Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Z-Dar: Haywyre

Where to start?! What's up people Z here, and I'd like to share with you an artist that has had my ear for quite some time. Haywyre is the name, and if you hadn't been up on this increasingly popular artist then just let me enlighten you for a bit. Martin Vogt has a style that can only be called his own with a sick mix of electronica fused with dubstep, Hip-Hop styling, and classy Jazz breaks that come together nicely. He's definitely one of the more talented artists as he masters and produces all of his own stuff, and incorporates tons of live instruments in his recordings as well. He is definitely one to be on your radar and today at EGP we're gonna share and review some of my more favorite tracks by the experience known as Haywyre.

This first track is off his most recent album Infinite Which is available for free by the way via Bandcamp where you can find a lot more of his music, Its stylings give almost a nostalgic feel with a very video game-esque feel that comes together nicely with an ambient flow in the beginning crushing into one of the most liquidy smooth drops I've heard in a long time. Definitely a favorite by most who know the extended discography.

The Observer (Preview) by Haywyre

This next one is off the Encompassing EP which is available at Beatport. It has an almost dark grinded glitch hop feel with great highs that bring the song full swing into an emotional roller coaster. The real drums in the overall package give it a very evil Big Gigantic feel. This song is totally nuts in the best way possible and its one that I frequent a lot, and that's hard to do. 

This hard little gem is off of his album The Voyage also available on BeatPort. It shows off his harder side with a Dubstep outing that boarders almost on mysticism. It definitely entrances with its sick breaks, and dramatic style. Another personal favorite I thought would be great to share.

Another one off of The Voyage, this track Atmospheric Evolution shows the intense versatility of Haywyre as it starts off with some smooth jazz, all instrument work done by Haywyre himself that prove his legitimate musicianship. It's one of those laid back tunes you play to get that fix of some harder Glitch Hop without getting too intense. Stuff like this really certify that he's got a lot more potential that I feel future releases will blow people out of the water.

Raw Crunch ft Jay Fresh by Haywyre
Rawest of the Raw, Raw Crunch, My FAVORITE track off Infinite, goes ridiculously hard with some of the chillest lightest glitched out intro and interludes that make an altogether full spectrum song. With one of the dopest funk influenced drops you can ever imagine with vicious velocity inducing highs that make anyone wanna dance. It's a killer for sure and there are even two versions of this song at your listening disposal. The second one features rap by none other than Jay Fresh It adds a lot of emotion to the overall package that was already a great track made even better. A god send for DJs that wanna mix some variation into their sets if they are already on the haywyre train.

As you can already tell Martin Vogt of Haywyre spares no punches in his race towards EDM glory. Keep your eyes and ears open for him, He's climbing in popularity as we speak and I for one look forward to seeing him at tons of events and festivals in the future. He has six releases available for download and purchase here at his website but I'll list some quick links for your ease.

Haywyre - Lotus (2009) (FREE!)
Haywyre - Of Mellows and Revalations (2010) (FREE!)
Haywyre - Dubsonic (2011) (FREE!)
Haywyre - Infinite (2012) (FREE!)
Haywyre - Encompassing (2012)
Haywyre - The Voyage (2012)

Love & Light

Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Polish Ambassador: Superpowers EP Preview (Fitz)

So, The Polish Ambassador has returned with more news of a future filled with space aged beats. His new album "Superpowers" (which is being released FREE on his website on August 1st) is a marked departure from his last release, Homeboys in Outerspace 2. Sounding more similar in tone to his more recent Explosions in the Sky and Bon Iver remixes, this new EP has six originals that seem to suggest the Ambassador is trying to increase the population of his listeners in more ways than one. This is straight baby-making music with a beat. Equally befitting  night stargazing on an empty beach or a trek home from whatever strange planets your adventures have brought you. You can check out the albums first single "Earth Crush" on his soundcloud now, and while you're there you should catch up with all his music. If you haven't been following The Polish Ambassador already, do a little homework 'cause this mans music is definitely out of this world.
Explosions in the Sky - Your Hand in Mine (The Polish Ambassador Remix) *FREE DL** by Polish Ambassador
The Polish Ambassador - Earth Crush by Polish Ambassador
You can catch The Polish Ambassador live on tour. He appearing this Sunday, July 29th at Catalpa on Randalls Island, New York, and at Gnarnia in Beech Mountain, North Carolina. The Polish Ambassador's live performance is something you have to see to believe. Imagine a non-stop flow of every type of song, regardless of genre or generation, that makes it impossible to stand still. I frequently refer to his last NY appearance in March with Stephan Jacobs and Alpha Data as minute-for-minute the best show I had ever seen in NY, and I am looking forward to as much time with the Ambassador as I'm allowed.

