Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Artist Spotlight: Adam Psybe

It's just about 5pm, and the last sliver of actual sunlight is disappearing from the sky as we get off the L train in Brooklyn. As we emerge to the streets, the neighborhood seems to all be housed except a select few young men with thick beards and glasses. It is getting pretty cold out already, freezing really; Our breath stands still for a moment in the air as we begin to venture towards an area of Brooklyn where community meets industry and art. This is Bushwick, and we are entering an open air gallery run by a group of artists known as The Bushwick Collective. This select group of artists paint the walls of the buildings in this area with incredible pieces of art, and in the midst of it all, a "new" artist is rising to the challenge of being recognized on these streets filled with artwork from well known visionaries like Buff Monster and Sexer. And with just a little push and a lot of talent, he would enter that mold.

Beau Stanton
His name is Adam Psybe, or just Psybe for short. Since a young age he's been very artistic, but for the past three years he's been working on his craft with a canvas, and really expanding and working on it full time for the past year. His style of painting is extraordinarily surrealistically pleasing. One might call it 'abstract' art, but I'll refer to it as planetary portal geometry.

The first time we saw Psybe's work was up in Maine at The Great North Music and Arts Festival. Although there wasn't a lot of time spent talking to the man himself, his works really spoke out to everyone that came under the art tent. There were times I'd walk by just to admire his canvases again only to find people sitting in front of the paintings in a trance like state, getting lost within these gateways from his mind. It was very appropriate to have him working alongside other amazing artists, including Alex and Allyson Grey.

Now back in NY, Psybe was looking to get involved with more artists as well as to expand his horizons with his art. That is where the Bushwick Collective came into play. Originally, Psybe approached them to get a spot to paint a mural and become part of the collective. At that time, the Bushwick Collective was apprehensive to giving Psybe the wall space due to him only working on two murals in the past, and most of his work being on canvas. As I'm sure this was a let down for Psybe, he did not let it get in the way of building his street cred.

Entrance to Cypress Studios // The Art Space
Down the Hallway Lined with Art
Recently a new art studio opened up in Bushwick called Cypress Studios aka The Art Space. It's a pretty well hidden spot, with a large black gate blocking off the entrance. Inside the studio there are hallways and rooms, a lot of space an artist could rent out as a studio. It was in this space that Erika Bansen, another very talented artist, rented out a room to launch her very own dreadlocks studio, Make Me Dreadful.

While fixing up the room, Adam spoke to the building's owner about possibly being able to use the black gate in front to paint a portal. The permission was given and Psybe went to work. He was adding a mural to the area that he was just denied from. "I was told it was a bad move to do a mural right in their area, but I decided to go ahead with it anyway given I did not think I'll be working with them." Some my consider this a ballsy move, I see it as freedom of speech. After all, this building may be in the same area, but the Bushwick Collective do not own the streets.

His mural began to take shape, and a small portal to a whole new galaxy came to life. He worked on it for full days, from the brisk mornings till the extreme temperature drop at night fall. Little by little his piece came together to create an original painting for the neighborhood. It is truly incredible to look at, and even more so original compared to all the other works in the vicinity. Psybe has added a new flare on Cypress Ave. After his work was finished, he contacted the Bushwick Collective again to show them his piece. They told him that they were watching him the whole week as he worked, and they were happy to have him be a part of them.

Almost completed...
Finished Product "Public Portal One" - Photo by Bushwick Collective
Moral of the story? Don't give up. Don't give in. If you love something, and are passionate about it, just do it and keep on doing it. Psybe didn't step on any toes in doing what he did, and in the end got where he wanted to be. So what's next for Psybe? Well so far he will be working on another portal with the Bushwick Collective and he's also been contacted to paint a building in Brooklyn. The building will be a collaborative piece featuring Psybe and other geometric and abstract artists from the Bushwick Collective. He will also be doing a new acrylic series for a solo show in Denver called The Knew Conscience Gallery in June. There are many great things to come from this artist, and we are excited to see what's next!!

