Thursday, June 28, 2012

My First Festival: Camp Glow

There are music festivals happening all over the country and world, especially during the summer time. With Electrik Graffiti quickly growing on the East Coast, Mufasa and Koyote decided it was time to head south and introduce their styles down there. We took the opportunity to check out a local music festival in Virginia, called Camp Glow. 

This was my official first festival, complete with setting a tent, cooking in a bonfire, and sleeping amongst a few hundred people that I would get to know pretty well by the end of the weekend. All the attendants were supporting autism awareness, and they were donating with ticket price as well as with canned food. Being surrounded by thoughtful, friendly and colorful souls was one of the best parts of the weekend for me. It was awesome being able to walk around to just talk to people and see who they are. The grounds were pretty large. Essentially the property was a farm surrounded by woods. There were horses roaming the fields, random wood creatures peering out from the woods, tall grasses, plenty of earth and open space.... it felt millions of miles away from the suburbs of Long Island. 

Setting Up Shop

Tractor Ride Anyone?
Meme Me
There was a full line up of DJs, ranging from VA locals like Jynx and Conduktor, to out of towners like Fattie Fatz and Unicron. It was awesome listening to the filthy sounds of the south, they give a whole new feeling to dubstep,  and don't even come close to touching the hardstyles of New York. Different areas different swag... it felt good and culturing. There were three stages to pick at any time. Main stage was in the largest field, there was a forest stage (in the forest [duh]), and another stage on the other side of the forest. All three were technically connected through a path in the woods, although the direct path was meant for staff and devoid festival goers.

Styling Hooping

Stage in the Woods

I Like that Stick
There were so many vendors on site too. It was awesome meeting everyone, shout out to Neon Black clothing, their stuff is on point! There was massaging with Giggle Box, fresh food and drinks, jewelry, glass blowing and so much more! Seeing everyone out doing their thing was great, so many people had so many skills. Electrik Graffiti also had the opportunity to set up shop right at the entrance to the woods and the forest stage. One tent served as a canopy leading to the woody path, and at night this canopy glowed brighter than anything in that field. It was almost like walking through a portal for festival goers, from music and open space into light and then in the darker woods emmiting differents tunes to dance and throw lights to.

Into the Fields

Mufasa and Koyote Repping with Dirty Dub
Yessssss Hand Massages

Gogo and Glover!

Gloving was awesome. Almost needless to say. Friday was my gloving day, and VA has some sick glovers. I was so happy to get an awesome reception down there, I can't wait to wave my hands around in the air with them again ;)

And then came Sunday morning. There had been thoughts among us of something going down, because on Saturday there was a guy walking around asking lots and lots of questions. Turns out he was undercover, and him being there warranted the state police to come in and break up the music festival. They rounded everyone up around 5am, some reportedly were dragged out of tents and some said they were even physically hurt by the officers. Once they had everyone together in one of the fields, they searched every tent with a drug sniffing dogs and of course manually. There were several arrests and narcotics found. There are two sides to every story, and this is one that is a continuing story. The owners of the property are not happy with the way they and the situation was treated. 

You can reach the articles out on the situation HERE and HERE. To add to the story, I've taken a direct quote from one of the women that live in the house about the story that came out in the news: "It just makes me so mad. But no. That was real. We all saw it. They searched our house as well. Took all our computers and other sh*t from the house. Notice they don't show any of that. But they did bring us a copy of the warrant the next day and scratched a bunch of sh*t out that hadn't been [there] when they showed us. It was flawed and you can bet we're not backing down. Orry's mom already has a meeting with a GOOD lawyer. About everything that went down too. Not just the house. They broke so many rules." I also suggest reading into the comments below the articles as well. 

Love <3

Love <3

Tagged Banner, and Posing Galore

Lesson of the day? Make sure all your legal obligations are covered as well as be prepared to deal with situations if they arrive. Everyone was extremely well behaved, having an amazing time and fun, until it got torn apart. It opened my eyes to festivals though and I'll tell you, I need more. 

All mis photos:

Thursday, June 21, 2012

S3RL - An interview

Our local Jersey boys (and girl) from Triple Threat Productions took a step outside Amazura with DJ S3RL to see what was on his mind... it may or may not have been little kandi ravers...

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Who's Playing at Camp Bisco 11

The days and names of people preforming n them has been released! This is ALPHABETICAL order, not the order in which they'll play or what stage [duh].

Get your tickets now before they sell out!!!Buy tickets HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE.

More details to come! I can't wait to get my feet wet in the festival circuit this weekend at Camp G.L.O.W. Coming soon, what to pack and how to prepare for a festival (with my brand new experience!)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mario Party 4 - Post Review

Two weekends ago was the mark of what's was very well the biggest event here in New York City this year, and every party I've been to last, 'cept City Lights. Hell, I knew about it before even going to a rave. I actually got the inside scoop from the one and only Sam Froond (Urban Adventures), on Halloween 2011, as he showed me the video and pictures he took from Mario Party 3. He told me I had to be there, and that it was going to blow my mind. Sam was right, this party was thrown bigger than any party I've seen to this day, and it wasn't even done by bringing out the biggest banger DJs, it was done with love.

