Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Essential Music Festival Packing List: Camp Bisco 12

Summer has officially started, and with that the music festival tours are heating up!! Here at EGP we have toured around to different festivals over the years, learning what to expect and how to 'survive' for the weekend in the rough. So we are here today to help share our knowledge on what to pack up to ensure you are comfortable, happy, and enjoying the festival to the fullest extent.

Firstly, do yourself a favor and check the website of whatever festival you are planning on going to. The next thing to keep in mind is that the following camping list is aimed at those who are looking for the essentials, aka the short list. Being that the next festival we are covering will be Camp Bisco 12, this list will include essential tips specifically for this year's Camp Bisco at Indian Lookout Country Club.

DON'T FORGET! Click around the festival's main website for very specific information for this or any event. No one will tell you the rules and what's happening there better than the event coordinators. The folks at MCP are pros, so heed their words of advice and their rules.

1. Bring your TICKET.

Sounds almost silly right? You bought your ticket and it came in the mail, don't forget it at home! It can cause an unnecessary headache for you. There are way too many times we've heard of someone forgetting their tickets at home. That's just...forgetful. It does happen though, so to help you prove you bought that ticket and sort out the damage...

2. Bring your WALLET.

Really, there are only three things you will potentially need in there. Your ID, cash, and a debit/credit card for more money if you have one. There will be bars there with booze, and they will ID you. How much money you want to bring is up to you.  We can't make you any promises of the people you connect with, but don't be surprised to trade your own beers or food for that dope collectible pin or wrap. Money is needed though, so make sure to have some.

3. Bring something to SLEEP IN.

No, not sleep in past day break, sleep inside of. We're talking a tent, or maybe a hammock. Think about how many people are staying in your tent. It's always fun to have a slumber party with your buddies, or maybe you prefer to have a small establishment of tents. Whatever you decide to do, make sure it makes sense. Not every festy will have a spot to sleep dangling in the hammock. Don't forget a blanket (or more than one, some places get cold at night), a pillow, and tarps in case of rain. Some festivals allow for car camping as well, but it usually costs extra!! For Camp Bisco 12 there are still tickets left for that, but they are limited. Get car camping tickets HERE.

Potential Dirt... Be Prepared

4. Bring CLOTHING.

Or just some. For Bisco we'll be in New York... so no public lewdness AKA nudity (read the law speak HERE). Being that it's summer and very hot, you'll want t-shirts and shorts. At least one shirt and underwear per day, and a pair of shorts for daytime and a pair of pants and a sweatshirt for night. For shoes, an old pair of sneakers or sandals with backs work wonders, and absolutely a pair of galoshes. Basically, anything you don't mind getting dirty. If you bring your nice shoes, they will get ruined. There is lots of dirt, which turns into mud if it rains. Also, bring a hat to protect yourself from the sun and keep you a little cooler. Bring a bandanna or two as well. Any of the above can be bought at the festival, but you will pay for it, sometimes a lot more than the store.

5. Bring FOOD.

Don't go crazy. A small cooler of fruit, granola bars, maybe some canned food too. Make sure anything that can melt or go bad stays in the cooler! You can bring a grill if you wanted to. You can bring a small single burner propane grill, or a larger Coleman griddle, but keep in mind keeping the grill clean, gas, wooden spatula/spoon, space for packing, keeping food's a hassle. They sell food on premise, but it will sometimes run on the expensive side. Correlate money and food brought with your fellow camping friends to figure out how to keep your bellies full.


Either factory sealed bottles or an empty container to carry. They have water stations throughout the festival where you can refill your bottle. Feeling sketched out by public water flows? Get a bottle with a filter. Do that, save money, and stay thirsty my friends!

Here's some other stuff you should bring.

- Toiletries: tooth brush, tooth paste, towel, toilet paper, soap, small shampoo.
There are porta-potties and even public showers available (both inside and out). Expect lines when the music is pumping and everybody is awake.

It's really dark at night.

- Trash bags
KEEP YOUR AREA CLEAN DURING AND AFTER THE FESTIVAL. You are an adult, clean up after yourself.

- Folding chair/blanket
It's nice to take a seat in front of a stage or by your campsite.

- Sun screen
Protect against cancer and burns!!

- Bug spray
Protect against pests!!

- Travel cart
If you packed all this, and everything else we didn't tell you to bring, it might be a good idea to make sure you have a cart to carry all that. You will be making long trips from parking to camping.

- Small extras: small knife, extra rope, rain jacket, sunglasses, skill toys (gloves, poi, hula hoop, etc), pen/paper, art supplies, music gear, first aid kit, lighter, ear plugs, camera, zip lock bags, small lock.
These things will help you out and are small enough to not take up too much space. As far as keeping your possessions safe (ie: cell phone, credit card, camera, etc) it's your responsibility. Lock your possessions, keep electronics in plastic bags, and keep your stuff safe.

***Most importantly above all things, BRING YOURSELF.

YOU are special in your own ways.
YOU will connect with like minded people and people that find you interesting.
YOU love having fun and getting along with people.

Open your mind a little bit. Listen to music you wouldn't normally. Check out all the vendors and the different workshops, get involved with clean up and other fun stuff like Color War. Say hi to everyone. Ask if you don't know. Being at a festival is like being part of a community that is super energetic and constantly moving. Participate with everyone and you will be rewarded a hundred times over.


Monday, June 17, 2013

2013 Music Festival Watch: The Peach Festival

As we continue to look into the festivals coming up this year, we wanted to make sure to cover not only the over heavily electronic crowds, but the ones that get mixed together, sort of how Camp Bisco initially started. Last year, Catskill Chill was our choice festival in the North East that did just that. This year, we're taking a look at the anticipated second year of The Peach Music Festival.

Held at Montage Mountain in Scanton, PA, The Peach Music festival will be a full three days of family friendly fun featuring an amazing lineup that anyone of any age can love. Some acts we're most excited for include The Allman Brothers Band (for 2 nights!), Lotus, Tauk (Long Island represent!), and Bob Weir's acoustic set, 'Brunch with Bobby', not to mention pretty much everyone else on this lineup.

Allman Brothers Band by Chris Hoffman

Lotus Live at NLP -- Photo by Brad Johnson
Montage Mountain is not only the location of the Toyota Pavilion, but also home to Sno Mountain Ski and Water Park! From what we've seen, that makes it the only music festival with it's own water park. For any ticket holders that buy the 4 day pass, access to the water park is included with your ticket! It's great to have another place to relax, get wet, and have some fun. This festival garnered over 30,000 fans last year, so be sure for plenty of color on festival grounds. There will be plenty of vendors, entertainers, and good vibes all over. 

Sno Mountain Water Park by: Jake Krolick

This is a four day festival, so that means you will have the availability to camp on festival grounds. If sleeping in a tent isn't your thing, make sure to buy a car or RV camping pass before they sell out. Also keep in mind you will have to pay an additional $35 for camping over the weekend. All purchasing information can be found on the camping section of the Peach Music Festival's website. There are lots of different travel packages that include VIP as well... so please check all the info on the website.

Helpful links:

For more current updates and information, follow their FACEBOOK and TWITTER.

This should be an amazing time, and we hope that we see you there! Until next time travelers!