GET MOAR Polish Ambassador:

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Musically With It: Zedd's Beatport Remix Contest

Hey everyone, Z Here! I'm sure a lot you guys already know that Zedd and Beatport are throwing a remix contest for that catchy tune of a song Spectrum, and if you didn't then now you know why everyone and their mom has heard this particular song or one of its many remixes floating all over the EDM scene in the past couple of months. That isn't at all anywhere near a bad thing in my opinion this song is one of the most killer tracks out this year, and the plethora of amazing remixes that these artists new and old, established or grassroots, big or even small as hell keep this song and the entire scene fresh.

Never has one contest amazed me over and over, and I feel us at EGP need to give a certain spotlight to a few of these soon to be contenders in the EDM field. So I took the time myself to get over to the contest page and check a bunch of remixes out and pick out a few that really stood out to me as a couple of my favorites and who I think would win. Keep in mind that this is all my own opinion, I tried to do this with variety in mind so if anything you know that if you don't like any of the individuals up here you can figure that there's sure to be a bunch out there that you most definitely will like. The contest winner gets announced by August 14th, so in the meantime enjoy some tunes!

This first one up is one by none other than AaA, most don't know this man, the Laguna Beach native Erich Vickers, but he really knows how to make a presence for himself. He's fairly well known in EDM circles, and his remix of Spectrum goes hard with a higher tone on the overall package, an amazing spaced out glitch hop kinda feel which borders on funk and catchy new rythmns that fit in equally well with the originals tone in and out. This one is a personal favorite of mine which I know for a solid fact I'm gonna be bumping this for a while. 

This second one I'm showing you here is by ILLECTRIX. He's another big name coming up from the UK.  Nick KJ has been producing for a couple years and has just started to come in circles that are getting his name out there. He's pulled together a banging electro house drumstep mix for the competition using what I think are precise drum kicks and some heavy wet bass sounds to make an altogether dope remix.

This banger of a third is by Foxsky. He's from Fremont, California. His version of this song is an INTENSE moombahcore track with syrupy slow melodic choruses bringing in an altogether complete package if you love that spanish sounding beat timings. Which I do. Bassssssss.

Now this Fourth one, is who I think will win, Now I could be wrong but lets see here. I'm sure you've all heard of Stratus and if not, You should play catch up quick cause the EDM world is moving on fast and furiously without you. This remix although just a dubstep mix of Spectrum, gets treated with Stratus signature flair with lots of intense novelty sounds into almost vertigo speed inducing tempo shifts backed with a classic composition just only there to remind you what genre you're actually listening to. It's a work of EDM art if you ask me.

[scratchy records] WOAH

Hey ya'll, it's Wish[Paus3]. Z was telling me about this contest, so I had to check it out. Here's my two cents about he contest. I checked out the top voted, the mixes were hot! But, I know how sometimes talent can be overshadowed, so I went dooooown the list of entries and votes. I checked out this one mix by Razihel, and I'm glad I did! He clearly has a following, but the votes are lacking. Sitting between songs that were listened to at 700 something and almost 3,000 hits, Razihel's mix is almost at 6,000. Busing out some dubstep on the track is appropriate and he does it right. 


[deep jazz dj voice] Back To Z

That wraps it up for my coverage for the contest. Hopefully I gave you all some insights into some directions to look for new music, sparked maybe a couple of ideas for upstart producers, or even showed you the new "favorite" song. Let me know what you think of the mixes in the comments below!

'We'll Hiiiiiide where love can save us... lol, its catchy. don't shoot me'

Love & Light

Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Z-Dar - Camp Bisco 11: Space Jesus

Yo Whatup?! Z here again and I just had to share with you something that literally blew me away when I was at Camp Bisco 11. I found myself separated from Wish[Paus3] and Fitz, so I decided to take my good friend Josh around for some sight seeing in the late nights on Friday. We found ourselves at the door of the Silent Disco neatly tucked away on the outskirts of the festival with an impressive underwater decor theme and a caged dance floor and a cool versus-style DJ setup. They had two DJs every set to go on the wireless headphones off two FM channels. The headphones were some of the best I've ever used by the way, on top of being wireless with no delay. I thought it was a cute idea but I didn't really give it any thought to who might be there until earlier that morning Alpha Data had told me he would be playing again later in the Silent Disco. Being that he's one of my favorite glitch hop DJs made me realize I should be spending a lot more time there, and boy was I right in deciding that.

