Thursday, October 25, 2012


Whatsup everyone! It's Z once again, and today I'm sharing with you guys some sick music I've been tuning into for a while now. The London native artist goes by the name of Simone Vallecorsa or his stage name Aeph, and I know a lot of you may have been checking him out for years now since he's been going strong for more than 5 years. His intense bassed-the-hell-out style varies from amazingly uptempo neuro funk styled drum & bass to nicely represented dubstep. I literally listen to him for hours on end personally as his catchy style and forward momentum keep it a mainstay on a lot of my playlists, so today at EGP I decided to throw some tracks up with a few reviews for you all to enjoy.


This first song I'm throwing up named "Savage Jackson" off the Bad Taste Recordings compilation album "Bad Taste Volume 5" is a way beyond sick cerebral bore of creepy upbeat D&B bliss. It's intense sound manipulation mixes really well with its vertigo inducing bass that branches off into highs that sound almost alien in origin. A pure party starting track that's sure to turn heads if you wanna drop it when they least expect it.


This next one up is called "Nightrider" and its a surprising and original styled entry to neuro funk. It has an ear catching high energy 80's styled intro that builds itself into one of the dirtiest drops that almost makes you believe that you got blasted off your feet. It retains an old school 80's synth feel throughout that really makes the song a fusion of old and new to make something so much better. It later goes off around 4:04 mark into a creeping heavy bass riff that gallops the song into such a driving feel that keep you going hard.


This one here is called "Highway Thirteen" and its got such an awesome cinematic feel that really matches the song, kind of what you would imagine would be playing on an intense dirty futuristic Quentin Tarantino movie if he were into this kinda music. It's a song built out of pure adrenaline with creepy atmospheric overtones that break into something memorable, the bass manipulation is top notch here and the highs drive the cinematic feel even more.

AEPH - HOEDOWN (BRD010B) by Aeph

This one "Hoedown" is probably one of the best examples I can give of neuro funk styled D&B. It's intricate as hell and a great party song with breakbeat styled drumming over the usual drum and bass flare. It's got fantastic highs that create a sense of amazement that give a nice dark, but light hearted feel over the bass that create its own rhythms in unison with each other. This is one of those songs you drop in the middle of a set to get everyone going again, a favorite of mine personally.

AEPH - HOLY CALL (BT012B) by Aeph

This last one up "Holy Call" is not for the faint of heart. Don't let its low key quiet minimal intro fool you it's a mind melting demonstration of the skills that Aeph possesses. It's got a lot of variation in structure without making it overwhelming by keeping the beat timing consistent. The way the bass is presented and layered is amazing, and the electro neuro style screams flavor. It's different in an interesting way, something to definitely check out.

Honestly, I can't wait to hear more coming out of Simone Vallecorsa, His already beastly style is something I can see growing into massive proportions. He's got a ton of releases out and I highly recommend getting them as these short previews don't do the total experience justice. Any US promoters should look into this if you wanna get some heads turning, specifically NY promoters cause I would love to be able to catch a show myself once he's around!


Bad Taste Recordings
Diamond Society
Lifted Music

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Catskill Chill 2012: Exclusive with Break Science (EGP Festival Watch 2012)

Sup everybody? Wish yonder! Not even a full week after EvolveFest was the next stop on our festival tour, Catskill Chill. The Chill took us up north into the Catskill Mountains in New York. Placed in a quaint and quiet camp ground, this festival felt more intimate than any of the other one's we've been to prior. As the festival moved forward, the Electric Ghost Punk team had some of the most memorable moments and eye opening experiences than ever before. And it was all thanks to the team over at Velour Music, Brotherly Love Productions, the team at Catskill Chill, and of course, Break Science.

Before you continue, relax, push the play button, and carry on.

Website by Break Science

The following is what went down at Catskill Chill.

Although not the biggest music festival we were attending (just around 5,000 people), all the EGPunks were very excited to be going to this event. It was the first time the main players would all be together in one place, and to top that off, I was getting to meet Brower for the first time as well.. Me and Fitz had headed there together, while Zodd and Brower came separately. This allowed us to settle in and figure out where we wanted to set up shop. After all Fitz has his ENO hammocks and it's always nice to find a relaxing area to set them up and catch some sleep or hang out. After walking around a bit with nothing but our backpacks on we sat down on a small hill overlooking a lake. As we sat there, I began to write a bunch of notes on who we wanted to see, and a basic game plan for the day. A few people came up to us just say hi and introduce themselves, the breeze was cool, and the scenery was perfect. It was "chill", and perfectly so.

