Wednesday, December 26, 2012

[re]Blow Your Mind

Hey, wassup it's Wish! About this time last year, I attended my first massive event, Holiday Madness. Showtek was in, there were thousands of people lining the dance floor at Amazura Concert Hall, and everything was just unbelievable. Now, it's time for part two, as Caffeine Entertainment and Epic Entertainment brings us back to the insanity with Holiday Madness 2 [re]gifted, sponsored by Kikwear.

This year the party is back and in the legendary Amazura. Amazura can easily hold thousands of people, and only twice in the past year have I personally seen an event that actually looked full there. One was Bobble Invaders (PLUR Rave Promotions 1st party) and last year's Holiday Madness. This event is stacking up to be in the same boat with 2,000 people rsvp'ed on the main facebook invite. Of course we know not to judge a party by that number, but the higher the attending rate, the more people actually come out. Amazura sports two stages on two floors. The main stage is significantly larger than the upstairs area, being able to fit over 3,000 people without a doubt. Upstairs has a jungle theme going on, along with windows over looking the main floor. The ambiance of the place is surreal when it's filled up.

By: Ronnie C.
What's a party without entertainment?! A long awaited booking has taken place for this party. The legendary DJ Isaac will be returning to New York to spin this party. It's been a while since he was here last, and only got to perform about three minutes of his set (thank you FDNY) at Naughty Neon 2 back in February. So now, at a much larger spot, his appearance will be [re]gifted for everyone to enjoy. If you are not familiar with his music, get on it, the bitches will appreciate it.

The lineup is epic, with city favorites X-Dream and Jen Mas, and Tight Crew's very own DJ Soappy. Making the visuals extra special is Morgan Freeman. Anybody who has been to the club knows what the laser system is like there, so putting one and two together is always epic. If all this wasn't good enough, there going to be a lot more. We're talking body painting, people on stilts walking around, aerialists, a cotton candy and popcorn machine, a kandi station, and even a sexy Santa contest with a $100 prize. This will be a night to remember [or not ;)].

Get your tickets before 2pm on Friday and save five dollars. Use that five dollars to buy your of age friends a drink. This is the most definitely the right way to kick off your partying for New Years weekend!! I'll catch you there, with gloves on and camera in hand. If you see me, say hi!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

New EPIC Collaboration: Griz + Big Gigantic

There is always more music coming out and keeping the sounds we listen to fresh. With so much going on, GRiZ and Big Gigantic just dropped a new track on us that's got the fresh vibes and epicness. The track is called Power and you can download it for free.

We love us some collab and this track is SICK. And soon, you can catch the two power houses performing together on With Bassnectar and Pretty Lights in Virginia, and then on New Years Eve with just Big G and Griz in Chicago.


Big Gigantic (SoundCloud)
Big Gigantic (FaceBook)
Big Gigantic (Twitter)

GRiZ (SoundCloud)
GRiZ (FaceBook)
GRiZ (Twitter)

Monday, December 10, 2012

Adventure Club @ Ampersand: New Orleans SWAG

Hey everybody! It's me, Etan Wish! Last weekend was Wizard World in New Orleans (as well as my birthday weekend!). While in New Orleans, you want to check out the food, the people, the partying... oh the partying! I was checking out what was going on in town that weekend, and one event in particular kept coming up in my searching. Adventure Club. I couldn't have been happier as every time I supposed to experience this Canadian dubstep duo, I was out of town. So here we were, meeting together in the city where life tends to just, happen. And I was about to happen upon my first tiny taste of a deep south party.

By: Mixed Mag
By: Examiner
The concert was being held at a local club called Ampersand. The line outside the place was enormous, in two directions. I did have the chance to get in before the full crowd arrived. The club was not huge, but it did have space. Minus a beam off to the left of the stage, pretty much anywhere you stood on the main floor you could see the stage. There were VIP sections along the sides of the main room, and a small lounge off to back right of the bar. Not to mention the upstairs VIP section which overlooked the main floor. There was also a second room with another stage with a small outdoor smoking section. The second room felt much more relaxed with room to dance than the main floor, but that quickly changed the closer we got to Adventure Club's set.

Beverly Skillz By: Jam Base
Opening act was a dirty trap set by Beverly Skillz. With a name to match her energy and performance, Beverly destroyed the crowd track after track. People were literally "hoofing" (the art of barking, but yelling at the same time) between beats. The sound system was loud, but didn't pierce which was good because I come from all these small concert halls with crappy sound systems and live bands playing on them. The lights on stage were the only electrical visuals, along with gogo dancers on stage. There wasn't a moment of dullness in the crowd throughout Beverly's set. And then the beat dropped.

