Friday, February 24, 2012

This Weekend, Nintendo Party!!

If you're still wondering what to do this weekend, you are out of your mind! You should be reliving your favorite video games from Nintendo in real time. You should be out with your friends raging to some of the coolest DJs on the scene! You should be at When World's Collide on Saturday!!

Brought to you by the same team that brought me my first rave (Power Ravers!), [Space] Flux is going to transform the Electric Warehouse again into a completely new party experience! As you already know, The Lab is cut into two parts, the larger main floor, and the upstairs "side" room. They will be decked out accordingly, with the main room themed after Hyrule (Zelda [duh]), and upstairs will be Kirby's Dreamland! I'm very excited to see what exactly will be there for deco, but the inside scoop tells me that it will blow your mind.

Cloud Strife


The lineup is awesome. You have:

DJ Beast
DJ Syncere
Addicted Penguin
DJ Bizzare
Cloud Strife
Alex Dragonov
Johnny J
DJ Hannibal
Kid Royale
Project EXP
Rich Green

Along with this sick music that's going to be on fire all night, you will have several other attractions! There will be fire spinning, UV body painting, Kevin Carpet, Nintendo games to play (crossing my fingers for some super smashed brothers), visuals by Morgan Freeman, a costume contest sponsored by Heart of Brooklyn Tattoo, Scoodies and LED Gloves/toys by Electrik Graffiti (including the first ever glovers tent!!), LED shirts by Underground Lights, Paradox on the lights and sound, and "GLOWSTICKS FALLING FROM THE SKY LIKE NEON RAIN"... so much is going on at this event!

Hell Yeah Awesome Flier!
I'm pumped to be there with the family, I can't wait for this event. Make sure to check out the event page on FB, and go 'LIKE' everyone's pages. The support helps everyone keep going, so help them out! I'll see you guys there [duh]!!

Get your tickets now!! BUY HERE!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Blowout Party: Glow: Naughty Neon 2

I knew Naughty Neon was going to be huge, but I didn't expect what went down last weekend to actually go down. Original Brooklyn and NYCR had been promoting like crazy for this party. The lineup was insane, this was a new venue to be used, and they packed as much fun side goodies as possible. In the end, most people had an amazing time at the party, although it might have gotten to big for the production crews to handle.

Wild!! By: Ronnie C.
The table was set for a massive party. The party was being thrown in a brand new venue for events, the Cultural Performing Arts Center of Brooklyn. The actual building had one main room with two floors, and an out side that sported three tents of music, a food kiosk, and a bouncy castle. It was huge! As for attractions you had four different DJs spinning at any given time, a bouncy castle, the food, three different UV body painters, a massage table (Batman and Jolly Green), Electrik Graffiti (scoodies, LED gloves, party toys), and two other vendors with chachkies and some cool hats and clothes. To me, it seemed kinda silly to have so many different body painters there. But, with the mass amount of people I guess it made sense. One guy seemed a little stingier than the rest sporting a "work for gratuity" sign, but one that stated you had to pay first, and don't expect anything special for a dollar. I'd just head over to see Pixel doing his thing cause I know he'll go all out regardless of the tip I give.

Anyone Down to Read an Essay at the Rave? By: Paus3
Full Body Glow By: Paus3
The music was insane! This was the first event I had to put in ear plugs it was so intense. My favorite sets included X-Dream, Lisa Lashes and the three minutes of DJ Isaac. By the time X-Dream came onto the main stage, there must have been 800 people in the house. The entire room was jumping, this event was more like a concert than any party I've been to before. The lighting system was eh. They had the same set up on stage as Pussy Power with the LED rings and four moving heads. What did get me was the projections all over the room, there were some pretty cool things flying around!

DJ Isaac (3 minutes in, note right) By: Ronnie C.

Hell Yes By: Ronnie C.
There were people from all over the country and even different parts of the world! Party kids were coming in from all over to see their favorite DJs spinning and to party hard in Brooklyn. The mass amount of people that showed up is a large part to making this party success. The promotions done were heavy and successful, but production was not ready to this volume. The line to get into the spot took up the entire block. And this was not a single file line at all. By the time 1,000 people were inside, there was still probably about 200 waiting outside. 2am came along, DJ Isaac started to blow the house up, and then the cops shut him down when Bitches came on.

Smile! By: Paus3
Getting Naughty! By: Paus3
Now, parties get shut down, but there were a lot complaints on facebook right after the party shut down. People felt they were cheated out of their money, others felt they were taken advantage of by the door security, and some didn't get what they were promised for being VIPs there. Although all legitimate complaints, NYCR and Original Brooklyn were doing all they could to make their largest event to date work as they planned.