As the day kept flying by, and there was no word on Zodd or Brower, so me and Fitz decided to go and check out the music as it began. After walking through the main camp grounds, there was a check point to approach the stages. It was past here where the stages were set up, as well as the main vending area. These grounds provided a central meeting area for people to eat, smoke hookah, enjoy music and be centralized to the middle of what's going on. After this first day of interaction with so many amazing people, my entire weekend had been put into motion to meet and connect with so many talented, intelligent, creative people.

Essentially, that's how The Chill felt. It was a small community, all surrounding the love of music, and how we all communicate with it. After watching Lettuce from the side stage and coming back with them afterwards,  the band took a seat at the green room house. Even Adam Deitch was saying "I wish I could continue playing... I don't want to stop the music". If a drum set had been handy you can bet Deitch would jump right on it.

Fitz with Adam Deitch
Vernon Webb Photography
We actually had the opportunity to sit down with Adam to talk about his projects. He has been the drummer for Lettuce for many years, and like other members of the band (Kraz) he has a side project that's been popping for a couple of years now, Break Science. Currently releasing music under Pretty Lights Music, Adam and partner Borahm Lee break it down for you. Their live performance is so ridiculous. People in the crowd go nuts, with the beats breaking down from effervescent flows, to funky glitchy beats, right back down to the flow again. It kinda felt like the room went from jumping dance party to very sexy party in the drop of a beat.

Here's what down in the interview: (Push Paus3 above, and play below ;)

A few hour after that interview is when they went on, and they tore the house down. The set was intense, and ultimately packed out the stage area so much it spilled out into the common grounds. It was glorious. There were multiple sets that went down that weekend that I consider some of my personal favorites and bests. With so much talent, it only made sense they'd all bring it. The soul, the funk, the jam, and the heart pounding beats...

McLovins by Zodd
Crowd for SoulLive by Wish
Break Science by Zodd
And when you weren't checking out the music at one of the three stages, you could be eating some bbq, or some fresh oysters (might just be my favorite person ever), or hanging out by the lake, meeting new people, buying new wares, exchanging ideas, learning about crystals and healing... the list goes on. The point is, between seeing amazing talent like Break Science, The McLovins, SoulLive, Lettuce, Horizon Wireless... among many more, meeting all the incredible people from all over the world, and feeling at home every night wrapped up in a hammock or cuddled with my friends. If you didn't know, now you know. Catskill Chill is where you want to be.

Electric Ghost Punk: Zodd's Album // Pictorial Walkthrough
Vernon Webb: Day 1 // Day 2 // Day 3
Allie Gangi Photography: All of This

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Glover's Spotlight: Karma

We're bringing back the Glover's Spotlight, and this time, we're heading up north to MA, to speak with a talented glover with a fantastic outlook on what he does. Introducing, Karma.

What's up man?! Introduce yourself... What glover name do you go by and where did it come from?

What’s up Wish, in my daily life I go by my real name Mike but when the gloves get pulled on tight and the lights get turned on, I go by my glover name Karma. I’ve always been a believer in karma which in religions is the basic concept of an “action” or “deed” causing the cycle of cause and effect. When karma comes back around and bites you in the ass it hurts, so I try to make the right choices and stay true to myself to avoid it sneaking up on me.

How did you find out about gloving? 

I first found out about gloving in early 2011 when I went back to California to visit family and friends. I was at my friend Zach’s house and I remember him saying to me “I’m going to melt your face and mind by giving you a lightshow.” I was so hypnotized by the beautiful colors and this effortless flow he had... it took me a solid minute to pick my face up off the floor. He taught me a few basics like finger rolls, but I didn’t really get that into it until Camp Bisco 11. Since Camp Bisco I haven’t been able to stop learning new concepts therefore developing my own style.

Frank Dixon Photography

What got you to put on your first pair?

It was at Bisco where I got my first pair. Bought them from you Wish! At the booth you were working at (Electrik Graffiti)! I didn’t care what colors they were or how much I just wanted them. Once I had them I couldn’t take them off. Until I had to take them off and ended up losing them. Here's karma for you... a funny story. I recently became friends with a girl named Mia who also went to Bisco and found a pair of gloves that were the same kind as mine. If it just so happens they are mine, I'm glad they ended up in good hands, because she’s nasty at gloving.

Let's talk a little about the North Eastern scene. Everyone knows a Tight Crew party is what's up, but give everyone a little insight to what the people are like.