Adventure Club By: Aaron Gershon
Crowd Energy By: Aaron Gershon
Hovering over the crowd was Christian Srigley saying what's up and ready to drop right into business. At this point the club was at what looked like maximum capacity. It was an amazing site to see the support for AC out here in LA. Every drop was epic, making the crowd jump, bounce, and dance as much as their space allowed for. The laser system was also turned on, and it lit the room up with so much more energy. The vibes were amazing, it felt like everyone was having an amazing time.

Fists Up!! By: Aaron Gershon
Straight Chilling By: Aaron Gershon

The crowd was mixed with ages and people of different walks, but everyone was there to get down. I had the opportunity to meet a whole bunch of really cool people from the area. The gloving there was pretty good too, but there were only a couple out at this event. I can't wait to go and experience the NOLA scene again, and again, and again.

Ampersand Event by: Aaron Gershon - SET

Main Management

Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Z-Dar: Seven Lions Beatport Contest

Hey people! It's Z here with another contest that I could not keep my hands off of. Beatport has another contest up in collaboration with Seven Lions and OWSLA for Seven Lions amazing track Days to Come off the Days to Come EP that was released about a month ago. There has been a ton of artist putting their all into this contest, with tons of amazing new faces and styles that are coming out of the woodwork. The contests keep getting bigger and bigger at Beatport and with the ante so high and the numbers so large you can bet even some familiar faces have followed suit to take a crack at remixing too. With the grand prize being an OWSLA record release, among other goodies, to be in the ranks and likes of Skrillex, Zedd, Porter Robinson, Kill The Noise, and Jack Beats to name a few, you can bet that theres gonna be a lot of gold this time around.

Today at EGP I feel I should give some airtime to the artists and their respected remixes that caught my eye for this contest. I took some time to head over to the Beatport page and listened to an ear numbing amount of remixes about 1300 give or take a couple hundred, picked out a bunch I liked the best and that I feel deserve to win the contest. Due to the sheer number of amazing tracks I found I feel I'm pressed to break my limit this time and give you a lot more tracks than I previously had planned. Keep in mind as with any other contest article that this is all my own opinion, I tried to do this with variety in mind so if anything you know that if you don't like any of the individuals up here you can figure that there's sure to be a bunch out there that you most definitely will like. The winner of this one gets announced January 1st, 2013 so keep your calendars marked to see which one it is.

This one here is by Infrasonix. It has beautiful light jumpy dubstep style to it. It's ridiculously fun and engaging. A surprising remix to come out of this contest I'd say. (VOTE FOR Infrasonix HERE)

This one here is from the Canada native, Cublete. It's got some amazing chillout vibes that this song perfectly melds with. It's relaxing and great if you wanna hear this song in a more vocally pure form. A+ (VOTE FOR Cublete HERE)

This one up here is by OSKR a producer from Britian, and its a sick Electro House remix that you can't help but move to. I wanna hear this dropped somewhere very soon, It's dancy as all hell, an amazing remix in my opinion. (VOTE FOR OSRK HERE)

This next one up is an impressively done light Trap remix by Slander, 7Deadlysynths, and Direwolfe. It's an unexpected remix for a lot of people checking this contest out. Not much people expected a well done trap remix coming out of this song and this one is amazing. I love the way they did it. (VOTE FOR Slander/7Deadlysynths/Direwolf HERE)

This one here is by none other than Singularity, he always seems to find a way to get on this site oddly enough, but this remix is too tight to not feature on this article. It's a great remix and the quality of production is amazing. (VOTE FOR Singularity HERE)

This one here is by Coyote Kisses, a favorite of mine, He took a different approach that most would expect with more of a electronic pop rock kinda feel going on. It works really well and I love it. (VOTE FOR Coyote Kisses HERE)

This next one up is a collaboration between I.Y.F.F.E. and AU5, and it's a heavy as hell banger of a Drumstep song. Its definitely a crowd melter if I ever heard one. Sick bass manipulation thats intense but still fitting into the song without being abrasive. (VOTE FOR I.Y.F.F.E. HERE)

This one is by a duo from Britian that goes by the name Culture Code. The have a very dramatic dubstep rendition that fits the tone of the original. It's very movie-esque and moving, Its a fun song that I know I'm definitely gonna revisit. (VOTE FOR Culture Code HERE)

This one here is by Kicks n Licks from San Diego. It's Melodic all all hell with reverberating bass that penetrates and makes you wanna dance. It's a fun remix, and I like how overblown it is without being overdone. (VOTE FOR Kicks n Licks HERE)


These next few I liked alot but for whatever reason I feel like they didnt beat the rest in the limits I made for myself, so I decided to throw em up here at the end for honors sake. I really do enjoy them though so let this be a sort of shout out to the artists under here.

