Thursday, June 19, 2014

Interview with Supersillyus

A couple months back I went to hang out with Rob Uslan, better known as Supersillyus. He is a multi-talented artist, working on his solo music as well as the popular duo of himself and Space Jesus to make up Schlang. He's been living in NY now, so I headed down to Brooklyn and sat down with the man. The following is a little of what transpired.

There was really no formalities here. Just hanging out that afternoon, talking about random stuff and streams of thought. Supersillyus has some pretty interesting things to talk about when it comes to the state of the scene, writing music, gentrification, and even a few thoughts on psychedelics. He even shared his most recent work in progress at the time.

Rob's an awesome guy, it was a lot of fun chilling with him. He won't be performing too much during the summer time as he's working on multiple records, but be sure to catch him live and really experience Supersillyus in all of his glory, as well as when he performs with Schlang.

Catch him this Saturday (June 21) for a live show and a debut of his newest song. Catch him playing with some legendary artists like Frankie Bones and Afrika Bambaataa at Summer Solstice [click the link for info/tickets]. We'll also be seeing him perform on the festival track this summer at Luna Light, FarmFest, and Wild Woods Music and Arts Festival.

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Supersillyus - by Rich Guerra (

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Hudson Music Project - Listening to Friday

July will hold some amazing talent at the Hudson Music Project. Saugerties, NY, is going to be moving to the beats of all different kinds of artists. On the festival's main page, you can actually find individual pages for all the artists, including tracks you can listen to, music videos to watch, and links to their websites. If you are are feeling like an explorer, that's a good place to go to and learn more about all the artists performing! Here we'll share some of the music of those artists that will be playing at the festival on Friday.

You'll be able to catch this one man electronic army on the first day of Hudson. Hailing from LA, Robert uses an array of instruments including Wii-motes, drums, his voice and keyboards... it's pretty awesome and will have you dancing. We highly suggest checking out his Soundcloud. Look for the orange 'X' logo around the festival grounds and on his set. 

Moon Hooch was sent to us to prove that music played from the soul will constantly move you. These guys started off just playing in public to pay off tuition costs (to graduate The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music mind you). Once they hit the subways, it was all on. With an Australian TV show, a national tour with Mike Doughty, and frequent subway platform dance parties all stemming from performing underground, these guys really caught the public's eye... and they are just all around awesome.

We are very pumped to check out this duo from Seattle as they stop in to the Hudson Music Project during their international tour. Giving us some of that big big big electronic sound, you can be sure to see so much flow at their set. A glow kids delight, Odesza's sound will rush through your body uplifting your soul. Catch them on Friday... probably at night.



Tauk is a band that has literally transformed over the years. They are now at a stage where they have already toured most of the country and can capture. We've seen them at local shows, festivals and heard them on the radio, these boys make Long Island proud. You'll find yourself grooving to Tauk and their originals, as well as some of the covers they perform time to time. 


That's just the tip of Friday's musical iceberg. Friday at Hudson Music Project will also behold Modest Mouse, The Flaming Lips, STS9, Excision...and yea.. a whole lot of awesome talent. What's more is that they extended this tier of tickets so you have more time to get them at a discounted rate! Find your tickets HERE

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Look at FarmFest 2014 (Vernon, NJ)

On the quest this summer for music festivals, we are only going to ones we've never been to before. A few are in their inaugural year, but one has been growing and entering it's third year... FarmFest.

Located a short distant away in New Jersey, FarmFest is being held on Rickey Farm in Vernon, July 24-26. FarmFest will have a big focus on the music, art, and different workshops. It's going for the transformational festival vibe, where you are immersed in everything going on. The music will be huge as well. The lineup is absolutely epic and we're hoping for some impromptu sets (Schlang, please).

The headliners to this shindig include Papdosio, EOTO, Phutureprimitive, Bluetech, Cosby Sweater and Space Jesus. They also just announced Moon Hooch and Liquid Stranger (with two sets O.O)!! Sooooo... yea. This is going to be one hell of a show. There all different genres and styles, all with deeper feeling to the music. The joy this brings is unspeakable.