If you live in the North East and go to events frequently you have definitely heard and most likely attended a Tight Crew party. Everybody on that crew is wicked nice and kind hearted people who just want to have a good time with other good people. Ill definitely be attending their next event in Providence, Rhode Island “ Creatures of the Night 4.” I've noticed that its only at the Paladium that you get mostly bros and girls who want to show off their neon clothes. Events by Northern Lights, Mutiny, The White Rabbit... all of those events you get the nicest, most out-going, and caring people

What's the average reception of a glover in Massachusetts?

It really depends on where you go. For instance if you go to Throwed in Boston you don’t really get the best reception. I’ve actually been told by one of the guys that gloving has too much rave affiliation with it and that I should put them away. But at other places like RISE or the Palladium in Worcester people come up to me all the time asking nicely for a lightshow and there are always other glovers to trade with and learn new concepts from.

Tell us a bit about your team.

Well I have a gloving team and a gloving family. My gloving family is Northern Lights, its honestly the best gloving community there is. Everyone considers you family and they all just want to help one another grow as individuals and glovers. Someone is always willing to take the time to answer a question you have or show you some moves. I’m also part of the gloving team [CB] Cloud Busters headed by my friend in California Zach. We’ve been around for about a month now and I think having part of the crew in CA and the other part here in the east coast allows for not only recognition but also many different styles of gloving.

Dave Yang

How would you describe your gloving style. Are there certain moves you prefer to use in your shows?

I’d say my gloving style works best for trance type songs. I’ve spent a lot of hours developing a nice smooth liquid flow while at the same time incorporating mellow tunnels/whips and other rolls. For the most part I like to freestyle every show I give but I definitely have a few moves that I try to toss in at certain parts to make the viewer's jaw drop.

Awesome man, do you think that gloving has changed you at all?

Gloving has definitely changed me. I think it’s taught me about dedication, patience and has opened my eyes to new mediums for art. My finger dexterity has improved so much from the day I started gloving to now, I can bend my pinkies down while keeping my other fingers straight up!!!

I've got one last question for you I'm sure we're all dying to know: who do you look up to? Are there any Glovers that you try to learn from or influence you?

My favorite glover is Stunna from Team ayo? I love is style and musicality. Most of my influence comes from videos by team ayo? Or [PM]. If you ever watched a video of Fry… he’s beyond creative with his style and his moves, I have a lot of respect for how original he is.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Most Anticipated Rave - Power Ravers 2: Rise Of The Dragonzord

Wassup ya'll it's Wish. I'm here to tell you where you want to be in NYC on Friday night. Consider this as an informative article if you have no clue about the New York rave scene and what you want to do with your Friday, October 19th, night. I'm not telling you where to be, but you won't want to be elsewhere. This is going to be the ultimate 90s themed party, Power Ravers 2: Rise of the Dragonzord. Click play on this and read on.


Before we get into the music playing right now, let's take a look at the the people throwing this party. [Space]Flux Productions, an awesome group of driven and motivated young adults that want to bring you the best party experience based on how they know you would enjoy a party. They focus on really pulled into a theme through decoration and energy. My first event was the precursor to this one, Power Ravers.

My First "After Shot" by: Ronnie C.

The headliners have been announced for some time now, and the 15$ pre-sale (which is sold out) was totally worth it. You were getting to see Kraddy, Static Groove, Mux Mool, X-Dream, and just announced earlier today, Dysphemic and Miss Eliza.

Now Fitz has been telling us about Dysphemic and Miss Eliza, showing the difference between the two as a duo and Dysphemic solo. Originating from Australia, they had just begun their first ever North American tour, and they are making a stop here on Friday night. Check out some of their stuff, you'll likey.

This is a night that won't come around often in this fashion.

It's sure to be a good time with Morgan Freeman putting his work in, Paradox Productions, Red Balloon GoGo, raffles, Power Ranger Costume Contest... there's a lot going on and a great environment to experience it in. This is set up to be the party. With the night coming up, now is the time to get your tickets and save a few dollars for the train. Find your tickets HERE! Also, anyone with a birthday on October 19 or 20th gets in free (with valid ID).

Monday, October 1, 2012

2012 Festival Tour: EvolveFest - Open Mind

Wassup ya'll, Wish[Paus3] here! A few weeks ago we were telling you about a yoga-arts-music festival in New Jersey called EvolveFest. Being a few years in existence already, this festival has a nice following, and the following is full of open minded, spiritual, and quite flexible people. It was here that the community aspect I always talk about really came to light, this festy really hit home for me.