Line One
TMZ + Janonymous

So that wraps it up this time for my entries on this current contest. If any of you have a Beatport account you can go out and vote on any of these tracks or any others you might find by using their respected Beatport links provided. Hopefully I showed someone something they really enjoy today, and upstarts should really look into these contests they are amazing for anyone looking to get their names out.

Love & Light

Friday, November 16, 2012

The Z-Dar - AU5

Whatsup everybody! Z here once again and I absolutely need to share with you some pure gold I stumbled on to. The man's name is Austin Collins, He is a 20 year old New Jersey native, and alot of you will very soon come to know him as his stage name and current EDM project AU5 [pronounced A-U-5]. The energy flowing off this guy's tracks is something else, and his production is super tight and upper echelon professional for a guy who surprisingly doesn't have a lot of play, but from the quality I'm seeing that's gonna change very soon. He says he made his own genre out of his influences called "trancestep" which includes elements of electro, progressive house, trance, and dubstep and it really shows. The quality of production comes out really nice you'd think he was a veteran and rightfully so as he's been producing and making music since he was only 12 years of age! That's a feat in itself and there are a lot of younger producers out there as of late if anything the phenomenal quality of this is what we should be expecting in the future once a lot of the younger upstarts, start growing into themselves. Anyways, today at EGP I would love to share with you some stand out tracks from the man to show you what he's all about. Check em out!

Hypersphere [Released - Atom Recordings] by Au5 (Official)

This track is called Hypersphere off of AU5's Iconoclast EP released under Atom Recordings, and its an experience. Starting off with cool glitchy tics and nice melodic highs, it instantly gives off a feeling you come to know as original and a good taste test for AU5. it later breaks off into tight percussion accompanied by some sick bass that manages to be heavy as hell without being overwhelming. It's dubstep at some of its highest and melodic, and that isn't a bad thing.

Depths of Ice II [Released - Atom Recordings] by Au5 (Official)

This track is a preview of his track titled Depths of Ice II also off the Iconoclast EP, and this one is more of a good representation off his "trancestep" stylings he seems to be going for. Melodically is very light and airy, very icy feeling, which is funny since I think those instruments he uses were in Ice Cap Zone in Sonic! (No seriously, let me know AU5 I'm curious). Then you get swept under your feet as the crushing bass beams itself in with some awesome sounding bass manipulation. It's a good one, one of those songs where you think it's too early in the morning to be heavy but you want it anyways.

The Essence [Atom Recordings] by Au5 (Official)

This track is a preview of his track titled The Essence, also released under Atom Recordings, and its got an almost heavenly feel to it. The highs are nice and comfortable then it drags you into an almost vertigo inducing drop that melts into mid bass and low end bass. its a beautiful fusion of trance and dubstep and the beat changes are seamless and fit the overall feel of the entire package.

Au5 - Singularity [Preview] by Au5 (Official)

This gem of a track is a preview of his upcoming track titled Singularity. It's his newest production available and it's a sexy beast of a song. Refining the "trancestep" sound to a whole different level. I can't wait for this one to come out the bass is smooth and grinding at the same time, I'm not even sure if thats supposed to be possible, but keep your eyes open on the look out for this one in the future.

There looks like theres gonna be a very bright future in store for AU5, I personally wanna get a chance to check him out live myself. I may look into trying to get him booked onto some NY shows in the future if possible. Keep your eyes peeled for any releases from this man, Theres a new track coming out with Fractal that's an intense trancey drumstep with some killer vibes to it.

Love & Light
Z aka Zodd



Wednesday, November 14, 2012

'Twilight Frequency' a Break Science and Michal Menert FREE Download

Album Art: Nuria Lee

Yup, you read that title right. To celebrate the kick off of their East Coast tour today (starting in South Carolina), Pretty Lights Music recording artists Break Science and Michal Menert released a five track collaborative EP titled Twilight Frequency. Go download this amazing EP for free, and don't forget to say thank you to these wonderful musicians bringing music to the forefront of the Internet and available for everyone.