Check out Psybe Visual Arts to see more of Psybe's work and buy some art!! See his work with your own eyes on Troutman and Cypress, a half block west on Cypress, only a short walk from the Jefferson Street Station on the L line.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Parachute NY: Bringing The Creativity Behind EDM to Light

Back on November 17, an event happened to promote the different and various arts that the Electronic Dance Music community harbors. The event was called "Parachute: Supporting the Creative Community". It is Parachute's goal to showcase and educate what the EDM scene is all about, from painting, sculpting, dance, and music, to textiles and other creative and hobbies. This showcase happens through demonstrations, seminars, music, dance and live art creation, as well as vendors. What's better than teaching people all the positive and good that members of the EDM community has to offer? The event being FREE of course!!

This event had my ears perked up as well as my intrigue. Can this be? After all it's an event we all always wanted. In today's USA, when we hear about raves the image is of teenagers wearing the skimpiest amount of clothing, lots of plastic bead bracelets, "molly", and pounding bass drops. To some extent, this was always existed. However, it is not fair to make such a blanket statement about all people involved in this community.

Deadaudio.com, NY DanceSafe, and Underland NY have come together to host this event. Last month featured dancers, art demonstrations such as face painting, graffiti art and live painting, DJs spun music, and there were different seminars as well. The next Parachute will be held this coming weekend. As mentioned, this is a free event and also appropriate for all ages. Let's break down the negative stereotypes together, and have a good time!


When: Sunday December 15th
Where: The Paper Box
Address: 17 Meadow Street, Brooklyn New York 11206
Time: 12pm - 6pm
Charge: FREE
Age Restriction: ALL AGES

See all the performers, vendors, DJs, seminars and workshops on the Facebook Event page.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

New Music Release - Sunshine Harry - Tauk

Long Island native quartet band Tauk released a brand new song today with a free download! The song is titled 'Sunshine Harry', and it's release kicks off the bands East Coast Halloween Tour.

The track is pretty deep and a lot of fun to listen to. It is almost like a journey into an area that you never really understood before, but the deeper you go into it, the more and more it intrigues you and pulls you in. If I could give the band it's own sub genre, it would be musical story telling. Don't just take my word for it, check it out!

"[Sunshine Harry] was actually originally a B-side on ‘Homunculus,' but it sounds so eerie, we though it would work better as a Halloween single." - Alric "A.C" Carter

Tauk will be in several states for this Fall tour including D.C., Maryland, Philly and New York. Their live show in fantastic as they proved when we caught them at The Peach Music Festival during the summer time. Make sure to check out their TOUR DATES for upcoming shows in your area. With this track release, we are only more excited to see what comes next!

FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: http://diffuser.fm/tauk-sunshine-harry-free-mp3-download/

TAUK  – www.taukband.com | www.facebook.com/taukband | www.twitter.com/taukband

The Great North Music and Arts Festival - A True Festy Kid Experience

A few weeks back mark my personal return to the great north east, Maine. It's been many years since my parents were taking me and my siblings to go into nature a little more, and experience the small towns and different eats. There was a great calling this time, one that blended music, art, and activism almost flawlessly.

The Great North Music and Arts Festival had it's first birthday September 27-29, and popped Maine's cherry for lack of larger festivals. The lineup was ridiculously talented, with both well known and not-so-well-known performers. Thanks to the names and the grinding promotion done, people were coming out from over the surrounding states, many traveling over 6 hours by car, including John and I. The drive from NYC was gorgeous, especially for the time of year. Trees up north are just beginning to turn, and it almost felt like we were cheating the system going to a camping music festival after the main 'season' had already ended. That weather stayed all weekend long with highs nearing 80, no clouds in sight, and chilly but clear nights. It really felt as if Summer was lingering there for us.

As we got to the camp grounds, there were signs everywhere telling us that this was going to be an awesome time. People were smiling left and right, dancing around campsites, groups meditating, the smells of food being cooked, and plenty of color throughout the grounds. It felt like there were people everywhere, camps were popping up in the woods, golf carts with staff were driving around making sure people were having a good time, people walking around with their friends and some working dogs were around as well... it felt like a small village.