An Amped Up Crowd, Ye! By: Ronnie C.
Corny right?! It's so true though. Imagine I have this map in front of me. Tight Crew would be up here, about 5-6 hour drive from us. It felt like they brought the ENTIRE coastal north east to a warehouse in Brooklyn. That the first thing I noticed at this event, I didn't know 3/4's of the people. While totally not a bad thing, the vibes change from laid-back to adventure. I found myself constantly asking where they were from, and if they said NY and I didn't know them, I felt totally silly. But it was amazing to see so many people coming from Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut... and so on. They came out to party with their people and favorite promoters/producers.That's family, that's love.

You Already Know By: Dave Yang
Getting Ready to Party By: Dave Yang
The Party Bus By: Dave Yang

The party was held at The Lab. Even though I've been hearing people complain about this place since December, I've seen some amazing parties go down here, and this one blew them all away with decorations. Oh my god. The moment you walked in was like color everywhere. And you walked in from the front gates, so your in the smoking area outside from the get-go. There was a giant mushroom bouncy castle, about four different vendors including Electrik Graffiti with their tents lighting up. In the back there was even a wacky-wild-flailing-inflatable-arm-tub-man.

Aerobics of a Shy Guy By: Urban Adventures
Shy Guy in the Bouncy Castle By: Urban Adventures

Just...yes please By: Urban Adventures
Once you walked inside, now that was wild! They had the Mario World coin boxes everywhere, coins, Mario decals, projections, coins, ghosts, balloon fish, and a big balloon Mario (keg included).... deco was everywhere. The way the rooms were split up was pretty cool too. You had the main stage with the bar in the back (they had a shy guy flying around!), the smaller room to the side (where you use to walk in) with not only a DJ spinning, but Nintendos set up with games and bean bag chairs to lounge in, and of course, up stairs with more talent rocking out. So many people were dressed up! You had your ravers in raver gear, and tons of Mario related costumes. I saw Bowsers, Marios, Luigis, Boos, Peachs... Diddy Kong! Always a fun time when people are dressing up and contributing to the atmosphere.

Link will Straight up Cut You By: Ronnie C.

Yosh! By: Chorale Miles

Quite a Tall Luigi By: Ronnie C.

I was really excited to catch Subsonik spinning! that was a great treat. I got turned onto him the second I heard a track. Check him out, set were amazingly live! Gotta love Soundcloud!

SSS030 - State of Mind & Jade by Subsonik Sound Recordings
Did I mention the volume of people there? The spot was alive with tons of energy, and people of all shapes and sizes and from all over... I think some people really wanted that to be like a festival. It would have been pretty interesting camping out with all these people, especially if it were at The Lab in Brooklyn... right. I mean there was full body painting going on, a guy on stilts, a drum circle (normal for any party That Guy is at!), tons of kandi and love going around and lots to do.

Hoola Hooping By: Chorale Miles Photography

Cloud Giving a Show By: Ronnie C.

Meme This ^ By: Cheyenne Collins Photography
That's why I have Camp G.L.O.W. and Camp Bisco on my radar! This weekend is G.L.O.W. so I will be updated you on it... and it'll be a first for me, so cross that off the bucket list and get ready to have some good old fashioned camping out fun!


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Danny Heart - SET 1
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666 Lights - VIDEO
FaraceChannel (youtube) - Mario Party 4 - Farace and Dave Berg

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

This Just In, Even Moar Bisco!!

I know I just posted up the letter from Frank Potter, and the no peeing on neighbor's lawns up by Indian Point Country Club for Camp Bisco this yea, but this right here just came in over the interwebs.
You know that there are all these different stages for Camp Bisco right? Well they have just released information that there will be label curated tents, featuring Ninja Tune, Fools Gold Records and OWSLA! You will have a very strong presence from these labels in their tents. That all the info on that, but there was a hint that this is just the tip of the iceberg for these tents. Keep on the look out for updates.

The other part of awesomesauce that's been updated on this already enormous production is one of the stages I've been wanting to experience ever since I saw any media on it. Silent Disco.

We are gonna get a taste of San Francisco's very own sonic missionaries, Silent Frisco. They take the music out of the ridiculously loud speakers and into wireless headphones. This is a different way to experience sets, and it also allows for certain performances to happen when prior they couldn't because of noise complaints or what have you.

Jake Dukes Sporting his Electrik Graffiti Skoodie
Mad Panda Keeps his Cool by: Erica Joy

The most exciting part of Silent Disco?? Jake Dukes and Mad Panda repping NYC!! Insane, you need to go and get your tickets ASAP. I wouldn't be surprised if Camp Bisco sold out...

