Monday, March 2, 2015

Wild Woods 2015 - Phase 2 Lineup Announced

Last year we got to witness the amazing inaugural year of Wild Woods up in beautiful Croydon, New Hampshire. It was an amazing music and arts camping festival filled with incredible people performing, teaching, and living among one another for the weekend.

The second phase of the lineup has just been released, with confirmation on Consider the Source returning with an acoustic and an electric set, lespecial, Space Jesus and Viral Sound! Here's the full lineup so far:

Schlang Worldwide Secret Band
The Lights (Live Set)

You can get your tickets now directly from the Wild Woods main homepage. They are going for $100 for now... here are the main links for you:

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Mysteryland USA 2015: Experience Holy Ground Camping

Mysteryland is a short few months away, and if you haven't secured your camping passes, well time is running out. With the news that the Holy Ground Camping is 70% sold out, comes along that ground camping already fully sold out. What's all the hype? Well for starters, in it's inaugural year was an unforgettable experience for those in attendance. This year is quite a bit larger, and has a lot in store for all festy goers. Here's a little bit of what to be excited for.

Within the camping grounds, 'The Holy Grounds,' there is an overall theme: "DoYaWannaDance". It is inspired by old school summer camps and classic games such as Giant Jenga, Giant Connect Four, Giant Battleshots, Giant Beer Pong, Giant Operation, Bounce House dodge ball, Hamster Ball soccer (!!), 20 foot inflatable slide... and much more!

There are options for camping on the Holy Grounds. You can bring your own tent, rent an easy pop-up that's all set up for you once you get there, or you can go VIP, the Bohemian Premium packages. This will include premium viewing areas at the Mainstage and the Big Top, private bathrooms, VIP bars and on-site camping in Premium Lodges, inclusion in all pre-parties. It's a pretty sweet deal, and to not have to set anything up when you get there is supper attractive.

Friday begin early exclusively for campers. You can expect music from the BangOn! NYC party bus, as well as Pineapple Paradise and the Camping Circus tent! Campers also get the privilege of getting an early start to every day with The Breakfast Club, hosted by 'Saved By The 90's'. This booze brunch will really rock it to you and wake you up.

On the camp ground there will be a large assortment of food and beverage vendors. You will be able to find vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free vendors/options. Be sure to find all your favorite munchies too, no doubt there will be grilled cheese.

ID&T has also spent a ton of money in infrastructure of the grounds as well. We're talking a 1/2 million worth in gravel roads, shower, drainage, parking, and mud prevention to name a few things. Alongside all the attractions will also be chilled out seating all over the camp ground, morning Deep House Yoga and spiritual workshops, and then late night Silent Disco sets. Best part is you never have to walk far to get anywhere at all. With the campsites and stages only a couples minutes walk away from each other, there is so much going on you will be able to end up places you never realized you would.

There is no question in my mind that if you are planning on going to Mysteryland, you should plan on making it your home for the weekend. It will be full of adventure and an awesome community.

Get Mysteryland ticket info HERE

Mysteryland USA 2015: Imaginations will Come Alive

Festival season has already kicked off in the USA, and it will soon be spring here in the North East. There is one festival coming up pretty early this season that is gearing up to be one of the biggest and most anticipated festivals this year. Taking place on the most well known historical music festival playgrounds and encompassing the same vibes of love, community, art and culture. I'm talking about the international sensation of Mysteryland.

Did I just step through the looking glass: Photo by Andrew Rauner

Definately did go through the looking glass: Photo by Andrew Rauner
Coming back for it's second year at the Bethel Woods Center for the Arts over Memorial Day Weekend (May 22-24, 2015), ID&T's Mysteryland looks to be extremely intriguing. Even at first glance, there is something that pulls you in. Maybe a part of that is the historical event of Woodstock in '69. There is a huge emphasis on culture and art and the people that it's coming from. The announcement trailer helps give off that vibe, telling a story and then combining that with the music that we love and the energy we strive for. Check it out:

What we're seeing here is some of the best musical curators in the NYC area, where there is no genre bounds. Curators such as Webster Hall, BangOn! NY, and Verboten have brought the best of the best to our door step, both musically and visually. Last year boasted artists such as Kaskade, Paper Diamond, Kill the Noise, Showtek, Dillon Francis and so many more. We can't wait to see the full lineup as it's released. You can always get a taste of the different Mysteryland sounds on their Soundcloud.

Mysteryland also aims to create a community that allows festy goers to come together and "discover new boundaries and means of self-expression through diverse settings". What this means is more happening on the festival grounds at all times of the day. Some things that have been announced this year include 'Owari No Nai', a Japanese land filled with Geisha girls, sake and perhaps even some performances. Also announced is Verboten's Culture Series which will include Deep House yoga classes, trivia nights, burlesque shows and art exhibitions from popular and upcoming artists.

Hell Yes. Photo by Pearcey Proper

The feels are so intense! Photo by Pearcey Proper

Speaking of art, anyone that's been to Mysteryland or has just seen pictures knows who amazing the stages are. Fitted with lasers, towering sets with moving faces, fire works and so much more, experiencing live music with Mysteryland is like being sent to another place. This year's main stage will be debuted here in the US, and we are super stoked to see what is will look like. Also, speaking of art, the art program will be curated by Kevin Balktick. He is a Brooklyn-based producer who was been organizing art and culture experiments for over ten years. What can we expect? The sky is the limit with Kevin. Artists were encouraged to get in touch with the festival to get involved... so this may have been something you influenced. Check out that info here.

Holy Ground Camping tickets are currently 70% sold out... and you know camping is the way to go. Get ticket info and more info about Mysteryland USA 2015 right here.

