Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New Years Eve Coverage: Lights All Night

Hey guys, it’s Meghan, here to tell you about the three epic days I experienced at Lights All Night. Starting just two years ago in 2010, this EDM fest has tremendously expanded from one single New Years Eve night to three whole days of raging, brought to us by MCP Presents and Highland Entertainment. This year, the Dallas festival switched to a new venue at Fair Park in order to accommodate the massive list of artists. I think I need to begin by recognizing just how killer this lineup was. With a solid mix of mainstream and up and coming DJ’s, some of my favorites include Alvin Risk, Archnemesis, Bassnectar, Diplo, Zeds Dead, Nervo, Cookie Monsta, Griz, Feed Me, and oh so many more. The biggest struggle each day definitely was deciding which stage to attend.

Alvin Risk Photo by Calder Wilson Photography
After seeing a countless number of artists, I have to say the ones who stuck with me the most were Zeds Dead and Bassnectar. Playing back to back at the main stage on Day 2, these two DJ’s absolutely killed it and the light shows were out of this world. As for Bassnectar, his drops were spot on and his energy truly electrified through the crowd.

Photo by Calder Wilson Photography

Having been to my fair share of festivals, the layout of this one really impressed me. There were four stages, each in a large climate controlled tent, with plenty of space for professional dancers, vendors selling cool rave gear, and most importantly, for people to womp around. There were also porter potties in each of the tents (one tent even had a real bathroom) and bars with a lot of drink options and minimal lines. In between the four tents was a DJ car that continually bumped music so there was never a dull moment while walking between sets.

Break Science Photo by: Calder Wilson Photography

Photo by Live Edits Lab
Additionally, the crowd was stellar. Everyone was incredibly friendly and wore awesome rave attire despite the cold temperature. I’m talking colored wigs, spirit hoods, face paint, tutus, prism glasses, fur boots, some incredible hand-made kandi, and anything and everything else you can imagine. One girl in particular wore hand crafted go-go boots covered with flowers and had curly hair filled with flowers glued to bobby pins. She danced around placing the flowers from her hair to the heads of others as if a little fairy was flying around spreading her magic fairy dust.

There were also a lot of talented glovers at the scene with light shows going on everywhere which actually inspired me to get a pair of my own. I bought them on Day 1 allowing me the rest of the three days to learn some moves, make new friends, and give some trippy light shows of my own.

With each year topping the last, this festival is definitely one you don’t want to miss. Peace, love, unity, and respect everyone!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Z-Dar: Mr Bill - Cheyah Remix Contest Presented by Gravitas Recordings)

Whatsup everybody? It's Z here and I've been around the web a little bit lately and I caught wind of none other than Mr. Bill's very own remix contest he has got in collaboration with Gravitas Recordings for the awesome track Chyeah off the Neurovation Compilation. This remix contest in particular is especially interesting as the judges panel is an all star cast. The likes of which include Bil Bless, Gruff, Psymbionic, Great Scott, and Mr. Bill himself. It seems to me to be a more tight knit endeavor than the usual Beatport contest styles and I feel like a lot of awesome tracks will be popping up on account of this. So as per usual, I took some time to go through a bunch of tracks to show you the ones I personally like the most. I'll post links up to where you can find all these songs as well as the rest of the entries.

This one here Is by an artist that calls himself Xuno. It's a romantic bass infused remix that he calls Luxury. It's deep heavy and wet and I love it. Definitely one of the stand out remixes to me.

This next one up is by the California native Illustrated. This one is more on the high end oh things with simplicity without being too similar being its stronger points. the beat change in the end is nice.

This one here is by Hack the System out of Italy. I love this remix it has a very Moomba styled bounce that keeps the song flowing nice. It's very different for a Mr. Bill remix.

This gem is by Rynosaur, and it's a bassed Neurohop remix that doesn't spare on the bass manipulation. It twirls and grinds and it progresses and it's a good track to get things started.

This one here is by Thrilla coming out of the US. It's a simple Glitch Hop remix with enough added to give it a wholly different feel. I enjoy it a lot.

Another Glitch Hop remix coming your way by SugarBeats. It's got a lot more meat to it as far as these remixes go and I like it. I think I'm gonna keep this guy on the radar cause it seems like he's going to get a lot better.

I feel like this remix is totally gonna win. By none other than Haywyre we get the liquid smooth styles of his very well known smooth Dubstep and Jazz stylings with Mr. Bill brand Glitch to make a Glitch Hop outing that shines above the rest. I'm gonna be surprised if this one doesn't win.

As you can see this contest is getting crazy, Both a grand prize winner and a runner up will be chosen to appear on the release, and in addition will receive prizes from SoundCloud, Keith McMillen Instruments, iZotope, and Ableton Liveschool, and all winners will have their track appear on the official remix EP. If you want the original track check HERE and if you wanna check the other entries check HERE. Thanks for tuning in. Lets see who wins shall we?

Love and Light

Friday, January 11, 2013

Clarity Music Video

As one of Zedd's most popular hits of 2012, Clarity finally has a music video to go along with. Filled with impressive settings, an awesome classic car and all the feels of the Foxes, this video is a win. Check it out!!

Also, as an added bonus, here's one of my favorite remixes of the song by Aylen, complete with a download link ;)