OMG is that Gummy?! (no) By: Yaz
Tossing Around the Love! By: Alpha Dub
A couple days ago they released an official response to the happenings that night, and to tell you the truth, I'm super f'in excited to the NEON-R3W1ND. Apparently they spoke to Irene and Isaac's managements and they are both down to come and do it again! Don't hold it against the promoters, it happens. Part of it has to do with planning yes, but part of it has to do with raver responsibility, so party hard, but party smart. After the party was shut down, a number of ravers went back to the familiar Electric Warehouse (The Lab) and continued the party there till 8am!

Electrik Graffiti Crew (minus Liza <3) By: Yaz

The Infamous Blackie Pants!! By: Yaz
Mystical By: Yaz
New Meaning for Three-way By: Ronnie C.
I had a blasty blast selling at Electrik Graffiti's tent as well as running around taking pictures. I didn't get to give more than one light show though...however it was super awesome to see so many glovers come out to play! So many people came and bought glove sets for themselves, and there were a bunch of uber cute and awesome scoodies that were picked up as well!


Ronnie C. Photography: SET
Alpha Dub: SET
Delineation Digital Media: SET
Fresh Mixes: SET
RFK Photography: SET
Reptar Photography: SET 
Taylor Flash: SET


It was an awesome event, I can't wait to see how the next one goes!

Catch me and the rest of the crew at Invasion of the Underground and then at When World's Collide!!

Friday, February 17, 2012

This Weekend, New York Glows

Naughty Neon Promo by Djritalin718

Are you ready for what's going to be the biggest party in NY since Showtek? Then get ready to experience Glow: Naughty Neon 2. This is an event not to miss; if it's not for the shear amount of volume that will be in the house, you'll want to be there for the lineup. If not for the kick ass line up, it'll be for the atmosphere of the venue. If not for that it'll be for all the attractions. Whatever your reason, Original Brooklyn and NYCR are making sure you want to be at Naughty Neon.

Ohhh Yes By: Sam Froond
Back and bigger than the last one, this event will be housed in the Cultural Performing Arts Center of Brooklyn. The spot is enormous! There enough space in this venue for almost 5,000 people. According the invite so far, over 3,000 people said they were coming through, and a little birdie told me presales were NUTS. There's going to be a huge crowd at this one so it's good they have an even larger venue.

The lineup is so insane! Original Brooklyn and NYCR are bringing in some major headliners from around the world! In the mix you have: Lisa Lashes, Isaac, Dieselboi, Drop the Lime, Dj Irene, Soulslinger, Urban Assault, Hellfire Machina, Charles Feelgood, X-Dream... all part of 39 Djs that will be spinning over the course of the night. That's right! between single and tag team sets, there will be close to 40 Djs making you move your feet here. 

The production crews are also making sure that you are entertained no matter what! They are bringing in a video game truck, a UV lit moon bounce, fresh fruit, massage tables, food vendors, clothing and gloving vendors (Electrik Graffiti!), fetish performances and gogo dancing by NYCR Eyecandy, and even a Naughty Lingerie Competition with a cash prize!

Glovers in Heaven By: Sam Froond

Did I say Sexy? By: Sam Froond
Move By: Sam Froond

This is going to be a sexy banger, no pun intended. You can still get presale tickets for cheaper than they are at the door, and there are VIP tickets still available too. VIP will score you a private partying area, bathrooms, access to free vodka/water/juice/energy drink bar, immediate entry, a whole bunch of swag, and even more swag with the VIP pass.

Facebook Invite
Main Website (buy tickets) 

Get your tickets NOW.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Glover's Spotlight: Legion

What's good everyone! It's Paus3 and we're back on EGP for a brand new Glover's Spotlight! With me today is an amazing glover, good friend, and fellow raver, Carlos! Thanks for being with us today man!

[PAUS3] Let's start with a little bit about your gloving history, how did you originally get into gloving?
[Carlos] I originally started gloving when I saw my friend Tarry Diamonds give it a try at a rave called Ecstasy May of last year. So I've been gloving for technically 9 months but I started to get really into it during the summer of last year. At first I was discouraged to glove because I didn't know how to do anything, it literally took me two months to get down finger roles.

What's your favorite part about gloving?

My favorite part of giving a light show is when the person I have given the show to thanks me and appreciates the show. My most favorite moments is when someone all of a sudden cracks a smile because they love the show so much; those are the moments I live for in my gloving, not the bugging out facial expression, or the soul snatcher (when someone is so entranced by the show that once your done they don't react for several seconds) its that kiddish smile that makes a light show heartfelt to me.

