Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Get Your Art On!

A big part of the rave community that always strikes me as unique and extremely interesting is the artistic side of everything. Between the dancing, gloving, face painting, mask making, painting, decoration design, hitting the decks...there's a lot going on with the art. Why? I think the answer is quite simple, there are a lot of artistically talented people that are in the scene.

Want to get your artsy side on? I got great news for you! There is a monthly event, a gallery event, held at Hi-5. For the first Friday of every month, there is a newly themed art gallery! So far I've personally only been to the photography event and the comic/cartoon event. They also had a UV reactive art, and an art-punk show! It's definitely a different event, but with all the right vibes. A lot of good familiar faces come out to these, and there is always great music, and great drinks! With two floors to play on, and plenty to see, I suggest you check at least one of these shows!

The next one coming up is a Black and White event! It's coming up the first Friday of April, the 6th! Get all your EVENT DETAILS. This is going to be an awesome event featuring DJs like Rainey, Gabbie Giftsz, Spaceman, and Colossal Mantis! If you are an artist make 100% sure you speak with Rael about being part of the show! Thank me for going down later :) 

OK, now you have the opportunity to go see art and maybe even get your art seen in a gallery setting. How about getting some art to be seen on a global setting? I'm not just talking about setting about a Deviant Art page.  Right now for another couple days, you will be able to enter an awesome contest with the new and quickly budding Production/Promotion group, Blue Star Productions NYC. They are currently holding a logo design contest! Winner of the competition receives the logo on Blue Star's homepage, as well as a years worth of comps to every single one of their events for you and a friend!

Get to the drawing board!! This is the group that brought you the absolutely amazing Pokeball and Heartless Valentine, and the very soon Sith vs Jedi (a charity rave for the Susan G Komen Fund!!) So get your ass down to these events, and make sure to enter the contest to get some exposure and free raving in!!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Camp Bisco...It's Coming

I got some info and I'm passing it to you!! Camp Bisco is coming closer and closer (JULY 12-14, 2012) and MCP Presents has just released the lineup in an announcement last week!!

Earlier this month the website was updated, allowing visitors to explore a little more into Bisco There is now a news section, a photo gallery, travel and festival info, and a FAQ as well. And that's just the website.

The lineup has been released! It's thick of talent from around the world, including the Disco Biscuits, Skrillex, Bassnectar,'s going to be a sick festival! I personally was hoping to get some of swag on with Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg, but they have not been confirmed accorded to the lineup listed on the latest press release (below). I'm hoping that more names get added to the list, and you already read about our very own local DJs getting spots there as well. I'm talking about Nick Nise, Jake Dukes, Sprite, and Mad Panda!

Jake Dukes will be Spinning @ Bisco!

So now's the time to get your tickets for what will be the east coasts largest summer festival ever!! It's on!



Performers Include The Disco Biscuits, Bassnectar, Skrillex, Amon Tobin ISAM, Crystal Castles, Atmosphere, Big Boi,
Shpongle presents The Masquerade, A-Trak, Lotus, Simian Mobile Disco (DJ Set), Dada Life, Zeds Dead, Porter Robinson, Portugal. The Man, Big Gigantic, and Many More! 
$170 General Admission Tickets Now On Sale

Mariaville, NY (March 21, 2012) - Camp Bisco, the three-day music and arts festival founded by The Disco Biscuits, follows up its record setting 10th anniversary by confirming the performer lineup for Camp Bisco 11, in Mariaville, New York this July 12-14, 2012.  The 100+ performer lineup at the multi-stage camping festival includes: The Disco Biscuits; Bassnectar; Skrillex; Amon Tobin ISAM; Crystal Castles; Atmosphere; Big Boi; Shpongle presents The Masquerade; A-Trak; Lotus; Simian Mobile Disco (DJ set); Dada Life; Zeds Dead; Porter Robinson; Portugal. The Man; Big Gigantic; Bonobo (DJ set); Zedd; Mimosa; Daedelus; Holy Fuck; Mord Fustang; Break Science with Chali 2na; Kill the Noise; Rubblebucket; Gramatik; Tycho; Star Slinger; NiT GriT; Brothers Past; Archnemesis; El Ten Eleven; Craze; Alvin Risk; The M Machine; Zoogma; Eliot Lipp Live; 3LAU; Mansions on the Moon; Future Rock; Minnesota; The Knocks; Abakus; Thundercat; Shigeto; Ill-Esha; Killabits; Lance Herbstrong; Mux Mool; Orchard Lounge; Virtual Boy; DrFameus; Nick Catchdubs; Codes; JWLS; Star Eyes; Mindelixir; The Nadis Warriors; Paul Chambers; Inspired Flight; Freekbot; Alpha Data; Kung Fu; Manhattan Project; Rich Aucoin; HOTTUB; Xylos; Spiritual Rez; Bird of Prey; Revolvr and Michetti. Additional details about this year’s festival will be announced in the coming weeks. 
Camp Bisco 11 will once again be held at the picturesque Indian Lookout Country Club in Mariaville, New York. The venue is located approximately 30 minutes travel time from Albany, New York and sits on 200 acres of rolling, grass fields. Many of the improvements introduced to Camp Bisco 10 will return, including the second stage in the main field, surround sound system in the dance tents, and a local artists stage. Additionally,  Camp BIsco 11 will expand to include a third main gate for faster entrance into the grounds, improved dance tents with a greater capacity, wooded camping options, increased venue facilities, and long distance shuttles from Albany, Baltimore, Boston, Buffalo, Burlington, New York City and Philadelphia.