Here are the tour dates:

Click to expand!!

About the Artists:

Michal Menert:
Colorado-based Michal Menert comes from a complex musical background of playing guitar, keyboards, and dabbling in a variety of other instruments giving him a unique approach to composing his own style. Menert co-produced the debut Pretty Lights album, Taking Up Your Precious Time, released his first solo album, Dreaming of a Bigger Life in the Spring of 2010, and most recently dropped the mega-LP, Even If It Isn’t Right in April 2012. He also performs with Paul Basic under the moniker Half Color. His sound combines obscure vintage samples from both Eastern European and Western vinyl with rich analog synthesis and organic hard hitting beats. It is a fusion of yesterday's elements and tomorrow's ideas.

Break Science:
The Brooklyn based electronic duo, Break Science kick off 2012 with the release of their second EP entitled Monolith Code (Pretty Lights Music). As seasoned producers and touring veterans, Adam Deitch and Borahm Lee have produced and performed with everyone from The Fugees, Wu Tang Clan, and Talib Kweli, to reggae Lee Scratch Perry and Miles Davis collaborator, John Scofield. On Monolith Code, Break Science evokes a wide spectrum of electronic genres filtered through a musician's lens, all while moving people spiritually AND on the dance floor.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

666 Lights' Black Mass & Interview with Mantis (Zodd)

Whatup Everybody? It's Z once again and I'm here to tell you about my time at 666 Lights event that just passed recently called The Black Massive which we totally had to attend to cover and also took the time to preview a bit earlier. It featured acts such as the legendary Airwave, the crushingly awesome Mantis, and the face melting sounds of Jantsen, among amazing others such as Dark Elixir, Druley, Omega, Doctor Voodoo, and It Lives... talk about a serious line-up. We at EGP decided to share with you some of our experiences here and some photos that we got together as well as an exclusive interview with Paul Ollinger from Mantis made possible with the help of 666 Lights and The Artery Foundation.

By: Soley
By: Triple Threat Productions
First I'm gonna have to say the presentation was just amazing, the demonic hell themed party might have seemed almost a little overwhelming at first but it all came together as a fun atmosphere in its own right. The visual thematics were amazingly well represented thanks to lighting artist Morgan Freeman. Visuals of scriptures and cinematics of biblical themes in black and white that were tasteful as well as exciting, they literally covered the entirety of the landscape of the inside of Highline Ballroom. It was a different feel from most NYC parties, it brought a touch of dark unique class to the event.

By: Soley
Airwave set it off with one of the most amazing introductory sequences ever that set the party into motion. Theatrical would be an understatement, as it turned every single head I could notice in the event. Once things got into motion I found myself flowing in the ether just enjoying the emotions Laurent Veronnez projected onto the dance floor. This was real EDM, soul moving trance and progressive that got a lot of people especially a lot of the younger attendees wondering what they had been doing with their tastes for so long.

By: Triple Threat Productions
By: Soley
I have to say though Mantis was my favorite act of the night by far, maybe its just me but I love the style of deathstep that they bring to the table, the death metal influenced structures and crunchy almost alien sounding bass set it off on the dance floor for a while. My good friend Scotty and I couldn't help but dance as he dropped a set that was beyond insane. There were some new songs played that I can't wait to get my hands on. We got a chance to chill out and ask some questions afterwards so take a peek at our exclusive interview with Paul Ollinger from Mantis below.

All the photo links are down below! Make sure you subscribe to the Youtube channel for MOAR great content, as well as the Facebook page to keep in touch!

Electric Ghost Punk: SET
Triple Threat Productions: SET // Video
666 Lights

Friday, November 9, 2012

The Z-Dar: 'In Time' Peace Treaty Remix Contest

Whatup denizens of the Internet. It's Z here and its contest time again. Beatport has a contest up in collaboration with Steve Aoki's DIM MAK Records and Peace Treaty for Peace Treaty's awesome song "In Time" that came out last July. Like clockwork, EDM artists/producers from all over the world started taking the stems they made available to bring a ton of remixes to the net for the contest and for everyone's enjoyment. Events like these are what keep the scene alive and fresh as you can get a lot of content out in a short time and you can really see what makes a musician shine with a good remix to contrast them from others. New faces to keep on the radar is also a great plus too with lots of originality and flare to bring to the table in the ever increasing fields of electronic music.