I Had no Idea what to expect from The EDM producer and DJ, Jasha Tull, I mean really? Space Jesus? I had thought the name was funny in a cheesy way. Maybe some campy DJ alot of the locals knew or some kinda fun joke guy... at least that's what I expected. Upon putting those wireless headphones I was instantly hooked on some the dopest, dirtiest, catchiest, and most versatile music I have heard from one single DJ at Bisco 11 yet. I mean just listen to this:

DURO DURO ft. Capitan Futuro & The Galaxy Girls by SPACE JESUS

DURO DURO quickly became one of my favorite songs ever the second I heard it and I'm pretty sure it was his first time playing it that day from what he said, and It doesnt dissappoint with its catchy vibe and nice glitched out vocal work that just gets your head in the right kinda mood to party. Great thing to be introduced to the Silent Disco to if I don't say so myself. 


Songs like Book One, really showed off his harder side with still keeping a bouncy style that leads off in a sick original styled drop that I quickly learned can only be called Space Jesus style. I couldn't help myself I was literally jumping around at every corner of his music it sets such a great mood, and it looks like he's having a blast doing what he loves on stage. Keep a lookout for him if you don't know him already I expect alot from him. He's also giving away his newest album Quantum Crunk Theory for free on his Bandcamp. He just might really be a saint.

Get moar Space Jesus:

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Z-Dar - Camp Bisco 11: Crystal Castles

Wow, Where to even start? Z here people and I'm just coming back from Camp Bisco 11 with my dudes Wish[Paus3], who you all know and love, Steve from Triple Threat Productions and Mr. Fitz. Needless to say it was an amazing experience, with great vibes all around with great people at literally every corner. It was hot as all hell which didn't help me one bit but with all the free water (boss as hell, thank you MCP) it wasn't too bad. You could almost taste all the good energy flowing around the place, not to mention tasting all the dust [lol].

Picture From: Life's Sweet Breath
Anyway I'm here to talk about Crystal Castles set that went on Friday afternoon. The electronic duo Crystal Castles, comprised of Ethan Kath on synth and fronted by none other than the dark haired (now blue apparently) witch house looking hottie Alice Glass, threw on an amazing set that blew people away. While pounding bottles of what looked like Jack Daniels, Alice proceeded to get the crowd going during their set by jumping off stage almost seducing the audience and literally crowd walking across hands. There was even one lucky kid who snuck on stage to sing during a remix of Crimewave. 
All in all, it was an impressive bass intensive set showing off their newer stylings with alot of remixes and new songs I expect to be on any new releases once they get announced, but hey who knows whats in store for them. Thursday was a perfect indication of all the goodness in store for the rest of the weekend. Expect great things in the future and more news from Bisco 11 to come! 

Peace and Love guys,
Soundcloud <- HEY LISTEN!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Camp Bisco 11: Day 1 Pictorial Walkthrough

When I first began taking photos with Reptar Photography back in December, I never thought I would be shooting an event like Camp Bisco. Well, this site has grown a lot since then, and Bisco did indeed happen in all of it's glory. These Pictorial Walkthroughs serve not only to show you all of my shots from a set, but also to show my progression as a photographer, as well as tell a story of who I met, what I saw... I hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Camp Bisco Artist Spotlight: Alpha Data

Camp Bisco 11 starts tomorrow! All throughout the weekend we will bring you different artist spotlights from an awesome guest writer who was just returned from a 6 month festy tour. I am pleased to introduce you to the very well cultured and well traveled Fitz!

Alpha Data on the Grind

Alpha Data is an artist who struck me by surprise when I saw him open for the Polish ambassador this past March. I was first struck by his inventive sampling, in particular his use of clips from the early days of internet meme culture, in songs such as “I'm a computer” or “WTF, mate”, and then by the tasteful and hard hitting choice of remixes ranging everywhere from cherished album tracks “Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots” by the Flaming Lips and cultural standards like Wild Cherry’s “Play that Funky Music White Boy”, to breathing new life to such recent hits as the Red Hot Chili Peppers “Snow” or Muse’s “The Uprising”. His most recent release “ADHD” shows a good portion of his range from upbeat glitch hop like the aforementioned “WTF, mate” to heavy electro-house like the title track “ADHD”.

