Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Artist Spotlight: Adam Psybe

It's just about 5pm, and the last sliver of actual sunlight is disappearing from the sky as we get off the L train in Brooklyn. As we emerge to the streets, the neighborhood seems to all be housed except a select few young men with thick beards and glasses. It is getting pretty cold out already, freezing really; Our breath stands still for a moment in the air as we begin to venture towards an area of Brooklyn where community meets industry and art. This is Bushwick, and we are entering an open air gallery run by a group of artists known as The Bushwick Collective. This select group of artists paint the walls of the buildings in this area with incredible pieces of art, and in the midst of it all, a "new" artist is rising to the challenge of being recognized on these streets filled with artwork from well known visionaries like Buff Monster and Sexer. And with just a little push and a lot of talent, he would enter that mold.

Beau Stanton
His name is Adam Psybe, or just Psybe for short. Since a young age he's been very artistic, but for the past three years he's been working on his craft with a canvas, and really expanding and working on it full time for the past year. His style of painting is extraordinarily surrealistically pleasing. One might call it 'abstract' art, but I'll refer to it as planetary portal geometry.

The first time we saw Psybe's work was up in Maine at The Great North Music and Arts Festival. Although there wasn't a lot of time spent talking to the man himself, his works really spoke out to everyone that came under the art tent. There were times I'd walk by just to admire his canvases again only to find people sitting in front of the paintings in a trance like state, getting lost within these gateways from his mind. It was very appropriate to have him working alongside other amazing artists, including Alex and Allyson Grey.

Now back in NY, Psybe was looking to get involved with more artists as well as to expand his horizons with his art. That is where the Bushwick Collective came into play. Originally, Psybe approached them to get a spot to paint a mural and become part of the collective. At that time, the Bushwick Collective was apprehensive to giving Psybe the wall space due to him only working on two murals in the past, and most of his work being on canvas. As I'm sure this was a let down for Psybe, he did not let it get in the way of building his street cred.

Entrance to Cypress Studios // The Art Space
Down the Hallway Lined with Art
Recently a new art studio opened up in Bushwick called Cypress Studios aka The Art Space. It's a pretty well hidden spot, with a large black gate blocking off the entrance. Inside the studio there are hallways and rooms, a lot of space an artist could rent out as a studio. It was in this space that Erika Bansen, another very talented artist, rented out a room to launch her very own dreadlocks studio, Make Me Dreadful.

While fixing up the room, Adam spoke to the building's owner about possibly being able to use the black gate in front to paint a portal. The permission was given and Psybe went to work. He was adding a mural to the area that he was just denied from. "I was told it was a bad move to do a mural right in their area, but I decided to go ahead with it anyway given I did not think I'll be working with them." Some my consider this a ballsy move, I see it as freedom of speech. After all, this building may be in the same area, but the Bushwick Collective do not own the streets.

His mural began to take shape, and a small portal to a whole new galaxy came to life. He worked on it for full days, from the brisk mornings till the extreme temperature drop at night fall. Little by little his piece came together to create an original painting for the neighborhood. It is truly incredible to look at, and even more so original compared to all the other works in the vicinity. Psybe has added a new flare on Cypress Ave. After his work was finished, he contacted the Bushwick Collective again to show them his piece. They told him that they were watching him the whole week as he worked, and they were happy to have him be a part of them.

Almost completed...
Finished Product "Public Portal One" - Photo by Bushwick Collective
Moral of the story? Don't give up. Don't give in. If you love something, and are passionate about it, just do it and keep on doing it. Psybe didn't step on any toes in doing what he did, and in the end got where he wanted to be. So what's next for Psybe? Well so far he will be working on another portal with the Bushwick Collective and he's also been contacted to paint a building in Brooklyn. The building will be a collaborative piece featuring Psybe and other geometric and abstract artists from the Bushwick Collective. He will also be doing a new acrylic series for a solo show in Denver called The Knew Conscience Gallery in June. There are many great things to come from this artist, and we are excited to see what's next!!

Check out Psybe Visual Arts to see more of Psybe's work and buy some art!! See his work with your own eyes on Troutman and Cypress, a half block west on Cypress, only a short walk from the Jefferson Street Station on the L line.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Parachute NY: Bringing The Creativity Behind EDM to Light

Back on November 17, an event happened to promote the different and various arts that the Electronic Dance Music community harbors. The event was called "Parachute: Supporting the Creative Community". It is Parachute's goal to showcase and educate what the EDM scene is all about, from painting, sculpting, dance, and music, to textiles and other creative and hobbies. This showcase happens through demonstrations, seminars, music, dance and live art creation, as well as vendors. What's better than teaching people all the positive and good that members of the EDM community has to offer? The event being FREE of course!!

This event had my ears perked up as well as my intrigue. Can this be? After all it's an event we all always wanted. In today's USA, when we hear about raves the image is of teenagers wearing the skimpiest amount of clothing, lots of plastic bead bracelets, "molly", and pounding bass drops. To some extent, this was always existed. However, it is not fair to make such a blanket statement about all people involved in this community.

Deadaudio.com, NY DanceSafe, and Underland NY have come together to host this event. Last month featured dancers, art demonstrations such as face painting, graffiti art and live painting, DJs spun music, and there were different seminars as well. The next Parachute will be held this coming weekend. As mentioned, this is a free event and also appropriate for all ages. Let's break down the negative stereotypes together, and have a good time!


When: Sunday December 15th
Where: The Paper Box
Address: 17 Meadow Street, Brooklyn New York 11206
Time: 12pm - 6pm
Charge: FREE
Age Restriction: ALL AGES

See all the performers, vendors, DJs, seminars and workshops on the Facebook Event page.