After taking a quick walk around, I realized that the ground were not enormous, but felt that way because of all the things to look at and take it. There was an artists' tent by the main stage, but there was art everywhere. It literally felt like this was a home for people that not only love music, but also care about expression and communication. This is so important these days were there are people who don't know how to talk to one another. Even when the music started up, a rapper was on stage freestyling a message to all the festival goers about keeping clean and being safe... it was the first time in about 12 festivals I ever heard anyone give a positive message like that, and it made the days that I longed for something like "PLUR" make sense.

Alex and Allyson Grey
Beats Antique

Originally, the lineup had me really excited. From the legendary artists Alex and Alysson Grey to the worldly folk sounds of Beats Antique, there was a pre-existing expectation of talent being brought to the table. In my reality, the names did not blow me away, but the unexpected sets that were the most epic. When Beats Antique took the stage, they started preforming all my favorite tracks, but to me it felt like I was listening to my Pandora channel. Granted their belly dancing member Zoe was not present, there was still a lacking feeling in energy and musical inclination. So I decided to begin walking over to the second stage area where ill.Gates was performing. There were maybe 45 people tops watching and grooving with him, and although I only caught the last 20 minutes of the set, it blew me away. I also need to mention RJD2. His set was also pretty freaking groovy. There was one point where the music cut out, and when he got on the mic, he joked about being a vinyl DJ and how sometimes the records crack, then back to the beats. He was really a stand up performer.


The point is simple. Any form of art, from dancing to painting to making music, does not need the media hype behind it to be mind blowing. Pretty much every person I met that weekend had talent in some area, for some it wasn't even art but growing produce, or the some of the most top quality buds I've personally seen (it is legal to grow in Maine with a license). All this passion and skill at the festy did wonders for it. It proved, once again, that the EDM community is way more than what the main stream media is making it out to be. There were no major incidents, and everyone had a blast.

I cannot wait until next year.


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Electric Ghost Punk: Day 1 // Day 2 // Day 3

Thursday, September 26, 2013

First Time Festival: Great North Music and Arts - Alex & Allyson Grey, Beats Antique, RJD2 and many more!

The Summer time is officially coming to an end as we mosey into October and the temperatures are dropping more everyday and even more at night. The electronic scene's festivals here in the North East are pretty much considered finished with the end of Catskill Chill. There are plenty of events happening pretty much every weekend, but the major ones are traditionally kaput by now. This weekend changes that.

In just a few hours, I'll be on the road with a good friend to Norridgewock, Maine. Up there we will be experiencing the first ever Great North Music and Arts Festival. At first glance you will see Alex GreyAllyson Grey as well as Beats Antique as the headliners. It is literally music and art at the top of the bill. The remainder of the lineup is quite awesome, boasting names like RJD2, Freddy Todd, Phutureprimitive, Bluetech, and Papadosio

Beats Antique Artwork
There is a heavy emphasis on art. There are many visual artists that are being represented as well. Andy Reed, BILD, Samuel Farrand, Mike Rich, and VJ FOO are all listed on the main website as contributors for the visuals provided at the festival. 

Artwork of Alex Grey

This weekend will be one hell of an adventure. Not exactly knowing what to expect, this baby festival packs a punch. Follow up with us for photos, videos, and a review of what went down by the one and only Etan Wish!


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Size In The Park: Will NYC Accept How Big Size Gets?

For a huge banger that you don't need to take a ferry to. You need to check out this installment of 

For it's second year coming, Steve Angello and Size Records are bringing this huge party to Central Park. Saturday is already sold out, but any show goer knows there are tickets around. Just don't expect too many miracles, there will be tons of people making there way. And this is why.

The Lineup:

Friday, September 27
Steve Angello
AN21 & Max Vangeli
Arno Cost
Third Party
Saturday, September 28
Steve Angello
Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano
Tim Mason
Trent Cantrelle

If you want to make it there, you will. Being local in NY has it's perks. Also look around, you might find something decent on Craigslist, or on some Facebook group doing a giveaway. In any case, with the heat on parties like this since EZoo and even back when the Excision shows got cancelled, it'll be interesting to see if this makes it to day 2. Central Park...is central to NYC. Bloomberg has this on his radar. 
This will be a show to remember. If you are one of the people who get to be there and experience these sets, it will be a night to remember... or at least pieces of.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Electric Zoo 2013 Cancelled Due to Drug Related Deaths

It's another lazy Sunday, but it wasn't supposed to be that way for NYC festival goers. This weekend marked the fifth year of Electric Zoo, and it was pulling in some huge crowds. Headiners like Above and Beyond, Kill the Noise, Flux Pavilion, Kill Paris, and Big Gigantic were scheduled to perform. However, this morning it was making headlines on all different 'major' news sources like ABC that EZoo has been canceled for it's final day. The sources are saying two people died, and at least four people are in intensive care. The deaths may or may not have something to do MDMA, you know, mollies.