Fisheye :3

Do you have a gloving name, and if so, how did it come to be?

My glover name is "Legion" basically just took the second half of my rave name Carlos Legion and made it into my glover name nothing really special. In order to tell you about the name it over laps with my raver persona and basically I gave myself the name; it comes from the Demon Legion or the Demons that make up the persona Legion, but I don't use it in a negative connotation I took it because in my life I'm influenced by a multitude of things different genres of music, styles, etc. So me being a mash up of all these things and wanting to leave a personal mark on them like they have on me I came out with the name Legion. It applies to my gloving as well since I've been influenced by a various amount of glovers.

How would you describe you gloving style?

My gloving style is very fluid it consist of liquid the majority of the time; only the few times when I do digiting or tuts does it become more rigid at first I use to dislike that but now I feel like it adds a unique personality to my gloving. My style has been very influenced by Two glovers Epic Kirby Glover and Ray Chyeah, I try to apply as much of Kirby's Liquid into my show and try to add in Ray's precision, digiting style and he got me to slow down my gloving to people could see the finger roles and the figures I would make.

So Bright, So Vivid, So Intense

What's more important, technique or flow?

Flow is more important to me than technique even though I feel like technique is a major part of gloving. Without your flow your technique may break down or things may seem inconsistent during your show. Plus when I first started I was told to work on my flow before developing my technique so I stick to the school of thought.   

Do you glove outside of raving?

No I do not glove outside the rave scene; the only time I do is for practice or while trying to learn a new technique from a friend.

Who are some of your favorite glovers?

That's a really long list: the entire OWL team love those guys, Ray Chyeah, Epic Kirby Glover, Greg Bandit, Kris Marchi, Mikey, Eddie "Spikey" Diorio; there are just too many because to me everyone brings their own uniqueness to their gloving even though some use the same technique they always morph it into their own version of it. Are some more experienced then others yea, but hey I was a beginner once too and I'm still learning new things so to pick any one specific glover is hard for me. 

OWL <3
Tell us about the most epic light show you ever gave.

Hmm there have been a couple that were insanely epic for me, but one that comes to mind is a show I did at Cataclysm which if I'm not mistaken took place in October of last year, I gave a light show to five people it was my first time giving a light show to a group of that size, so I had to extend myself so all five people were able to enjoy the show it but a lot of strain on my arms n back but some how it worked out and all five loved it by the end; I'm pretty sure there have been way more epic ones than this one but its what comes to mind at the moment.

If you could go anywhere in the world and glove, where would you go?

Another long list lol: DefQon1, Qlimax, Burning Man, Electronic Daisy Festival; pretty much any large festival or show I have on my to do list to glove at.

Plays Well With Others
Streaming Lights at Lighting Fast Speeds
What your ideal rave scene look like?

My ideal rave scene Good Vibes, Good People, Epically Amazing Music just an all around good time with close friends and new people who are open minded about how ravers conduct themselves and what the scene means to a raver.

What does it mean to you to be a raver?

Being a raver for me means spending time with people you love and care about at a party that is blasting EDM music; dancing the night away till the sun rises and your eyes hurt but you don't care cause you know you've had a goodnight. Even though it may feel like you do the same thing every weekend, live for those special moments of connection you have at a rave whether it be with a friend or a stranger; because it's those moments you hold onto forever and look back on when you ask yourself why do I keep doing this. Finally, being a raver to me is applying the saying "Carpe Diem" (Seize the Day) to everything I do in a raver or even how I conduct myself outside one. That's what being a raver is to me. 

Thanks so much for being with us! Looking forward to throwing more lights with you!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Weekend of Electricity

There were two events this past weekend that should not have been missed. It marked the second party for Blue Star Productions and a stand alone event brought on by the handiwork of three awesome ravers! Both were great events and both unfolded very differently. They had a lot of similarities as well as many differences... Let's take a closer gander into the happenings of A Heartless Valentine and Pussy Power!

Hype Them Up! By: Sam Froond
First and foremost, this was a double header for the Electric Warehouse, aka The Lab. Both were themed parties: Heartless being Kingdom Hearts themed and Pussy Power being....well vagina. The decor for each party was pretty cool too. For Heartless, there were people sporting keyblades running around, a lot of people in costume, Jack Skellington was all over the upstairs -  which was absolutely stunning by the way, playing cards on the walls, a big wall with the Kingdom Hearts logo on it behind the kandi table, a sick laser system by Paradox Productions... some pretty cool stuff. Pussy power had decorations all over! Some walls had white sheets with holes cuts in them, there were lips and balloons all over the place, painted banners, visualizations by Kaliptus, towers with LED disks blasting color out, an LED wall behind the DJ booth... Pussy Power went all out with decorations!