Dear Readers and Camp Bisco Followers

It's almost here! Just about a month away now! Camp Bisco will be my first "official" festival ever, so I'm going to update ya'll on how I'm preparing, what we're going to do while there, and of course have awesome video and photos for you! But before we get into final month madness, a message from Frank Potter, the owner of Indian Lookout Country Club, your Camp Bisco destination.


To our Camp Bisco Friends,

We at ILCC have grown to love hosting all of Camp Bisco's fans, after all these years. We have found all of you to be cooperative in many ways and passionate about the music that draws you here each Summer.

As the weather continues to get nicer, up here in Mariaville, we know that many of you are already making your plans to join us again. This year I'm asking all of you for a little help with my neighbors. I ask that you show them the same respect you've shown us, by not blocking their driveways, not going to the bathroom on their lawns and not throwing your trash on their property. Remember, they help to make Camp Bisco possible- please help us to keep the right to assemble year after year possible.

Thank you for your cooperation and help in respecting the neighbors and property, while you are here at Camp Bisco.

Frank Potter
Owner, ILCC


Mr. Potter is a straight shooter folks, and after opening his land this many years and moving forward, take heed to his word. This will be a wonderful event, and you can help make it great for everyone. Even if they are within a few miles radius! There will be tons of traffic too, which is why they are opening gates earlier! Here's what they posted on the site:

"Beginning at 9pm on Wednesday, July 11, Camp Bisco will officially open the gates to ILCC. Come in, pick your camping spot, get set up and ready for the festivities on Thursday. In addition to opening the gates a day early, we are introducing a few other things to help expedite the entry process, including adding a new gate and doubling our search and ticket lines. Plan on arriving as early as possible to get the best camping spot and ensure you are set up in time to catch all the music! See you in July!"

I can't wait to see this all go down, it's so huge!! With lots more to come, this is the road to Bisco!!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Last-Last Weekend's Adventures (Magik Factory & RAGELAND!)

Playing catch up can be fun, especially if it means reliving my adventures! Last weekend (18th-20th) was one of those adventures! It all started out in Jersey with my Electrik Graffiti peoples. We had to get ready to go to two locations for Friday. We were in New Jersey for Subground Promos Magik Factory and that night was also Kataparti, Biggie Stardust's birthday party!! So we chilled and got everything together for the long days ahead, after all, Magik Factory was an all day event!

Here's to a Great Weekend! By: Triple Threat Productions

I stayed in Jersey with Koyote and Purple Panther for the festival. The day was GORGEOUS outside. The Pavilion in Budd Lake, 75 degrees outside, tents and lots of color and colorful people, all the right ingredients to have an awesome day... minus this being the day all the major festivals hit the NY/NJ area. We're talking EDC and Bonnaroo. Because of the big names in town, many people were not coming out the the underground. Aside from not having a ridiculous number of people come down, the day was awesome. We had the music playing outside for a while, some kandi making, photos (by the awesome guys at Triple Threat Productions), tents, candy and body painting. The people were really awesome and down to earth as well, I must have had eight really meaningful conversations with people... I appreciated that a lot. The music was really good too, there were some DJs there that were spinning some sick tracks. Hopefully next time around this one-day festy will get some more publicity and more people down, everyone there had a blast!

Day two of the weekend included me working a full day and then heading out to what was probably the most visually stimulating party of the year thus far, Rageland! Eddie and Kat (Heart of Brooklyn Tattoo) went all out for the sequel of Adventures to Raveland. I say visually stimulating because the decorations were like none I've ever seen by any "smaller" productions company. We're talking the entire main stage covered in cut sheets and glowing, little kandi trees, digital mapping on the walls by Bluecrash (Do yourself a favor and look him up, Morgan Freeman), Kevin Carpet by the rooftop doorway ("Never a party without him!!" - Maria [Flux]), live painting on canvas and on bodies by Firsty's Visual Paint Experience, the roof had an entire wall covered with projections on it from lasers and all sorts of lights everywhere (all thanks to Audiolust), cutouts all over the walls.... it was all truly an amazing sight to see.

Main Stage By: Blue Raven
Firsty's Visual Paint! By: Blue Raven
Sparkles!! By: Blue Raven

The talent brought in was some of New York's finest playing all sorts of genres. You had hardstyle, elctro, psytrance, house... anything you could think of mixed into the night and people were raging out to it! You had glovers everywhere, people spinning poi and some sick fire poi too. I saw some sick light shows at the Electrik Graffiti tent, I felt like I was a magnet for them. So many new glovers are getting good really fast. It was exciting to see...and made me want to level up too. Also at the tent you had Triple Threat set up taking photos and video, doing what they do best!

Fire!! By: Reptar
On Sir Kevin Carpet By: Reptar
Mufasa and Purple Panther at EG By: Triple Threat Productions
Make your Bacon Dance! By: Triple Threat Productions

It was a great party with some great vibes, everybody was friendly and raging out together, twas truly a great sight to see. I can't wait to see what's next for the owners of Heart of Brooklyn Tattoo!


Magik Factory:
Paus3 - SET
Triple Threat Productions - SET

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