When we first pulled up to the festival grounds, you could see the camp sites already popping up from the main road. Last year we heard it was at another more secluded location, so The Warren County Fairgrounds was a new spot for all the return Evolvers. It was a cozy size with multiple stages and locations for workshops. Everything was nicely set up, with the majority of campers set up in a field, a vendors' row, and more places to explore such as where the Green Bus was parked and the old barn houses.

This festival is known for it's yoga workshops and spiritual lifestyle attraction. It was interesting to see the combination of EDM and this part of the community. The music was diverse, featuring some awesome talent that really blew us away. We checked out Karmic Juggernaut, Telesma, Consider the Source, and Mercury Landing... just to name a few. The music wasn't only on stages, it was pretty much everywhere you walked. There were drum circles in the fields throughout the day and around bonfires at night. Guitars, didgeridoos, drums and other percussion instruments were no strangers to the festival grounds. Everywhere we walked there were different sounds and music playing.

Karmic Juggernaut

Mercury Landing


Now the main reason I fell in love with this festival was how open people were. The sharing of energy, conversation, knowledge... it was truly awesome how close I felt to everyone. It was easy to walk up to any tent, hammock, workshop, vendor, really anybody at all and start talking. As we spoke to more people, we created many connections. I mean, the ability to get over initial judgements and see people for who they were was extremely refreshing. Zodd and I met healers, yoga teachers, musicians, promoters, dancers, singers, bakers, artists... all these different people with different skills and life experiences. It was pretty awesome to hear everyone's stories in this wholesome environment.

This was a first for us and 100% not the last. To be able to connect with our friends the way we did and meet and connect with so many other people was truly a beautiful thing. Check out the pictures on our Facebook, and see all of them fly by in our Pictorial Walkthrough's and even this crazy drink called AhhMigo, check it out below.


Wish's Album
Zodd's Album

Z-Dar: Alpha Data's Newest Release "I Am The One Who Knocks"

Woah, Literally that is all I can say at Alpha Data, new melodical onslaught of an EP release that had just dropped hot off the internet presses earlier this month. "I Am the One Who Knocks", contains four new banging tracks from the man, James Ristvedt. I was blown away at the releases intensity and the direction he's going in is a lot more consise composition wise and his production style on this end is getting alot more varied as it seems he is flexing his new skills in all directions, using new samples, meatier melodies, and more distinct drum play that is evolving the Alpha Data sound we all knew and loved into something a lot more substantial and long lasting than his previous efforts. He has been pouring his all into the Glitch Hop scene as of late with frequent releases all over the community such as his new remix of Madeon's Icarus, and his remix of Papa Skunk's Loud Noises. So in honor of the hard work he's been putting out lately here at EGP I feel a review of his most recent release track by track is in order. You can catch the EP and his other releases at his Facebook or Soundcloud, but for now check it out here and read the reviews!"Are You Watching Closely" is the first track off the new release that does well to introduce you to his newer more refined stylings starting off with a lighter melody that eases you into a comforting space. Don't let that fool you its hard without being heavy, making a dense entry into his catalogue that you can drop without being in full blown banger

Alpha Data - Challenge Accepted (Original Mix) by Alpha Data

"Challenge Accepted" is a fitting drop in from the last track that does not disappoint that whole need for the bass intensive banger if the last track kept you at a standstill. Lighter on his melody play that he's well known for its more of melody disguised under bass and drum play that is more pure Glitch Hop than most of what he's done thus far. 

Alpha Data - I Am The One Who Knocks (Original Mix) by Alpha Data
"I Am The One Who Knocks" [Shoutouts to Walter White the OG Breaking Bad(ass)] is the album title track and going by the name fitting enough its the most badass song on the release.It's my personal favorite of the four it's the one that shows the most that Alpha Data has been up to progression wise. It has some of the catchiest melody and sickest drum play I have heard in a while with distant melodies that mix together well with the upfront melodies that make a surrealistic head space environment that definitely catches eyes.

Alpha Data - See Ya In Another Life, Brotha (Original Mix) by Alpha Data

"See Ya In Another Life, Brotha" is the final track on the release that ties it all together with an airy vibe that shows his more reserved side, with a more melody intensive synth play and pianos that is fitting for an end credits on a touching movie. its one of the best songs I've heard in a while and far outstretches the confines of the word EDM. It proves Alpha Data's musicianship beyond EDM and is a promising end for the release as if this is any indication he will do more in the future with his skills beyond what we have known already than you can count me and thoroughly excited for any future releases.