Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Weekend Massive!

Everywhere you go to a rave scene, there are the people behind every party making it happen. Some production crews are bigger than others, and some have obtained a deserved notoriety behind their names. One of these companies is Tight Crew.

Tight Crew is based out of New England, throwing some of the biggest and best parties on the east coast. Four the past three years, they've graced New York with an amazing party known as Mario Party. Aside from the amazing marketing potential the name has, the event lives up to it's name. Here's a peek at how the party went down last year, photos by Sam Froond. This video also was the prime inspiration for the Pictorial Walkthroughs.

This year is number 4, and has gotten hype like none other. Costumes people are wearing will be epic. The lineup is fresh. Deco has been amazing years past, and will probably be equally if not more so awesome this year. You want to go to this party. Why? Because I knew about this party prior to coming onto the scene.

I'm looking forward to the DJs that they're bringing out, especially Subsonik. He lays out some awesome Drum and Bass, can't wait to catch the set. The rest of the lineup is sick, and there is really only one DJ that's a "resident BK DJ", Atom C. So what are you waiting for? Get your ticket now and save $10.

Purchase tickets HERE.
Find a ride HERE.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Meet a Perfect Stranger - Yuli Fershtat

Perfect Stranger & Ritmo - Razorblade [ SoundCloud Clip ] by Perfect Stranger
The EDM world is literally across the world. Having gained it's original following in Europe, it only makes sense that some of the best technicians, musicians and entertainers (see what I did right there?) are going to be from over seas. I won't forget two summers ago backpacking through Israel and coming across a desert rave right before I was due back home. The vibe and the people were incredible. This was my first official taste of this scene, and it kept me hungry for a long time. Now one of my favorite Israeli trance DJs and producer is coming to NY for a one night stay before he jets all over the world for some more fun.

Yuli Fershtat AKA Perfect Stranger. Israeli born artist with a resume longer than a football field. He'll be in NYC this Friday... which is hard for me to say you need to forget about everything else and go to see him (Katapati/EDC), but consider checking him out. God knows when you'll have the chance to catch him again unless you travel the world. This is for the trance people! You'll LOVE Yuli. My trails will leave me in New Jersey on Friday, but someone needs to go check him out for me. Love my Israeli brother from another mother. 

-Myspace (you know damn right!)

To see Perfect Stranger, head down to Europa Club in NYC (it's Brooklyn). Open Vodka bar from 10 to 11... $15 ADVANCE and at the door before midnight...trippy visuals by Kaliptus

Event info is HERE.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Gahhhh I have some awesome news for the East Coast and anyone who is a fan of amazing events! Earlier today, Marc Brownstein and Aron Magner of The Disco Biscuits and Conspirator let facebook know some awesome news. Camp Bisco is NOT the only Bisco event happening this year. That's right...get ready for City Bisco!

October 5 and 6, The Disco Biscuits will be headlining this two day festy in their hometown of Philadelphia, PA aka known as City Bisco. The event will take place at Philadelphia's The Mann Center and a full lineup and details will be announced soon.

The Disco Biscuits' official website also says, "In addition to the four screaming Biscuits sets, you can expect a healthy dose of the best bands and DJs from around the world." I bet we can! You bet your ass this event will kick your ass. I mean, look at Camp Bisco! The 11th one coming up and one of the most amazing lineups to date. I'll admit I wanted to see Snoop and Wiz on this one...maybe they'll pop up for a cameo.... who knows? The lineup is absolutely stocked full of TALENT, also really excited to see the local talent spinning there!!

More on 'Bisco' events and other events soon! Check out this INTERVIEW about Camp Bisco! Get your tickets HERE. Stay tuned for more awesomesauce!!

Weekend Events!

Hey everyone! I didn't get to go out last weekend, but I sure as hell am excited for this coming weekend!! Here's what's going down:

12 Spot Roof Top Fire BY Paus3

KATAPARTi (Biggie Stardust's Birthday Bash!!)
**Magik Factory (First time Festival by NJ's Subground Promos!!)
Perfect Stranger!! (ever heard israeli bangers?? Trance in your face!!)
EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival)

pre-Rageland Glover Mob ('nuff said)
**Rageland (Epic event - glovers "Tournament of Champions" brought to you by Electrik Graffiti!!)
Ill Behavior (aka $5 Holler!!!)
Psychedelic Dreamscape 2 (B.A.D.A.S.S. Raves down in DC. Some of our own are heading there [Ronnie C. Photography!])
EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival)

EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival)

All the ** is where I'll be. Come find me and say hello! Check out the event pages for pricing, lineups, and locations. See ya'll on the scene!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Cinco De Mayo!!

Seems like the majority of parties lately have been at the newest welcome addition to the BK underground rave scene, the 12 Spot (aka The Hindsdale). You've read about it in previous reviews (Mad World, Sugar Rush), but this time around, the party was predominately on the roof.

Caaaaaaandy BY: Paus3
The 5th of May, a day immortalized in drowning in beer and partying it up. Why? Well other than the historical significance, to party! What better way than to stomp around in the early summer weather? This party was pretty cray, although when I first got there it seemed almost dead. Party starts at 2pm? Yea a lot of people aren't coming out that early. But, my eyes were deceiving me. You see, the party was on the roof. About 50-60 people were inside while close to 300 (when I got there) were jamming upstairs.