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Friday, December 19, 2014

Time and Space - BangOn! NYE 2015

The biggest party night of the year is coming up and fast! New Years Eve will be an evening to remember with a ton of sold out performances all over the world and countless parties all over to go and check out! We are lucky to be in a mecca like New York City, for we have the opportunity to check out an epic show, brought on by BangOn! NYC.

Time and Space NYE 2014
BangOn! NYC will be holding their NYE party, 'Time and Space', in an undisclosed warehouse location. You need to buy tickets, get on the waiting list, or hope it doesn't sell out and get there when they release the info online. This keeps up with the vibes of those underground parties we've had in years past, or "outlaws". Back then you'd call a phone number at a certain time to find out the location, it was always intriguing. BangOn! prides itself on throwing parties that incorporate all of your senses with Burning Man style art installations, circus performers, local food vendors and of course an awesome lineup.

Easter Island 2014
Time and Space NYE 2014
Bringing in the New Year at 'Time and Space' with be headlining Lee Foss, Anabel Englund, Thirftworks, Gladkill, Shiba San, Sweater Beats and many more! It's a lineup meant to make you dance! The music will help guide the night's vibes and bring out some of your best moves. Always pumped to see Gladkill as well. Every time we see him live it's a pleasure.

On the visual side of the plate Light Harvest and Reality Engine will be using state of the art immersive video mapping technology and holographic projections. That is pretty much a quote and it sounds epic!!

A little Reality Engine visuals featuring the Rolling Stones vs David Vedetta:

There will also be:

-Eric Coolidge building two new Burning Man art cars
-One flying saucer on a scissor lift that can hold 3 people and able to go 18' in the air
-One build on a box truck that can hold 25 people

 Just a heads up, the past two BangOn! events sold out in advance, so grab your tickets now, the link is just below. They limited them a little bit this year to help make a bit more room on the dance floor to move! Can't wait to see you there!

 Important links:

Video of Last Year's Event:

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Another Stage Announced one Day before Hudson Music Project

Imagine my excitement coming home from work with the news that there will be yet another stage at The Hudson Project, the local New York stage. On that lineup you'll find awesome artists like FiKus and Space Jesus, along with the 2014 World Cup finals being broadcast and different workshops. Tomorrow the drive to Hudson Project begins. so I'll just leave this link to the Hudson Project page where everything is explained, and check out the lineup below.


Sunday, July 6, 2014

Hudson Music Project - Listening to Sunday

So far we've covered a small few of the artists performing on Friday and Saturday. If you are partying responsibly, you'll be able to full take in Sunday and it's glory. There are some major performances going down, including the fully blocked out Bassnectar set, something that has been routine as previous festivals from MCP. The whole day is stacked with goodness, and we're going to check out some of them.

The Floozies -

Start your day off with The Floozies in the Circus tent. You be keeping cool with the funky and fun electronic beats. Mark Hill and Matt Hill will move the hills and start you off with a healthy does of a good time. Check out their remixes above, their set time starts at 1:30pm, you'll be up by then right?

Jonas Rathsaman -

Jonas will bring you back to the classic club flow. You'll be feeling good walking into this set. His music is fun and meant to make you move. This will also be midday in set time-terms, the perfect time to get ready for the epicness to follow. Catch Jonas in the Catskill Cave.

Moon Boots -

Keep on dancing in the Catskill Cave as you are lifted into the cosmos with Moon Boots. His bio actually refers to him being a pair of astronaut boots. That alone would have me checking him out. The music is smooth and flowing. Might play a nice introduction into Tipper...

Paper Diamond -

Alex B. is a Colorado based producer, but people have been dancing to him as Paper Diamond. Experience the raw energy that comes to a Paper Diamond set. Shivers will be sent up your spine as your arms and legs get turnt up. People will be going nuts. It will be spectacular. He'll be closing out the festival in the Circus Tent Sunday night. Find me there.

So there you have it! The whole weekend is full of great music and artists...the whole freaking weekend is! Below you'll find the Sunday lineup/set times, and be sure to check out the other two days of features!

Listening to Friday @ Hudson Music Project
Listening to Saturday @ Hudson Music Project

Friday, July 4, 2014

Finally, A Festival Website that Does It Right

Finding anything on the internet takes patience. Knowing where to search, what to search and how to search can sometimes be a little much. Perhaps that's why so many people have taken to believe every single meme they see posted on Facebook. Well, now there is one website that exists to give you what you want, and that's it.

Music Festival Nation is here to tell you what, when, where, how and why for music festivals all over, with a community aspect. To use the site, simply type the festival you're looking for in the search bar in the top and chances are it'll pop up. You can also search through festivals by searching alphabetically, by location, or by date. Once you find a festival, there are links to get to their official websites and social media connections. Many have photos attached, the full lineup, and every festival has it's own ride share page.

Ride Share for Hudson Music Project
People want to come to festivals from all over the country, and with this it could be possible for people to connect and see where the other is. Right here there's people in Michigan, Florida, New York, and New Jersey looking for and giving rides to the Hudson Music Project. It's super simple and to the point, it's a very useful tool.

This is everything you would need to find a festival to go to, buy tickets and get there. The community aspect is enormous, and Music Festival Nation makes it easy to do. The guys behind it (Jared and Blaine) have been around for a few years, and recently they have been updating their look and outreach. I would highly suggest checking it out, and seeing if there's been any ride share info posted up. I found a ride last minute for The Hudson Music Project, but I was about to grab one from New Jersey originally from someone offering a ride on Music Festival Nation. Right off the bat the site helped me out.

Remember, if the festival you're looking for isn't there, take a moment to add it in with some info. Usually the festival's Facebook page will have most of it. You can also just comment on how excited you are to be going to a festival already listed! Either way, it is important to know that this site is online and has so much information and connectivity to it.

It's been too long, and I am thankful that Music Festival Nation now is here.