General Admission tickets are on sale now for $170 and are available online at or by calling 1-877-4-FLY-TIX, as well as at all FYE stores in New England and select outlets in New York State. Depending on availability tickets can be purchased at the gate for $190. All-inclusive VIP Experience packages are available, starting at $399. VIP Platinum Experience packages are sold out for Camp Bisco 11.

Camp Bisco 11 is produced by MCP Presents and hosted by The Disco Biscuits. Visit for the most up to date information. 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

"What?!" Factor: Swedish house Mafia

What is mainstream? There are so many people that hate on some producers, like Skrillex, because they're popular with all EDM lovers, making them "mainstream"... but hey give the guys a break. I'm not here to talk about most of them though, just Swedish House Mafia.

Yea I said it. First of all, most of the songs I was listening to in the beginning of my venture into electronic music, I was rocking out to Swedish House Mafia. These guys are sick, I love their songs. However, that doesn't mean that their most recent video wasn't a really, well, whoring their name value out....welcome to Selling Out 101 (or Genius Marketing 101).

If you don't know what I'm talking about, watch this video.

Just by watching that video, you've done exactly what Absolut wanted you to do, see their juicy grapefruit looking product. You are now one of the millions of people that watched this video, either because it was sponsored on Youtube or because it was Swedish House Mafia. Now, I know there are people out there that tattoo their bodies as billboard space, but to use a huge club, maybe to go so far as household, name is genius marketing. The video makes no sense, is way over produced, and leaves you on an awkward cliff hangar. It could have been way more intense with sexier clothing.

I only have one thing to say... if scotch tasted good with flavor like grapefruit, this music commercial would have sold me. Vodka... meh.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Weekend Review, and a Colorful One

Last weekend was a different kind of weekend, and refreshingly so. First on Friday night unexpectedly at The Festival of Color: NYC Holi and then Saturday at Raver's Fantasy. Both nights were lived up to their names and pulled through really awesome parties.

Bizarre Killing It @ Raver's Fantasy

Friday came around and I was going to decide were to head for the night, and when I got the message about Holi I got really excited. You see, in order to promote this party, there was a video used from actual the actual Indian festival. People are having an awesome time...I kinda fell in love. Check it out:

So I went in there to a new warehouse very close to The Cage and recognized only a few faces. There were so many different kinds of people. Some coming in large groups, some with parents (and grandparents), it was quite awesome to see how many different people came in. Among the few faces that I did recognize included Morgan Freeman (Bluecrash) and he was working on the visuals for the place. The faces that I didn't recognize were covered in the colored powder everyone was throwing around. It was awesome to see everyone partying together.


The music was different from the raves I've been writing about. You had a DJ playing beats from vinyl, a live trance musician known as The Cosmal Show (with a live painter), a live jam band, and a nice lineup of DJs. People were digging it for the most part, the party kept getting more and more populated as the night continued. I had to put the camera down because it was getting too rowdy, but this was a horrible environment for a camera without protective gear. The party kept raging on throughout the night and from all the smiling faces and positive feedback on the event, I'd say this was yet another very successful one for Helen Pyre and Morgan!


Saturday night was an event at one of my favorite venues, Raver's Fantasy at Amazura Lounge. This was an Audiophiles' event, and DJ Bizarre's biggest one. I got to this one bright and early to watch the venue get ready for the show. For this event, there was some pretty cool stuff involved including an amazing lineup including straight from the UK, DJ Sc@r and Pikey!