If this promising young producer has managed to craft these beats while finishing his law degree, I cant wait to see what hes been able to do on his summer vacation. Be sure to catch his set at 12:30 to 1:30pm on the label stage for a chance to catch one of the most talented up and coming producers playing this festival.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What To Bring to Camp Bisco XI 2012

So, now that Bisco is a few days away, I am getting myself ready to go on this epic adventure. I've been camping before, but nothing like this. Camp Bisco has become so enormous that it cannot be contained. There are some essentials that you should bring with you to the campgrounds. One thing to remember! You can do this camping experience on the bear minimal, however, you can make your stay a little more comfortable by being prepared. After all, there will be plenty of folk there to give you a hand I'm sure. Get your packing list together!!

  • Towel
  • Backpack
  • Clean Clothing (water proof stuff for sure as well!)
  • Sneakers (rain/mud boots)
  • Tent
  • Sleeping Bag/Blanket/Pillow
  • Flashlight
  • Reusabel Water Bottle (I got a Nalgene, also check out Brita)
  • Hygiene Supplies (DEODORANT)
  • Money
  • Pen/Paper 
  • Balloon/Flag (something to help identify your tent)

Storm Passing By: Dan Dagler

Honestly, if you take that stuff, you could go on adventure after adventure, meeting tons of new people and really getting a feel for what's happening all around you. I feel like the more you surround yourself with stuff, you might have a comfort zone, but you'll also be tying yourself down. Now, in my opinion that's the bear minimum. I'd take a little more with me just to be safe (and not smelly).

  • Air mattress (don't forget your pump!)
  • Camping chairs
  • Tarp/canopy tent
  • string/ scissors
  • first aid kit (neosporin, bandages, peroxide)
  • trash bags
  • Food (I'd do canned and non perishables. There will be affordable food sold as well)
  • Small propane grill (camping area only)
  • Utensils
  • Camera
  • Ear plugs
  • Sun Screen/Bug Spray
  • Hat/Umbrella
  • Extra toilet paper
  • Any card games, toys (frisbee, nerf, etc)
  • Dance and glow toys (hoola hoops, gloves, poi) <- Electrik Graffiti will be vending, so if you want to pick up a pair of gloves (or anything furry!), they got you!

  • Showers 
  • Drinking Water
  • Wash Stations
  • Portable Toilets & Indoor Toilettes
  • Food & Crafts Vendors
  • Pay Phones
  • ATMs
  • Beer will be available to purchase in case form on site.

  • NO Glass Containers of any kind!!!
  • NO Weapons of any kind
  • NO Fireworks
  • NO Illegal Substances
  • NO Open Fires
  • NO Vending without permit allowed
  • NO Bicycles scooters or go carts, ATVs
  • NO Glass Containers or jars!!!
  • NO Professional Photo or Video Equipment
  • NO Pets, leave your pets at home
  • NO Coolers allowed in Concert Area
  • NO Box Trucks
  • NO KEGS or excessive cases of beer!
  • NO Glass Containers!!!
Here's an idea of what it will look like:

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

One More Week Till Camp Bisco 11

In just one week is the beginning for us at Camp Bisco. I got the final word in on the press passes, and I am so happy to be bringing along a buddy and excellent videographer, Steve from Triple Threat Productions. We are going to be bringing you HD video, photos, and live up-to-the-minute updates FROM the campgrounds at Bisco... and guess what, we've started now! Everyone, meet Steve:

Steve has a little more experience than I do on the festival scene, but I have a feeling this is going to be brand new territory for me. I'm going to be releasing my own Vlogs as well, so keep on the lookout for those! We can't wait to be there!

[Space] Flux Productions - Lumpy Space Disco - Getting to Know You Through Party

More recently we've seen new DJs, promoters, photographers, production crews... people trying to make a difference in the scene, popping up. It's become a jaded topic, people saying that all these n00bs want is free entry to a party with the chance to say that they are actually doing something instead of just being a 'raver'. Some of these accusations might be true, but there are those fresh faces that are really moving towards a positive change and that want more than notoriety, they want to help the community move forward and introduce new and fresh ideas as well.