Chillin BY: Paus3

Party Up in Here! BY: Paus3

Sweetsauce BY: Ronnie C.
The place was alive! This event brought forward some new twists. In the house was The Brooklyn Salsa Company! The guys that run the company are all artists themselves. Playing in bands, spinning records, being themselves. Since they are all such vibrant personalities, these spicy connoisseurs are making a documentary about their company and themselves. Why were they at a BK rave? Simple, they are artists and want to reach the artistic people. Genius. So not only did they have an enormous box of chips and all different flavors of their salsa, Rob Behnke was on stage spinning some of his trancealicious tracks. It was great meeting them, and the salsa's pretty damn good too.
Mmmmm Salsa BY: Paus3

Rob Behnke BY: Paus3
Although there weren't many people downstairs, Morgan Freeman had the place looking like light wonderland. His visuals never cease to amaze me, you need to check out his work. He is a very talented individual and we are lucky to be able to experience his work first hand the way we do. HOMAGE!! Also on lighting was Paradox Productions (pew pew). Greeting all the people as they came upstairs was the one and only Kevin Carpet. Always active with the crowd, this living piece of art even got a chance to squeeze in an interview with the Triple Threat Production team!

Triple Threat has been on the NYC scene for a little over a month now, and their videos are pretty kick ass (check out this one HERE). It's great to see more than just party videos going up. HOMAGE. They had set up shop with Electrik Graffiti the back right corner of the roof, offering a place to chill, get a light show, and buy rave goodies. Some interviews went down there, including one with the owners of Satellite Records. Their very own DJ Bill was spinning and TTP and EG were lucky enough to have them hanging out. I even saw them enjoying a couple light shows!

Far Right, DJ Bill! BY: Ronnie C.
Deranged Electrik BY: Triple Threat

Throw Them! BY: Ronnie C.
Helen Spinning Staff BY: Triple Threat
Colors!! BY: Triple Threat
As for food, there was a BBQ and... Thai Food! Why, I don't know, but it smelled hella good! Another great party brought to you by Morgan Freeman, Biggie Stardust, Helen Pyre and Duke Live!


Triple Threat Productions - SET
Ronnie C. - SET
Paus3 - SET

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sugar High!

This past weekend was perhaps one of the best events I have been to this year. Yea I said it. I said it not only because I love Tara, Sue and Sacha, but because this party had the most upbeat music, energetic vibes, and crazy amount of people that had only been to a few raves. In one word, this event was uberfantasticsome.

So Many People and Lights BY: Ronnie C.
Sugar Rush, presented by Tara Tiger, Sasha Alexandra and Sue Sarcastic. Held at the same spot as Madworld, the 12 spot. It seems that party by party this spot gets cooler and cooler. The theme was sugar [duh], so there was a ton of color everywhere! They had a huge gumball machine with cup cakes on layered tiers. Talent that flew in from all over the states. DJs spinning their sets on the rooftop. Electrik Graffiti introducing a new banner signing and snow cones, as well as bringing in Defective Albino to draw Mooker Commissions (GET ONE). Dudes bbqing chicken. Fire Poi... glovers galore... not to mention some amazing visuals from Morgan Freeman and everyone's favorite living piece of art, Kevin Carpet.

Chilling with Kevin Carpet BY: Yaz
Electrik Graffiti BY: Yaz

Cuppy Cakes! BY: Yaz
When I first got there it was already 9pm, three hours into the party. The 12 spot is fairly large, and although there were about 400 people already in the house, it felt kinda spread out. I had never seen the DJs on the roof before, so I shot up there to see how it was going. Some people were dancing while the majority of people were partying and chilling. This presented the great opportunity to meet a ton of new people. What amazed me the most is how many people were there for their first rave, or even the ones that could count how many events they went to on one hand. These kids are basically the future of the scene here, and of course should all be welcomed with open arms and a kick ass light show.

Fire Poi BY: Ronnie C.

They Call Him... Gimmiks BY: Reptar
And light shows were given. So many glovers had come out to this. If you stood on the balcony and looked out into the crowd, you'd see show after show, ten feet away from the next. Seeing so much color from up top was pretty awesome. Morgan had killer visuals too, my personal favorite being that of Biggie Stardust as the digital hostess. Awesomesauce and kudos! That adds so much to the vibes in the room, loved it.

Dance Dance BY: Yaz
@.........@ BY: Yaz
YEEEE Buddy! BY: Triple Threat Productions
By the time the clock hit 11, the whole building was shaking. This was the party to be at, even if you've never raved before, this is where you wanted to be. The music was all hard-style and happy hardcore. It was just.... happy pumped up music! There were a lot of local DJs performing sets, but there were a few out-of-towners that came to grace us with new twists to going hard on the 1s and 2s. One of which was the headliner of the night, Jimni Cricket. She was awesome on the main stage! I actually ran into her randomly on the rooftop and struck up a convo about music and traveling. She was so cool and down to earth, and really cute too! Check her out on Facebook (fan page literally) and Soundcloud.

Bizarre BY: Ronnie C.

Jimni Cricket BY: Yaz
Chris Carnage BY: Yaz

Basically, this party was awesome. Don't miss out on the next one they throw. Seriously, you are shooting yourself in the foot. Check out the pictures, and the videos put up by Triple Threat Productions.


Paus3 - SOON
Reptar - SOON
Ronnie C. - SET
Delineation Digital Media - SET 1//SET 2
Triple Threat Productions - SET
Justin Santiago - SET
Steve Jungle Man - SET 


Triple Threat Productions - HERE
666 Lights - HERE