I am the Key Master By: Paus3
Led Circles By: Paus3
Robot DJ By: Paus3
You can imagine how different the room looked with just the lights alone. For example, at Heartless the upstairs was banging with the lights and awesome decor. For a while the upstairs at Pussy Power was lightless, lending hand to upstairs being a little more chill. Eventually there was a system brought upstairs, and the room became more lively, but it was good to have a spot that was more relaxed. The rooms were lit up otherwise, not to mention Kaliptus' work. His visualizations are mostly animations he put together, and it's some trippy stuff. He was telling me how most of his work is in the psy-trance scene, a genre of music that I really got into while gloving. Best believe that in a little bit I'll be going to one of his events and seeing what that side of the scene looks like.

Mischief Sporting Electrik Graffiti By: Griffin Dolan
Kicking the Bass By: Sam Froond
Friends Having Fun and a x2 WTF Moment By: Ronnie C.
As far as music goes, Pussy Power felt a lot more laid back. The music seemed to mostly be hardstyle for both parties, and Heartless was banging on it all night. For me personally, I loved Pussy's feeling to the music. The beginning was very trancy, slow and progressive. All of a sudden the beat dropped and hardstyle took over. The weird thing about hardstyle is how trancy it is in the beginning of a track. You could be dancing and jumping around and all of a sudden the whole room is just standing there waiting till the next moving part. One set of DJs that did it right for me was at Heartless, Wink-E VS H4rdnox *Hardstyle Vs.Jumpstyle*. Wink-E knows how to get a crowd pumped, apparently his secret lies in cursing everyone out. No joke, it really works. At Pussy Power, I was melting over Gaby Noodle set. Two reasons, one the music was on point and two she had a gogo dancing slave-girl. This girl had a collar wrapped around her neck and the other end was Gaby's wrist. I stood the and watched as Gaby (without paying any mind) walked to the other side of the stage yanking the girl with her, and she loved it. Plus ten swag points for Gaby, look out for her sets at upcoming events!

Costume Contest Winner Goofy By: Paus3
Don't Try This At Home By: Paus3
Stepping on Kevin By: Ronnie C.
Both parties had different attractions, including Kevin Carpet (both), kandi making table (Heartless), Electrik Graffiti with their tent selling scoodies and led toys and gloves (both), UV body paint by Pixel (both), costume contest (Heartless), Massage Table by Batman (Pussy), free stuff like candy (both), Kaliptus (Pussy), fire poi (Heartless).... there was a lot to do and see at each event, which is a very positive thing. Getting people stimulated if they are not dancing to music keeps the movement going. 

Trailing By: Paus3

Setting Up For the Event By: Paus3
Butterfly By: Griffin Dolan

Double Teamed By: Ronnie C.
I was a little put off by some of the crowd at both parties, which is going to be expected anywhere you go. However, when looking over the event postings on facebook, I noticed several similar complaints for either party. At Heartless, a lot of cell phones went missing. At Pussy Power, there were some undesirables that kept putting their hands on women there. Things like this will happen, but in my opinion, collectively it can be dealt with in two ways. What you do to prevent it in the first place, and what everyone does to keep the environment friendly. First and foremost, don't leave your stuff lying around. No matter what. Give it to a friend or have a bag with you, or don't have it at the event in the first place. Second, tell somebody. If something happens, calmly tell the promoters, tell a friend, spread the word, and the situation will hopefully be dealt with. 

No Caption Needed By: Paus3
All Smiles By: Paus3

Entertainment Center By: Paus3
All in all, I had a fantastic time at each event. However, Pussy Power will forever hold a special place in my heart due to all the wonderful people I met there. From all over the world in fact! It shows that our scene here in NY is thriving. There is so much good in it, what can i say, I love it! Big shout outs to Blue Star Productions, Sacha, Sam, Yolanda and W@x, awesome job this weekend!


A Heartless Valentine:
Sam Froond: SET
Live Photography (Griffin Dolan): SET 
Reptar Photography: SET
RFK Photography: SET
DJ Candy Kid: SET
Delineation Media (Smurf): SET 
Paus3: SET

Pussy Power:
Ronnie C. Photography: SET 
Reptar Photography: SET
Delineation Media (Smurf): Part 1//Part 2
Stephanie Kokomo: SET
Paus3: SET

Come out and join us this weekend at Naughty Neon! Next weekend is Invasion of the Underground and When Worlds Collide!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dancing to the Beats! GreenMonkeyNYC's Jungle Bungle!!