Liquid Stranger
Phutureprimitive : Photo by Watchara

With more act TBA Here's the lineup so far:

Papadosio, EOTO, Phutureprimitive, Random Rab, Bluetech, Govinda, Andreilien (Heyoka), Gladkill, Buku, Cosby Sweater, Unlimited Aspect, Nadis Warriors, Skytree, Space Jesus, Esseks, Plassic, Technicolor Lenses, Srikalogy, Jordan Koza Family, Mystery Fyre, Suburban Sensi, Truth Now, Mshairi, Faceplant, RA!N, Brightside, Pure Blend, Wink, Sexy Black Female, ILAS, One Man and Exhilo

With art as another major focus, there will be live painters on the scene performing as well. According to the FarmFest homepage, there are four announced artists. We've seen two of them paint and do visual lighting and mapping work from here in New York. Both are geometrical geniuses, Psybe and Kaliptus. We also have Joness Jones and Christina Mazzulla, another two extraordinarily talented artists that bring two very different styles to the table.


As for the workshops, be sure to find yoga, poi and other flow, and maybe some workshops on production or music, or maybe energy flows. Since which ones haven't officially been announced yet, we can't really say  for sure! There will be workshops though and we are excited to see what's offered.

Tickets are currently in their third tier, which is only $105. For a festival like this, it's basically giving you a ticket. If you wait a little longer, it's going to go up a little, so jump on those tickets now.

Event URL:

**Official Release**

Now in its third year, F.A.R.M. Music and Arts Festival is going bigger than ever taking place July 24-26 in Vernon, NJ. Propelled by the growing transformational festival aesthetic, the festivals organizers have widened it’s reach; Their intentions of creating a multidimensional, free thinking, music, art and science fest is said to be one of a kind seen here on the East Coast.

The addition of Papadosio to the lineup can only mean that popularity of this festival is going to skyrocket. EOTO also adds some major muscle to this event, As there members “Jason Hann” and “Michael Travis” are the drummer and synth player of “String Cheese Incident”. There Band headlines another festival near the Great Lakes known as “ Electric Forest” . Farm Fest is making quite a statement with this bill.

Old favorites from last year return with Phutureprimitive, Unlimited Aspect, and Buku. The addition of Random Rab, Govinda, Andreilien, and Gladkill is also a huge move for the organizers. Livetronica is well represented with Cosby Sweater and Nadis Warriors, and the psychedelic sounds of the northeast are repped by Untz-faves Space Jesus and Skytree.

The festival returns to beautiful Rickey Farm. The grounds provide ample space for camping and parking, and each night, performers, dancers, painters, fire spinners, and more will light up the night sky.



Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Phutureprimitive Headlining for 'Undersaturated Presents' Launch Event

While getting excited for the few festivals we're going to be covering this season, I noticed a show going down on Thursday that peaked my interest. Phutureprimitive's going to be headlining a show at the Highline Ballroom, also joined by Govinda, BRANX and Technicolor Lenses who will be celebrating the release of their upcoming album "Psychedelegates." 

This show is actually the official launch of Undersaturated Presents -- a new brand created by Planet Cognac and Mr. Bugsly Presents featuring highly curated lineups of fresh electronic talent at a variety of venues throughout NYC:

"The intention of the branding is to highlight the fact that the electronic music scene is over-saturated in the NYC market. Undersaturated will prove there’s still hope for freshly curated events to flourish. The implied irony lies in the fact that there’s still a relatively untapped demographic of music fans yearning to attend unique events featuring both established and up and coming artists in the ever evolving electronic community."

The idea behind this brand is great, and after taking a look at both parties track records, you would instantly agree that this will be a new dawn in some great music here in New York. We've seen the music morph over time, and now more than ever there is this great variety of electronic music encompassing so much talent. To what amazing shows they put together, well, time will tell. I have high hopes for what the NY music scene has to offer. 

So be sure to get out to the Highline on Thursday night for the show. Tickets are $15 in advance, and only $20 at the door. This is also an 18+ show, so make sure you have proper ID ;)