Monday, April 16, 2012

Interview: Camp Bisco 11 2012

As the summer time approaches, there is more and more talk of Camp Bisco (July 12-14). I've spoken to so many people that are going for their first times to Bisco this year, and for many, it will be their first festival ever. This year is going to be bigger than any year before, and I was able to get a closer look into what's in store for Bisco now and moving forward! Festival Coordinator Brett Keber of MCP Presents answered some questions I had about Camp Bisco:


[Paus3] Was Camp Bisco created with the intention of being the huge music festival it is today, when it was first started back in 1999?

[Brett Keber] I think the goal of anyone's life or project should be growth. If you always aim to be better than you were the day before incredible things can happen. Camp Bisco, 11 years later, is a perfect example of that. 

[P] How is this year going to be different from previous Camps?

[BK] We are upping the ante with all aspects of the event. Our site infrastructure, stage production, art installations, level of talent and our production skills are all being raised to the next level. We are also shifting a few things around to make the experience more enjoyable for all attendees, including adding an extra entrance to the event and different camping options all with the goal of increased safety and faster entry into the festival.  Overall this will be the best Camp Bisco yet, which we say and hold true to each year. 

Project SF at Camp Bisco 9 (2010)
Project SF at Camp Bisco 9 (2010)
Project SF: See more Super Friends' Pictures

[P] There are hundreds of performing artists throughout the weekend, but is all the entertainment music? What are some events that take place outside of dancing?

[BK] First and foremost, our yearly "Color Wars" have become a staple of Camp Bisco and something that many patrons look forward to year in and year out. Shpongle is bring his "Masquerade Party" Production to the festival, for which we plan on getting as many participants as possible dressed up in masquerade costumes to incorporate some themed elements through out the site. In addition, CB11 will have numerous art displays for the patrons to enjoy, live painting and a few more surprises up our sleeves. 

[P] How many stages are set up and how are they different from each other?

[BK] There are 2 side by side main stages, which allows us to transition between artists seamlessly and keep the music going all day and night. Then the two dance tents, one will have some of the best production in the country and the other equipped with stereo sound throughout the tent providing completely different experiences between the two. We do our best to match the music to fit the environment to provide an overall world class experience for every type of music and music fan.

Hill Stage

Main Stage

[P] With all the cars and amount of people coming in it seems like you would get to meet a lot of new friends. 

[BK] That is one of the greatest things about Camp Bisco! Camping and dancing next to strangers has a funny way of forming long lasting friendships in one weekend. We have heard stories about groups of friends and even marriages that started at Camp. This element is one of the most fun components of the event.

[P] We've seen artists such as Snoop Dogg and Wiz Kalifa at previous Camps. Can we look forward to other "obscure" electronic sets?

[BK] Obscure is a word we hold as a badge of honor. We do our best to book talent that isn't being booked everywhere else, and that not everyone is listening to. We try to stay ahead of the curve, and if you look back at our past lineups you will see names that were there years ago that are just blowing up now. Bassnectar at Camp 6 is a perfect example. He was barely known at the time and played our "Local Stage" in front of about 700 people. Porter Robinson played our Silent Disco last year and look at him now. I can say this, if you see a name on our lineup that you don't know... you should check them out. They are there for a reason! 

[P] There were rumors of the band breaking up. If this did happen, would there still be a Camp Bisco?

[BK] Rumors and opinions are everywhere and neither carry much weight.  None of us plan on stopping this upward path of success.

[P] Are there any potential surprises in store for the festival goers?

[BK] You will just have to come and see.


All this makes me even more excited for this year's event! If you haven't done so yet, go and grab your tickets before they all sell out!


 Special thanks to Caren West PR and MCP Presents for making this interview a possibility!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

New Jersey Rave Broken Down by Police

Firstly, I apologize for the title, I want this article to be found and caught in SEO.

Now onto the interest: New Jersey has been coming up on their parties and events. Little by little, Jerseynites don't have to travel all the way into NYC to enjoy the scene. Early in the week, there was a small event (comparatively to what we are used to) held in Hopatcong. From what I've heard, the party was popping and a really good time.

Then the cops showed up. Did arrest anyone at first, claiming they were there for a noise complaint. They continued to hold everyone there, taking everyone's info, and onto finding illicit drugs on a few kids after searching a bunch of them. Now, Jersey laws are changing. People are upset about this happening and a lot of different commentary and controversy is coming out on the topic.

Make of it what you will. Ready the two local news articles written on the party:
Hopatcong, NJ Patch
Daily Record

And now the rub. Triple Threat Productions was there and captured the police coming in. These guys have a great message to all ravers and viewers alike, not to mention kick-ass videos and pictures. Here's the footage:


Jersey deserves good events. Hell, Electric Daisy Carnival is coming there soon and even Insomniac stripped them from the title. Aight, comment below and let me know what you think about all this.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

EDC is Brought to NY, with Incredible Response

EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival [duh]) has been the epitome of festivals for hundreds of thousands on electronic music lovers across the USA and the world. A festival gathering almost a quarter of a million people in Vegas last year for three days speaks for itself. And now if you didn't know, it's coming to New York, well it's really in New Jersey but even Insomniac considers NJ part of the greater New York. That's right all you Jerseynites! You are becoming one of us, it's a glorious day for you I'm sure.