It is so awesome to see fresh party throwers rising up! You have the already known and established organizations like NYCR and Caffeine producing these amazingly huge events... and then you have the "little guy" working tirelessly to basically compete with what the other is offering. In this case you had an amazing party, with many great vibes, an awesome addition done in a new way, all with being the first production by this team ever! Big-Ole-Shout-Out to GreenmonkeyNYC's Murrmaidd and J Monster for pulling this one off!

Murrmaidd and J Monster By: Paus3
Having a Good Time! By: Ronnie C.
Lets start with the Lab. It's a great spot! Power Ravers proved that to me back in December when the Megazord was put up. I mean, even before that when I watched Sam's (EpicLink) slide show video of Tight Crew's Super Mario Party 3 (!!), the decorations made for this place have been pretty epic! For Jungle Bungle the decor was sick with tiki men, roots and leaves strewn across the ceiling, cut and painted cloth, faux plants all over, and awesome lights bouncing all over! That was all thanks to the set up crew of Kevin Sarcastic, Sue Sarcastic, Sid Sprouts, Tara Tiger, and Michelle with Tomato at point! Place looked awesome, and even more so with the GreenMonkeyGogo girls! They were all decked out with the jungle look, Tara actually sported the craziest mask I've ever seen! It was her shaman headpiece that was the skull of what looked like a Cubone (pokemon [duh]) or something! It was great seeing people get into the mood of the theme!

Shaman Tara By: Paus3
<3 By: Lucid
The music was kicking ass all night, from sexy drum and bass tracks, to dubstep, to some moombahton, the bass was always kicking! I thoroughly enjoyed Jake Dukes and W@x's set together, that brought me back to a couple months ago when you always saw them spinning together. Even people that have never heard them before were telling me how much they loved it. For most of the hour set, Jake was sporting a scoodie made by Electrik Graffiti, which brings us to the "awesome addition in a new way"...

Jake Dukes Sporting an Electrik Graffiti Scoodie By: Paus3

Electrik Graffiti By: Lucid
...The Electrik Graffiti vendor table. I'm not a rave veteran, I've only seen so many within the past few months, but this was totally new. They had three tables set up under a white tent. Around the sides opposite the table they put up awesome backdrops, included one that had UV reactive paint on it. The whole place was glowing, which was quite appropriate with their wares... party toys (glove sets, glow sticks, light balls, LED pacifiers), and custom-furry-hand-made scoodies! Their scoodies are so warm and soft, and so many people were wearing them! The also served as a relaxation spot where people got light shows, massages, and just sat and chilled for a second. Electrik Graffiti will be around for more events, be sure to stop by and say hi!

Photographers! By: Lucid

Flowstick Poi By: Ronnie C.

Woah...Wings... By: Teaz
The vibes were overall positive throughout the night. People were dancing, getting light shows going over to Pixel for UV body painting, or climbing over the beloved Kevin Carpet to grab a smoke or some fresh air outside. I actually hung out around Kevin for a little bit to see how people were reacting with him. Some people walked, scuttled, shuffled or danced across him, while a handful of people jumped over him. I even heard someone deny that there was anyone actually rolled up inside. He's one hell of a good carpet! Whether upstairs or downstairs, it felt great to be around so many smiling faces.

Bam Bam ad Cloud Melting Face in a Double By: Paus3

Sick Scoodie!! By: Ronnie C.

He's Not Even Wearing Them! By: Teaz
One thing that was a little disappointing was a fellow glover and [OWL] lost her glove that night. She was so upset about it. While there were many people on the hunt for the glove, it never turned up. Until pictures were released the next day and the photographer Teaz actually snapped a shot of the glove on the ground and a young lady bending over to pick it up. Anyone would hate to loose their stuff, so if you know this person, let's all reach out and find out if she has the glove, and to return it to it's rightful owner. If anyone was seen Yoyo glove, you know how talented she is, and she really misses her glove. A large portion of the gloving community is reaching out to help the glove find it's way back to Yoyo.

Yoyo Giving an Ill 5 Person Light Show By: Paus3
The Last Person to be Seen Near the Glove
That's about the whole kit and caboodle! Amazing job by GreenMonkeyNYC! I can't wait until the next one!!


Ronnie C. Photography: SET
Lucid Medias: SET
Erica Joy: SET
Paus3: SET
Teaz Photography: SET
Reptar Photography: SET 1//SET 2
Sam Freund: SET
Betsley (secret level): SET
Taylor Flash: SET

Pictorial Walkthough:
Coming this weekend, A Heartless Valentine (Kingdom Hearts Theme!) and Pussy Power (Vagina Theme! [duh])!!