It is more and more common that these people going to events and ingesting any sort of drugs are taking something they didn't ask for. There are lots of bunk drugs going around at events, and unfortunately, a majority of these drug users are not testing what they purchased from that guy that gave them a deal. Usually you can find test kits at some of the vendors. Also keep an eye out for Bunk Police signs. If they just tested a little of what they purchased, they would be able to have a much better idea of what it is, or isn't. After all, white powdery substances are widespread from flour to sugar to whatever bathsalts. The key word here is education, and the key lesson is 'hold true to your community'. Be good to the people around you and always help people out. Not everyone is a seasoned traveler and festival goers, and these folks can be vulnerable.

Our deepest condolences go out to the family and friends of the two people that lost their lives this weekend. For a many of people, these festivals are sacred places, similar to going to Sunday Mass. Music, spiritualism, love, art, and life all come together and create a beautiful atmosphere. Loss of life at a place such as that is heartbreaking, and it is sure that those people will be dearly missed.

This information was all just released this morning. I took a look on one of the public event invites on Facebook and the initial reaction is less than sympathetic, and quite frustrated. Tickets for today's Sunday show were $179. Even a petition was opened up to reopen the festival.

Will the story end here for EZoo? Of course there are plenty of parties to attended this weekend, especially for the Ezoo crowds. One of our favorite EZoo after-parties is City Lights <----. Let's see how this all pans out.

Here's who didn't play today: 
Armin van Buuren
Sebastian Ingrosso
Steve Aoki
Laidback Luke
Tommy Trash
Aly & Fila
Swanky Tunes
Myon & Shane 54
Adam Beyer
Fedde Le Grand
Chase & Status
Victor Calderone
Markus Schulz
Ida Engberg
Adventure Club
Angger Dimas
Joel Mull
Sub Focus
Joris Voorn
Alex Metric
Dan Sena
Nicole Moudaber
Paul Ritch Live
Hard Rock Sofa
Jacques Lu Cont
Pegboard Nerds
Keys N Krates
Yolanda Be Cool
Digital Lab

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Arizona's Getting a New Festival - True Music Festival

From the folks that bring you amazing productions like Camp Bisco, Lights all Night, and Counterpoint Music Festival, comes a one day show which the lineup alone will be bringing people from all around the Copper State to Scottsdale in December.

It's called True Music Festival, and the folks behind it are none other than MCP. The festival grounds are situated on a 140-acre site, Salt River Fields at Talking Stick, also known as the Major League Baseball spring training facility home for the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Colorado Rockies. Although not much info has been released on the one day show, when the Internet first got wind that Arizona would be holding a winter festival, it was known to be focused strongly on the music. Two days ago the first round of performers were announced, and they weren't kidding when they said multi-genre, and it is a beautiful thing.

To wet your whistles MCP has officially announced:  Bassnectar, The Flaming Lips, Wiz Khalifa, Capital Cities and Lord Huron. That's right, you have the beholder of EDM, Grammy winners and ultimate showmen The Flaming Lips, hip hop game changer Wiz Khalifa, and then throw some different styles of rock in there and already there is serious potential for an incredible show. I've learned over many shows that by mixing genres that flow into one another, that have grown through influence of the other, brings a whole new dimension to the festival itself.

Wiz Khalifa (XXL Mag)
During a Flaming Lips Show (Lost In The Sound)
Being an MCP production, there is also sure to be live art installations, awesome vendors, as well as plenty of surprises. That is from their side, let's not forget ourselves, the festival goers. There is never a shortage of entertainment at these shows! These guys really care about the events they do. They have even included a section on their website called 'Be True!' giving the basics on how to insure you have a great time. It's a simple read, and very true.