EDC Lights and Rides BY Fiesta Frog
Anyway... May 19th-20th were the original dates. Now the 18th is getting thrown into the mix for an even bigger show.

Yup. Three days. Legendary talent. Here. New York (lol). What-up-son! For anyone that already purchased their two day pass can go ahead and purchase their Friday passes tomorrow (Wednesday 4/11/2012), before they go on sale for the public on Thursday (4/12/2012) at 12 o'clock noon. Festival is going down at the Metlife Stadium.


Saturday, April 7, 2012

Mad Weekend!!

This past weekend was completely unbelievably... mad. It all started on Friday as I made my way into Jersey in the early afternoon. From Jersey all day and night, and then back to the city to go down the rabbit hole in Brooklyn for Saturday night, I was basically in no-sleep non-stop mode. It was insane and well worth it. Here's what went down at Nightlight Neverland and MADworld.

The Jersey rave scene is kinda lacking is existent at all. The majority of ravers come to Brooklyn to rage, and they are dedicated to coming out to at least two events a month. There are groups that want to bring the Jersey scene to a new level, one where the parties get just as wild and crazy as the ones we have here in New York. One of these groups is Subground Promos. Constantly on the prowl to find spots that would accept parties with open arms, and grinding the pavement to promote, Subground is up and coming in Jersey. These was their second event (I believe) and it was held in a venue unlike any I've ever seen. It was a bar that was once a strip club. Low ceilings, checkered white and light brown tiles, a pool table, gumball machine, huge full bar, and a stripper pole; the spot was very interesting.

Electrik Graffiti with Gloves and Schoodiez
Dancing on a Pole... Yes.
Gum Ball Machine FTW

After the lights were in place, DJ's booth was set up, and Electrik Graffiti was all set up, people started to slowly make their way to the spot. It started off small, with about five locals at the bar and 10 glovers jamming to the music. As the night went on, more ravers came out, and so did more locals, about 300 people came in to party with us that night. It seemed that everyone was digging the music, but there were a bunch of technical problems that forced the music off a couple times. That's when I noticed the dudes (bros) at the bar. It was a weird mix of people, considered that it was a rave held in an open bar helped with that. I was extremely happy to hear Rockman spin again, that was a treat, as well as meet the boys from Triple Threat Productions. They are similar to 314 Media here in NY, and their work is amazing! Check them out and show them some love!

After driving home at 5am on no sleep and onto a full work day, I didn't know if I'd survive the next event at night. I've been waiting for MADworld to happen since D3b told me of it's conception. DJs from all over the country. Brand new Brooklyn spot. A rave by ravers for ravers. I was pumped and needed the be awake for this. As the night crept closer, I began to get more tired. This wasn't good...I would not let me body shut off on me for this. I got to the spot fairly quickly after getting off the Williamsburg Bridge. Not sure if I was at the right place, I walked inside and BA-BAM... I was in the right place. About 9,000 square feet, an enormous stage, second floor and roof the same size as the whole building, VIP area nicely secluded overlooking the dance floor, full bar... this spot is awesome! There were a bunch of people there already and once I got to shmoozing I was awake again with excitement. Only problem was my brain had become so cloudy I had the hardest time remembering names... no matter, time to do this!

Alice is Not Home Right Now
Mad for the Mad Hatter!
The Queen's
This was D3bst3p's first party, and you can tell there was a lot of effort put into making her vision a reality. The deco was awesome. They lined the entire second floor with cut up sheets and trippy tapestries to hang from the balconies. The lighting was pretty good with a nice boost from Morgan Freeman working on the projectors.  With all the white walls, and sheets, he had a lot to play with, and was a big help in making the room come alive. With Electrik Graffiti in the house, you know there were tons of glovers, and a nice addition for this party was fire spinning (rooftop FTW)!

DJ Conduktor!
Epic Cloud Strife (sick set!!) BY: Sam Froond

All the Way from LA, iNexus BY: Sam Froond
The music was AMAZING. The set-up was all sorts of jimmy-rigged, but it didn't really seem to matter. Haters gonna hate and everyone is going to dance. There was mixing off an ipad at one point, I heard an ipod came into play at another point... the fact of the matter is that there was hardly any technical issues, which is amazing considering the gear they had to set it all up. Huge kudos to you guys, seriously, I had such a blast with everyone's sets. And big shoot out to the dudes coming in and showing NY what they got! (iNexus, Trigga Happy, DJ Conduktor [Dirty Nitrous])

Melting Face by the Couches BY: Sam Froond

DJ and Poi Extraordinaire, Sprite BY: Sam Froond

Liiiiights BY: Yaz

For all you glow freaks out there, a two-tiered gloving competition sponsored by Electrik Graffiti went down, beginners and advanced. This was new and worked out really well! Beginners tier was taken by Sammy, and Sick Noley took the title for advanced. Mad skills were being thrown down, it's insane to watch so many new glovers come on the scene and how quickly they are getting better. Keep practicing guys! I want to shake the west coast, killing it!

Here's all my pics from the night, with a little spice of video!!

Once the night was over (at 7am), I got my well deserved 2 hours of sleep, and went to work the next day a zombie. It was well worth it. Thank you so much to Subground and D3bst3p for doing what you do, I can't wait until the next ones!!


Nightlight Neverland:

Triple Threat Productions: SET
Paus3: SET


D3bst3p: SET
Blue Raven Images: SET
Delineation Digital Media: SET
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