Today at EGP I feel I should give some airtime to the artists and their respected remixes that caught my eye for this contest. I took some time to head over to the Beatport contest page and listened to an ear numbing amount of remixes, picked out a bunch I liked the best that I feel deserve to win the contest. Keep in mind as with any other contest article that this is all my own opinion, I tried to do this with variety in mind so if anything you know that if you don't like any of the individuals up here you can figure that there's sure to be a bunch out there that you most definitely will like. Keep in mind these are in no specific order at all.


This first one up is an impressive Progressive House remix by Wali Finkbeiner. It's light and airy, one of those songs that just make you feel right with the intense highs. The production on this song is awesome as well and keeps the original feel intact while building on its original emotional content. (VOTE for Wali HERE)

PeaceTreaty-In Time(Kundo Remix) by KundO

This next one up is a dope Drumstep remix by Kundo. It screams catchy and its upbeat stylings are gonna make it a mainstay on my playlist for a while. One of my favorites for this contest in particular. (VOTE for KundO HERE)

PeaceTreaty - In Time ft. Anabel Englund (Exige Remix) ~ Vote on Beatport! by EŃ…ige

This one here is from the Australian native Exige. This one has that extra flair to it, keeping a more whimsical style of Electro House to the contest. It's good and my first listen from this artist. Definitely gonna check the back catalog on this one. (VOTE for Exige HERE)

PeaceTreaty feat. Anabel Englund - In Time (Kynaze Remix) by Kynaze

This one is an interesting one from Kynaze. Its very Electro House, but it has a bassier vibe and structured  like a Dubstep track. It's ear catching and I love it, the vocal effects are awesome and this song out of all I post here, this one is the party banger. (VOTE for Kynaze HERE)

Peacetreaty - In Time (Third Culture Remix) by Third Culture Official

This one is probably the most melodic entry on this article, this cool one up by Third Culture is an amazingly light and airy Progressive House that instantly caught my body in one of emotional overloads you get from a good progressive song. (VOTE for Third Culture HERE)

PeaceTreaty - In Time (Singularity Remix) by Singularity

This last one here is by none other than Singularity. It's a very trance-esque take on Dubstep, its nice with tight production that Singularity is known for. It's an excellent song to chill out to and probably my favorite of this list. (VOTE for Singularity HERE)


These next two I liked a lot but for whatever reason I feel like they didn't beat the rest in the limit I made for myself, so I decided to throw em up here at the end for honors sake. I really do enjoy them though so let this be a sort of shout out to the artists under here.

Volie Joight - REMIX! (Dubstep)
Josh Vega - REMIX! (House)

So that wraps it up this time for my entries on this current contest. If any of you have a Beatport account you can go out and vote on any of these tracks or any others you might find by using their respected Beatport links provided. Hopefully I showed someone something they really enjoy today, and upstarts should really look into these contests they are amazing for anyone looking to get their names out. The winner will be announced on December 11th 2012.

Love & Light

Thursday, November 8, 2012

New York Havest Fest 2012: The Eye’s of a Dirty Kid (By: Stringbean)

This year's 16th Damn Sam’s Harvest Festival was held in beautiful Monticello, NY. After a 2-year hiatus it was questionable if Damn Sam's Harvest Festival was able to keep up with previous festivals. Over 30 amazing musical acts including John Kadlecik of Furthur, Immortal Technique, Viral Sound, Mun, Cosmic Dust Bunnies, Dead Milkmen and many more. Alongside the music, there was also live glass blowing by artists of Last Fair Deal and Jacks House of Glass with some very talented live spray painting by artist of Black Ink. From lighter leashes and gemstones to wonderfully stinky green, this year Damn Sam's Harvest Festival had it all. And did I forget to mention the champion of this year's harvest festival…. You will just have to read the whole article.

Nurture Amazing Nature by: Stringbean
Prepare for Lift-Off by: Stringbean
This Catskill set 4 day festival was very relaxed and accommodating to everybody's festival needs. It was quite a liberating and mind opening experience and the staff and security where more than accommodating. There was a very diverse musical scene there from Grateful Dead cover bands to hip hop to punk and hardcore bands including a fantastic performance by John K guitarist of Furthur. From seasoned tours vets to first rodeo kids, everybody had a ball.