Breaking It Down to the Lumpy Beats By: Ronnie C.

One such group of new producers, is [Space] Flux productions.  Last weekend marked their second venture into throwing a party, the first being When Worlds Collide. That was as [Space] Flux, before that existed Peanut Butter Plur and an event that will go down in history, Power Ravers. That party set the tone for [Space], essentially it was all a cardboard art piece, the Megazord.

"I want art and interactiveness at our parties. The things we can do with cardboard, and the art we make with cardboard... I know it sounds funny, but you know what? Even now we'll take some cardboard and make it into something, like a giant Lady Rainicorn." - Mattypoi Flux

And they did deliver. Hanging out at the Electric Warehouse right above the stage entrance was the colorful wonder. And it's all too true. Decorations are a huge part to any event. As a party-goer, you should have fresh sets in similar locations, ever changing spaces for you to explore and check out what's going on. Putting music on in a room and throwing some lights in the mix doesn't cut it anymore (unless you're in the basement [lol]). For Lumpy Space Disco, all the deco was out. Being an Adventure Time theme, there were so many possibilities with such a wild and zany idea to work with. They had cut outs of different candy castle workers, models of Finn and the Ice King with a graffiti type edge to them. They had a disco ball hanging as well, adding to the disco feel. And of course you can't forget about the lights and visuals.

Dancing With Finn and Jake By: Edwin Cuevas
It Just a Disco Ball Man By: Paus3

D'awww ok! By: Paus3

All around the main room of the Lab were Adventure Time projections with some of my personal favorite scenes in the mix. Biggie Stardust also came out out as the digital hostess to introduce DJs. Behind the visuals was none other than Morgan Freeman (Bluecrash). On lights and lasers was Paradox Productions, and they did the rooms up really nicely, as always. Also on it was Kevin Carpet, lying down by the smoking exit for most of the night. It's always such a pleasure to see him at a party, and you can expect to see him at any [Space] Flux party.

Lasers Galore with Paradox By: Yaz

Morgan with Goreface By: Paus3

"Kevin Carpet! Every time I go to a party I look forward to seeing him. It's not a party unless Kevin is there! I won't have a party unless he comes, I really consider him family." - Maria Flux
Kevin Carpet's the Man! By: Paus3
Any Adventure Time fan would've felt right at home, so many people came in costume! There were so many Finn's, a BMO, a nice mix of Jake, and many different princesses (my favorite was the Fire Kingdom Flame Princess). It was so many people's first or first-five event. It seems to be a trend with [Space]'s parties, they attract the constant new breed. This is defiantly a positive with the way the Flux family is trying to put a positive spin on the scene.

So Lumpaaaaahyyy By: Ronnie C.

omg...Fionna.. score By: Yaz

BMO Getting Some Grind Time By: Paus3

"We've (the NY scene) had raves that are advertised as 'theme parties' but then at the party nothing is really themed. That's when I started thinking to myself, how can we make it better? The first thing I thought of was deco. Deco makes people happy, it's half the fun of going to a party, being emmersed in this new world." -Mattypoi Flux

"It used to be that you couldn't go to a party without cops bothering you asking you if your doing drugs, asking if you're getting into trouble, riding on you whether you're doing something or not. This scene should be a safe haven for party-goers. Our parties are a place where people can come together and just be accepted, not get judged, as long as they don't ruin everyone else's time." -Maria Flux

Griz Ripping it Up By: Ronnie C.

So Much Bass! By: Yaz

The music was blasting all night, with a good amount of dubstep, drumstep, and plenty of hard beats. In town for the first time ever were both GRiZ & Prototype Raptor! GRiZ was actually chilling with everyone in the beginning of the party, he's a mad chill person. For people here in NY, we are not too familiar with him. Anyone would have thought he was the man at the party, having a good time with everyone. It was awesome hearing them spin, brought a whole new flavor to the NYC scene.

Bazinga By: Ronnie C.

A Little Fire By: Ronnie C.

Circles By: Paus3

The party was great, as usual, the post on the wall after the party were raving about how good of a time they had, it's always a positive to see. There was a lot of work that went into this party, and nearly turned into a migraine for [Space] Flux, but in the end, everything was pulled off nicely at the Lab. I can't wait until their next party, looks like it my just be the continuation of Power Ravers... which to you a say [duh].

Reptar Photography: SET (coming soon)
Nik Kanter: SET

All my photos: