually visited the west coast, so all my knowledge comes from whatever I see on the internet. I’m not a hundred percent sure I can really answer that question..

[P] The internet has bridged this gap of these two communities, how do you see that interaction.

[S] It seems like the majority of glovers on the internet are from the west coast. Gloving on the west coast started way before we knew what a microlight was or how to use one haha. But seriously, our communities are slowly integrating and we’re starting to become one big happy family.

[P] I hope that’s true! What about your style, it’s very fluid. How would you categorize it?

[S] I would say my style comes out of the basics of finger rolls and tunnels. I’m only recently getting into digiting and starting to work on my liquid. But for the most part when I started gloving, I would just sit in front of a mirror practicing my finger rolls every day. I was all about trying to clean them up. Now I’ve gotten my rolls to a point where it’s respectable; same thing with my tunnels. They're always the core of my shows now. Whenever I give a light show it’s all about fluidity... finger rolling, tunnels, and just different variations on them… I'm just trying to keep it fresh.

[P] So let’s talk about crews, why start one?

[S] Crews are sort of like rave families here on the east coast, whereas I think over on the west coast they are more for competing. They have those BOSS competitions and if you're competing you want to represent your crew… I guess in a way it is very similar to the east coast with rave families and glovers and their glove crews.. but there are subtle differences, it’s hard to explain.

[P] We actually just formed a crew out here, let’s talk a bit about that.

[S] That’s right! You and I are part of Team [OWL]. We just started a crew because you can really help each other to grow and learn faster that way. It’s nice because we have different bulbs and you we can trade and like check out each others lights. Most importantly it gives us the opportunity to trade moves, trade lights and trade shows.

Part of OWL: Yoyo, Paus3 and Supernova By: Sam Freund

[P] What’s the difference between you gloving for your own enjoyment and actually giving shows?

[S] When I’m giving shows at a rave I’m not really trying to keep my moves clean. I’m not worrying about practicing this new move I learned last week. I’m just going out there and having fun. I'll go up to someone who has gloves and be like “Hey! Do you want to trade? See what you got, see what I got?”, or I’m just going up to people that look like they're bored and sitting on the side and going “Hey! Want to be entertained for a minute?” It’s fun for me; a fun little interaction.

[P] Tell me about the deepest, greatest, most melty-faced show you have ever given.

[S] I think my better shows are at the after-party. A lot of the time when I’m gloving, my mind is over active and I’m thinking too much about my show and what I’m doing. But at like 6 or 7 in the morning after a rave, after an event, you’re just kicking back at someone’s place… you’re too tired to think about anything, your hands are doing all the thinking for you. That’s when my best work comes out. I’m just not caring about the show, because everyone’s tired and we're all on the same page. It’s a much more intimate experience.

That does it for this installment of Glover's Spotlight!! More to come next week!!

**Deblette's gloves were borrowed and never returned one night. She was very upset and thought she'd never see them again. So the NYC Glovers group put their heads together and made her a set until she could get her own new lights or got her old ones back.**

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Yo, Shut Up and Dance!

There's a lot of excitement teeming in the air. Everybody is getting pumped for what's going to be the biggest event yet for 2012. As we continue moving forward into this year, Epic Entertainment is bringing a party that will have you dancing throughout the night and the whole following week. Get ready to Shut Up and Dance!

Afrika Bambaataa Live By: Blackout Hiphop
I've been looking forward to this event for two months now. Why? There has so much hype with this party, and with very good reason. For starters, how about the killer, legendary, insane lineup?

Afrika Bambaataa: "The Grandfather" of Universal Hip-Hop Culture and Electro Funk
DJ RAP: First Queen of Jungle-Spinning Old School Drum&Bass
DJ Lady Faith: USA's #1 Hardstyle Diva
Dave Gee & Trigon w/ Diggadee MC: Brooklyn's Dark Room Crew
Jen Mas: NYC's Queen of Hardcore
Chris Love, Nick Jagger, AB Logic: Love Sound Project
DJ Dank: NYC Electro Bad Boy
Knowledge: An Underground Dance Circuit Forefather
Empress: NY Native International Club Smasher:
Dose The Alien: Unworldly Mixer
John Bas: Brooklyn Hardstyle
DJ Soappy & DJ Keither: Tights Crews!
Atom C // Daddy Noomz // Gaby Noodle: Digital Distortion!

Afrika Bambaataa Will Move You By: Che Kothari
DJ RAP shot for 'Synthesis' By Larissa Underwood

Afrika Bambaataa?!? YES! He set the stage for so much to happen. You may not recognize the name, but you would totally recognize his music. This may ring a bell:

All these different genres coming together in what will be perfect harmony is one thing everybody is going to be looking forward to... but wait, there's more! So go hand in hand with this amazing lineup you have an equally amazing venue... this event is being housed in the Amazura Lounge! This spot is so big, it holds 4,000 people in 20,000 square feet with two floors of sound. Speaking of's unbelievable. You will literally have shivers sent down your spine if you've never walked in here before. In front of the main stage there are two HUGE stacks, one on each side. In the back, mirror image of the front. What do you get? Awesomesauce. Amazura also has it's own fantastic lighting system with some of the coolest lasers I've seen, there's so many of them!

A View From the Main Stage Amazura By: Sam Freund
Having a Blast! By: Reptar Photography
Then you have the people that come in to bring entertainment and enhance your experience at this prime location. You have an amazing internationally known VJ coming in to blow your mind... none other than Morgan Freeman (bluecrash). He's going to have one hell of a playground to do his thing in, there are so many screens in this huge room! You have two crews of dancers coming in, Pretty Girl Productions and Peek A Boo Girls! To enhance your experience in more physical ways, you have Batman coming in with the massage table, or you can also head over to the California Dreaming table for some UV body painting. 

Batman and Deblette By: Reptar Photography
Skills! By: Reptar Photography

Hypnotized in Wonderland By: Paus3
Shocking Double By: Paus3
Yours Truly (Paus3) By: Ronnie C.
Then there's the one thing I've been waiting to witness since I heard anything about it... Utopia will be hosting a glovers competition!! Now, I don't know how they run it, but there will be A LOT of talent there. The NYC Glovers are all hyped about this, it's a chance to not only do what they love, but have a little fun and compete. The majority of the time, glovers here are not competing. They are constantly learning and growing as friends. So it's a good time to turn up the heat a little and have a good time! And since it is a competition, there are prizes! First place receives a FREE trip of their choice to either, Cancun, Jamaica, or Bahamas. Second Place receives $50 Gift Certificate to Utopia!

Other attractions include a moon bounce, cotton candy machine, pop corn machine, bead table, and fresh fruit.... do I need to give you any more incentive to come to this event?! You better free up your night on Friday, and come to Shut Up and Dance!

There is a lot of info you can get from heading over to these links, including hotels, transportation, and directions.

::Tickets & Info::
::Facebook Invite::

See you there!!

Monday, January 23, 2012

EXCLUSIVE: Tom Rogers Mix from Fairytale Massacre

I promised this about a week ago, and here it is!! The EXCLUSIVE mix from Tom Rogers, the part you heard at Fairytale Massacre after the audio got fuzzled up! Enjoy these beats, push play and minimize this's about to get sexy in here!

Tom Rogers @ FairyTale Massacre by Wish FancyHands Onmeh

Belief ft. Dino - Precious (Antillas & Dakann Remix)
Robert Lyttle - Pagoda
Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano - Lethal Industry
Paramore - Crush x3 (Harris Briggs Bootleg)
The Killers - When You Were Young (Jonas Stenberg Remix)

Tom Rogers @ Fairytale Massacre
Get more Tom Rogers by liking his FACEBOOK!

Genesis Flash-Back: Sonic the Hedgehog - Green Hill Zone

This weekend was insane. First on Friday night was the one and only DJ KY's birthday! There was a crazy party that he threw at the Mad Catter spot. Lots of people came out to show their love for KY. Friend's of his from Connecticut, Philadelphia, and even Florida came through to party it up and celebrate this quickly rising DJ. It was great to see so many people that are active in keeping the scene going come through just to show their support and to be merry.

Happy Bday KY!! By: Paus3
Hardstyle! By: Ronnie C.
 A similar situation went down on Saturday night, and you've seen me talk about it before, Green Hill Zone. This party was so refreshing. Among some SICK DJs (Cutman, Dirty Dan, Wink-E, Daddy Noomz, Jjernee, Lysdexic), there were other wonderful attractions, such as Morgan Freeman on the visuals, Power Trip Lighting came in with some sick lights, the bar was nicely stocked and had Maui Wowi making fresh fruit smoothies right next to it, UV face and body painting with Pixel, Kevin Carpet was all rolled up on the scene, the Jolly Green Giant was giving massages, and there was even an original Sega Genesis to play Sonic projected onto a huge screen. Helen Pyre and Morgan Freeman worked really hard on having this shindig, and with everyone's help, they turned a virgin venue into a work of art. It was so awesome to see everyone come together to help make this party a huge success, even with the tiny little bit of snow on the ground that seemed to keep so many people at home. I call bullocks!

DJ Lysdexic By: Paus3
Morgan Freeman By: Paus3
Kevin Carpet!! By: Paus3
As I just mentioned, this was a new spot, and it is biiiiiig. the floor itself is about 9,000 square feet, but it was sectioned off in different areas. So even though this particular party was only one room, there were so many different places to go to hang out or dance. There were people everywhere. I got to meet some really memorable people through gloving, taking pictures and just interacting in one way or another. What I realized, is that there are a lot of people that want to keep the scene running in a very positive direction. Where raving is about the music, the community, the love and caring for people. I want to point you in the direction of one person I met, Evol Mermae. When I met her she was just all spunky, full of energy and fun, but what I found out later in she actually just moved here from Texas and keeps an awesome vlog and blog and stuff. You should check her out!

Enjoying Some Maui Wowi By: Ronnie C.

DJ Cutman By: Ronnie C.
Positive vibes, good people, great progression of music, this one was a real winner! There were also a lot of glovers that came out to throw down their lights. So many different styles it was wild! One glover I ran into was actually a guy I used to go to college with, Z! So good to see him, brought back a lot of good memories. Also, the owners of Electric Graffiti came through as well! They make custom-hand-made scoodies (spirit hoods), fluffies, furries, and other rave gear/awesome fashion. They both glove and it was an absolute please trading with them. The OWLs came out in force as well, and blew some people's minds. The expressions on people's faces is just always priceless.

Nice Colors! By: Paus3
Double It Up By: Paus3
Siiiiick By: Paus3

They also had a Sonic themed costume contest, which had a first and second prize, and it worked out that Pixel and Deblette won! Pixel was in his Sonic gear all night, and then went super sonic! Deb was all decked out as tails, it was so awesome watching her rock out!

Flying Away By: Paus3
Super Sonic! By: Sam Freund
All in all, this event was a huge success. From all the people who put it together, the volunteers, and the extremely talented artists that came out to do their thing, it's all of you who make this community thrive!!


The Pros:
Ronnie C. Photography: SET
Taylor Flash: SET
Sam Freund: SET
Reptar Photography: Coming Soon

The Others:
Paus3: SET
D3bSt3p: Coming Soon

More events are coming up! This Friday is the highly anticipated Shut Up and Dance!! Next Month will be some Pussy Power! Come out, support the scene!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Land of Magic and Zombies

When you look on your upcoming events and check out what parties are coming up, the number of people attending can be one good way to tell if it's going to be a hit or not. Taking the extra step and seeing what the comments are like is a good indication to tell how many of those "yes" clicks will actually be there. From my experience, it's a mix between that and venue. The scene is almost always popping with hundreds of people coming out to dance and party, and for my first M.D. Productions event, Fairytale Massacre was off the hook!

RAGE! By: Ronnie C.
Note Boys Face... 'Nuff Said By: Ronnie C.

This party was at "The Cage", I was just there the week beforehand for Chaos, a Kingzly party. The scope of the night was very different from that party in terms of music played and people that came. You still had the cage which had quite a few different dancers at any given moment, two floors of pumping beats, and tons of people. The music was all EDM with some of the hottest DJ's in the mix. I personally got to sit in on everyone's set! It an important part of going into these events. You should know who is entertaining you.

Dirty Dan! By: Paus3
W@X By: Paus3
 You had the following DJs pumping music out:

The doors opened an hour late to this party, keeping party goers freezing outside and shafting
Gaby Noodle from the 1's and 2's. Whatever the issues were, it sucked worst for everyone that was there before original door time to be the first ones in. However, when the crowd started getting in, you could see the looks of excitement on everyone's faces. The lights were looking awesome from Power Trip, Morgan Freeman was in the house with the digital mapping on the walls, and the music was pumping, what's not to like?!

Tom Rogers By: Paus3
Music was hot, I was very excited to hear some trance with Tom Rogers (featured this week for the mix!), but the whole beginning of his set got f'ed up! For the first 20 min, the input was wrong from his gear, so they had to switch him over to the CDJs, and then he got his stuff popping. Even though a lot of his set was muffled, he's put it out exclusively to the readers of this blog!! ((COMING SOON!!))

This was a theme party, with people dressed up as either fairytale creatures and characters, or zombies. One thing I couldn't stand, the fairies. I mean literally, I kept getting smacked in the face by girls running around with these huge fake wings on their backs. I almost had my freakin eye poked out!! A few people went all out with their costumes though for their was a costume contest where the winner would receive a free tattoo from Heart of Brooklyn Tattoo! The winner was none other than Jevee who came in as the Queen of Hearts!

The Queen of Hearts By: Reptar
Tinker Bell By: Paus3
Gahhh So Awesome By: Paus3
Masquerade Beauty By Paus3
There were so many people in the house! As I was mentioning earlier, the people here were mostly the PLUR-full party goers, with a lot of fresh faces coming straight from the club scene. This was as opposed to Chaos where it was pretty much 50/50 with a lot of "bro" and "son" going on. I don't have a problem with that because when it comes down to it, all I feel is the PLUR, regardless of how people talk, dress or act. When we are at a party, we are all having a good time together, and I have yet to experience it differently. You also had UV body painting by Pixel, and a massage table with Batman! Always love seeing these guys around, there attractions always add more color and activity to the party!

D3bst3p and Batsy! By: Reptar

PLUR <3 By: Ronnie C.
Dance Your Ass Off By: Ronnie C.
Whaaaaat?! By: Paus3
 Now my favorite part, glovers!! There had to have been about 25 glovers that came down to Fairytale. Aside from the ones I already chill with, there were a bunch of new faces there as well. It's always really fresh to meet new people, but one really nice meet was with D3bst3p. If you don't know about her, well you are missing out! She keeps a site similar to this, writing about the scene, taking pictures, and not only that, but she gloves too! I spent a lot of time talking with her about the community, and then we traded shows. It's such a god feeling to share not only thoughts, but emotions, and that's what gloving comes down to, an electric display of emotion (EDE). 

Pretty Lights By: Ronnie C.
Mystical By: Reptar
Light Shows from the Cage By: Paus3
Yours Truly By: Paus3
Double Show Splendor By: Paus3
Wicked Cool By: Paus3

I actually brought my camera out to this one to continue learning more about photography, and I think I'm getting the hang of it! Out of 451 pictures, about 200 of them came out good enough to use in my official album. But I didn't want to just trash the other I created a slideshow to show them all, and walk you through the night!! 

I got this idea from one of the coolest people I've met on the scene, Sam Freund. He has made videos like this before, and it inspired me to try and do one myself. His are amazing, I mean, see for yourself


The Pros:
Ronnie C: SET
Taylor Flash: SET

Sam Freund: Coming Soon!
Reptar: SET

The Others:

Paus3: SET
Smurf: SET
Epic Image WRM: SET
D3bst3p: SET 1//SET 2

This was a huge success, so huge that the sequel is already in play!! FAIRYTALE MASSACRE 2 - THE MONSTERS REVENGE! And then coming up this weekend, Sonic the Hedgehog: Green Hill Zone!!