The crowd slowly came in throughout the night, and the excitement continued to build. People kept coming in filling in the Amazura's space nicely.  It was so great to see everyone come out, it was also awesome seeing another gloving tourney go down. Electrik Graffiti hosts these competitions, and this time it was held in the gloving tent. Inside the tent a glover could go in to practice with a mirror, learn something new from more experienced glovers, and during the competition had the opportunity to win a brand new glove set. There were a surprising number of new glovers, some that had bought their gloves that day. In the end, Bagelz took the title for the night, with some fierce competition following in the top four.


The party went off without a hitch. Everybody was vibing well with each everybody, dancing, giving light shows, and a few cuddle puddles. The night was amazing and a great way to end my going out for the weekend. Big ups to all the promoters, producers, and the amazing people that help make everything happen in the scene.



Paus3 - SET

Raver's Fantasy:

Ronnie C. - SET
Nate Valentine BlueRaven - SET
Delineation Digital Media - SET
Paus3 - SET

The end. [duh]

Saturday, March 10, 2012

[Space] Flux Makes a Name for Itself with Nintendo Themed Rave

I know it's a little late now... but a couple Saturday night's ago was a night for many ravers here in NY that will not be forgotten anytime soon. From most of the same folks that put together my favorite party of all time (Power Ravers [duh]) brought us "When World's Collide", a Nintendo themed rave.

Once again, I made my way over to The Electric Warehouse (herein "The Lab"). I came a little late for this one, but I was extremely pumped about what I was about to walk into. I knew about some stuff in the background (that unfortunately I still cant talk about) that was going to make this rave BEAST compared to any other rave that's been there. However, when I came in half the stuff I heard about was not there. However, what was going on there blew my freaking mind!


First and foremost, I walked into Rockman's set. It felt like there were easily over a thousand people in the room, walking through a crowd had never been this hard for me. Rockman was tearing up the floor it was unbelievable. I headed over the Electrik Graffiti tent to say hey to everyone and see what was going on. As I walked up, I saw 30 (maybe more) glovers surrounding the side area and front of the tent. Mufasa came up to me and all rushed asked if I wanted to join the glover's competition.


Paus3. A glover's competition that is actually going down? Not even five minutes in the door and the DJ I couldn't wait to see is spinning AND there's a legit competition about to happen. I was glowing. I was not ready to start gloving, I had just gotten there and my camera wasn't even out yet, so I had to decline... this time. There were 22 glovers in total for the tourney and Raptor came out on top! He won himself a brand new pair of gloves with Genesis chips, an $80 value prize from Electrik Graffiti. He was pumped that he won, and let me tell you, this kid has major skills!


Another hug bonus to this party was having Morgan Freeman there. Morgan brought a ton of his game to the table, making some of the coolest digital mapping I've seen of his in person. Since this was a Nintendo themed party, the downstairs was Hyrule Castle. The walls were covers in flying Triforce symbols, sometimes it looked like someone was actually playing the Ocarina of Time, and my favorite was the stained glass windows from Hyrule Castle. Morgan made the room look absolutely amazing.


Of course [Space] Flux did their own decorations that looks wild! With Morgan and a little extra from Flux the downstairs portrayed the historical Zelda castle beautifully. Upstairs with Kirby's Dreamland was a little different, but very original. The walls were covers with hand painted sheets. They were very colorful, and very trippy! It was great to see the elbow grease they put into making the scene comes to life, both rooms were very colorful and delightful to be in. And don't forget everyone's favorite carpet, Kevin Carpet! He was by the door to step outside and get some fresh air, and some awesome pictures came out of that as well! People get really artsy with the living art!


The music was kicking all night and it all went off with very few hitches. There was a costume contest that went down, and the two top costumes were awesome! First place went to a Zentai cat suit Zentai Samus, and second place to a girl dressed up in a well-made home-made Charizard costume! The winner was supposed to get a free Nintendo tattoo from Eddie at Heart of Brooklyn Tattoo!

All in all, this party was a massive success. Great job to everyone at Flux, and I can't wait till the next one!! Check out all these awesome pictures!!

Paus3 - SET
Taylor Flash - SET
Ronnie C - SET
ThreeFourteen Media - SET
Jonathan R - SET
Reptar - SET
Pac-man - SET1 // SET2 //  SET3
D3bst3p - SET