Buy your tickets now before prices start going up! It's still in the Early-bird stages, so save yourself some cash! There are also VIP tickets available, more details will be released on them soon.

Visit www.truemusicfestival.com for the most up to date information. Stay connected on Twitter at @truemusicfest and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/TrueMusicFestival.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Camp Bisco 12: A Festy Overview

For twelve years now, The Disco Biscuits have been leaving us with our jaws in the mud with nothing on our lips but the word, "wow". Each year gets bigger, and with it's increased popularity, Camp Bisco is a place for an eclectic group of young adults to get together and rage.

With so many years doing this gig, the folks over at MCP have put in an abundance of thought on how to run the show. Not only who's coming out to drop massive bass attacks and smooth riffs, but also to insure a safe diverse playground for all festival goers. One massive change this year was the layout of the camp grounds. Things felt much easier to get to (minus the Silent Bisco stage) and it felt as if camping itself was more organized. This is important when putting up tents for tens of thousands of people, not including RVs, car parking, vendors, stages, room for emergency vehicles, and easy trekking for all those on foot. All of the main stages (2 main stages, the label tent, and the B.I.G. Tent) were in the same area, along with a large majority of the food and craft vendors. This was a good thing because walking to this area was not a pain in the ass and it was pretty much central to everything on the map.

Now, let's get into all the festival goodies. In my opinion, there are two factors to any festival that will make it the best time. One is that the festival itself is not just a place to be, but a place to be a part of. The second factor is that the people attending the festival are there to be a part of the festival. It is literally a community popping up for close to a week. Where you live and who your neighbors can really make a difference in your weekend. In Camp Bisco's case, both these factors were met at high standards. There were plenty of activities to be a part of, both scheduled and found adventures. From the amazing art installations to the variety of workshops, there was almost always something to do... even if it wasn't planned. There are so many skilled artists that attend this festival, and many of whom share pieces of themselves at camp. Which brings up the second factor.

The people are unbelievably awesome. It felt as though everyone was happy all the time. The overall energy is leaning towards movement and party, and the people contributing the energy are from all different backgrounds. Some are there from states as far as California, and different countries as well. There's a mix of artists, spiritualists, political activists, ragers, dancers, cooks, poets, accountants, entrepreneurs... pretty much anyone you can think of. This diversity really makes up for a large part of Camp. The chances of anyone making a walk around the camp site not finding something to be a part of is... none.

The festival itself boasts a huge ferris wheel, tons of food and general vendors, hundreds of lasers, epic art installations, and great performances. A few memorable sets from the weekend included Bassnectar, Space Jesus, Schlang, Lotus, Break Science, Destroid, and the final set for the Disco Biscuits. These are just a few personal favorites, but trust the list goes on. All the night time and indoor sets included some wild visuals, including projections and dancers in wild costumes.

All in all, Camp Bisco has been an amazing experience for us here at Electric Ghost Punk. All the events that MCP puts on are very professional and 9.5-10 guaranteed good times, just leave your drama at home. Keep your eyes out for more of MCP's events as they pop up all over the country.


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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Peach Music Festival: The Best East Coast and West Coast Vibes

*Article and Photos by Etan Wish

Last weekend marked the 44th anniversary of Woodstock, in a sense foreshadowing that the second annual Peach Music Festival was going to be a weekend to remember. Housed on the majestic Montage Mountain, Scranton PA, the Peach Music Festival invited guests from all over the country and the world to witness and partake in the coming together of the East and West coast tribes of the Allman Brothers Band and The Grateful Dead. Stepping onto festival grounds meant you were going to have an amazing time.

From the conception of this website, the focus was on how the current culture behind Electronic Music thrived. As we continued deeper into different genres and artists from around the world, I noticed that the instrumental styles were the ones popping out mostly to me. From dubstep breakdowns to long psytrance journeys, we have to consider where the ideas come from for producing this type of music. You can go back pretty far with classical and folk music, but the genre that really revolutionized music today's day and age was Rock 'n Roll. Jam Bands spawned from that, producing a whole new sound with a totally different attitude. This wasn't just music though, this is an entire culture as well, one that many people consider another great tribe of the world. After seeing how many people came out to The Peach Music Festival, I believe every word of it.