Pound It by: Stringbean
All In A Day's Grow by: Stringbean
One main theme of the Harvest festival is the Harvest of the green plant that can cure cancer, be a competitive alternative to high octane clean burning fuel and be made into clothing, with its new uses growing everyday. This year’s champion of the Damn Sam’s New York Harvest festival was Blue Dream, competing against Tiger Eye. Previous champions from “09” Cinderella and “01”.

Luscious by: Stringbean
Can Someone Please Say Icky Sticky?! by: Stringbean
Winner, Winner, Blue Dream Dinner by: Stringbean

Many other very nice options were around such as Vertigo, Og Sour, and a wonderful treat called Chem Dog. Once you had tried all of the different and amazing strains there was great munchie food, such as deep fried Oreo’s, cheesecake, grilled cheese, chicken fingers, Jerry Rolls and that most badass of breakfast foods, the classic French toast with syrup. Although every time I was on the hunt, it was nowhere to be found.

Oil by: Stringbean
Wax Butter by: Stringbean
This venue was different than your regular festival grounds. Both indoor and outdoor stages for the tunes and a massive amount of vendors with many different wares. The indoor grounds gave people an opportunity to escape when it got slightly rainy and chilly. There's always the badasses that likes to brave the rain and mud. Indoor vendor village was literally hallways and hallways of vendors carrying vast collectibles and necessities. There was even an indoor camping area for the more than urban camper. Everything ran quite smoothly 16 years later showing this festival is going strong.

Thursday, October 25, 2012


Whatsup everyone! It's Z once again, and today I'm sharing with you guys some sick music I've been tuning into for a while now. The London native artist goes by the name of Simone Vallecorsa or his stage name Aeph, and I know a lot of you may have been checking him out for years now since he's been going strong for more than 5 years. His intense bassed-the-hell-out style varies from amazingly uptempo neuro funk styled drum & bass to nicely represented dubstep. I literally listen to him for hours on end personally as his catchy style and forward momentum keep it a mainstay on a lot of my playlists, so today at EGP I decided to throw some tracks up with a few reviews for you all to enjoy.


This first song I'm throwing up named "Savage Jackson" off the Bad Taste Recordings compilation album "Bad Taste Volume 5" is a way beyond sick cerebral bore of creepy upbeat D&B bliss. It's intense sound manipulation mixes really well with its vertigo inducing bass that branches off into highs that sound almost alien in origin. A pure party starting track that's sure to turn heads if you wanna drop it when they least expect it.


This next one up is called "Nightrider" and its a surprising and original styled entry to neuro funk. It has an ear catching high energy 80's styled intro that builds itself into one of the dirtiest drops that almost makes you believe that you got blasted off your feet. It retains an old school 80's synth feel throughout that really makes the song a fusion of old and new to make something so much better. It later goes off around 4:04 mark into a creeping heavy bass riff that gallops the song into such a driving feel that keep you going hard.


This one here is called "Highway Thirteen" and its got such an awesome cinematic feel that really matches the song, kind of what you would imagine would be playing on an intense dirty futuristic Quentin Tarantino movie if he were into this kinda music. It's a song built out of pure adrenaline with creepy atmospheric overtones that break into something memorable, the bass manipulation is top notch here and the highs drive the cinematic feel even more.

AEPH - HOEDOWN (BRD010B) by Aeph

This one "Hoedown" is probably one of the best examples I can give of neuro funk styled D&B. It's intricate as hell and a great party song with breakbeat styled drumming over the usual drum and bass flare. It's got fantastic highs that create a sense of amazement that give a nice dark, but light hearted feel over the bass that create its own rhythms in unison with each other. This is one of those songs you drop in the middle of a set to get everyone going again, a favorite of mine personally.

AEPH - HOLY CALL (BT012B) by Aeph

This last one up "Holy Call" is not for the faint of heart. Don't let its low key quiet minimal intro fool you it's a mind melting demonstration of the skills that Aeph possesses. It's got a lot of variation in structure without making it overwhelming by keeping the beat timing consistent. The way the bass is presented and layered is amazing, and the electro neuro style screams flavor. It's different in an interesting way, something to definitely check out.

Honestly, I can't wait to hear more coming out of Simone Vallecorsa, His already beastly style is something I can see growing into massive proportions. He's got a ton of releases out and I highly recommend getting them as these short previews don't do the total experience justice. Any US promoters should look into this if you wanna get some heads turning, specifically NY promoters cause I would love to be able to catch a show myself once he's around!


Bad Taste Recordings
Diamond Society
Lifted Music