The lineup for the festival included a whole bunch of all stars as well as local talent. Bands included The Allman Brothers Band, Galactic, Bob Weir and Ratdog, Miz, Tauk, Grace Potter and The Nocturnals, Cabinet, Dopapod, Lotus, Floodwood, and The Black Crowes to name a few. The styles of music ranged from blues and rock to electronic jam and bluegrass. All the music came with a deeper sense of feeling and soul, and of course that sense of community. People were checking out different sets making sure it the stages never felt empty, especially during Ratdog and The Allman Brother's sets. Both bands played one before the other for both Friday night and Saturday night as well.

For me personally, seeing them perform blew me away. The sets were so heartfelt there were times which I couldn't contain tears from coming down my face. I wasn't sure if it was the soulful music they were playing, or the words resonating inside of me. Whatever it was, the overall feeling was that in that moment, right in front of me were some of the most legendary musicians of this time performing the music of their time not only for myself and the crowd, but for all of their friends they made along the way. It made me realize that The Grateful Dead and Allman Brother's Band are two examples of music that will never be forgotten. Already it has resonated and found a home inside of me, and it's only been one show.

I was also privileged to be able to sit down with a very talented group of young musicians native to my hometown area of Long Island, New York. The band Tauk opened up the main stage on Friday afternoon with an explosive set. Playing tracks off their newest album Homunculus, they had members of the audience out of their seats and dancing with their awesome mix of styles. Their sound ranges from jazz to rock to jamming out, it is an electronic fusion that stands on it's own. They started the set a little earlier than the set time, which actually allowed them to squeeze in a very memorable version of the Beatles, "I Want You". The interview with the NY quartet will be up within the week.

The music was definitely the main attraction, but by no means the only one. Montage Mountain is home to a small water park that is part of the ticket price for the weekend. The park included water slides, a lazy river and a wave pool. The lazy river and wave pool are right next to the Mushroom Stage, adding an extra element of fun while catching awesome tunes. There was also a ski lift operating taking people up to the top of the mountain where you could go zip-lining. There were also many craft vendors and food vendors, minus too many of the over commercialized ones. There were only a few 'carnival' food vendors and mostly original food vendors as well as original craft vendors. It's always a pleasure to wake up with a solar blast smoothie and a dozen freshly made donuts. There was even the option at Peach Fest to buy fresh produce, that was something new!

In order for a festival to be truly wonderful, it needs to attract the right people. I've never felt more comfortable and right with everyone there. From the moment we arrived on festival grounds, there were so many good vibes in the air it felt like you could float in them. Anyone that looked like they needed a hand with their luggage got one, thirsty people were getting water bottles, folks without tickets were getting gifted in, and there wasn't a single person not wearing a smile. The grounds were family friendly, with families camped out all over the slopes and not exclusively in family camping (a camping area with a quite time). And best of all was that there were people of all ages and generations sharing this experience together. While there, I connected with people young enough to be my nieces and nephews, old enough to be my parents and kids the same age as me. A majority of these people were accepting, loving and wanted nothing more than to spend time with someone that would like to spend time with them. It felt like home.

The only thing that anyone complained about was the sleeping on slopes with rocks, as well as the security checkpoint both in and out of the main stage, the Toyota Pavilion. It was their job to insure that all patrons not only had their wristbands (paid entry), but also to insure that all alcoholic beverages were fully consumed before entering the grounds. This is pretty standard procedure at any major venue, but the weird part was they made people finish their drinks or toss them on the way out as well. Although a minor nuisance, it was something that people didn't really want to deal with. All in all, security was very professional and nice, and only wanted to have a good time with everyone there.

This weekend officially turned me onto my hippie side. I don't think I'd be able to follow these guys (Ratdog, Further, Allman Brothers, etc) around on a full tour, but I would never pass up the opportunity to sit down with them again. With the second year of the Peach Music Festival being so successful, I cannot wait to see what next year will bring. This festival has a very very special place in my heart.


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