Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Music Festival Watch 2012: CounterPoint: Whatever Fitz - by Fitz

What's up guys, it's Fitz. We're a few days away from hitting up CounterPoint Music Festival in Atlanta, GA, this weekend and we're super excited to say the least. I've been passing the time listening to some new music and starting to plan out my weekend, because when you go to a festival with a lineup as crazy as this one you're going to need some prep-time if you want to miss as little as possible.

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Thusday is a smaller day when looking at the rest of the festival, but of course CounterPoint cant let you have an easy time choosing between ten acts on two stages. Personally I plan on starting the day off with Nobody Beats The Drum at 6:15 in the evening, followed by Adventure Club at 7:15. My prediction is after that set my night is going to have alot of running cause I want to catch all of the following sets. 8:45 gives you the choice between Run Dmt's heavy hitting psychedelic dub or Beats Antique's unique mix of world music and electronica. The real choice is between Colorado's best saxophone infused electronica with Big Gigantic, or check out Up Until Now, who brings a jamband sensibility to the world of electronic music, and are playing with STS9's David Murphy. Then I'm going to try and split time wisely there, but I wouldn't doubt Dom and Jeremy trapping me over at the beat tent.

Pretty Lights
Adventure Club
Friday is when the festival really starts to come alive as 32 acts come on the four stages. The day looks like its starting with Dr. Fameus, who you may remember as the drummer from the Disco Biscuits at 2:45 in the afternoon on the Blackbeat Stage. ill probably then make my way over to new york rapper Theophilous London before chilling out with chillwave artist Washed Out. after that things seem to be getting a little tight as im trying to catch Mimosa, Tokimonsta and Atmosphere all within an hour and a half, before turning down Crystal Castles and heading over to Archnemesis, which is quickly becoming one of my most anticipated sets and a good way to start off the craziness of friday night. 7:30 youll find me at Feed Me, rocking out to his high energy electro before letting Excision drop one of the most agressive sets of the weekend, with his signiture brand of  heavy metal influenced dubstep, but be wary because youre going to need your energy to make it back over to the point stage for the king of festival dubstep, Bassnectar then I hope I have enough energy to make it to R3hab and A-trak afterwards before preparing for Saturday's non-stop party

Com Truise starts things off early in the afternoon at 12:30, but come 1:15 your going to have  to choose between jam and electronica heavyweights Zoogma, the heavy hitting deathstep duo Mantis, and trap superstar and ATL native Herobust. Whatever time you have after, enjoy, that because your going to be hard pressed to find time to stand still after 3:30 because saturdays lineup is packed. 3:45 brings you Paper Diamond followed by 12th Planet at the Beat Stage, while Toro Y Moi rocks the Counterpoint Main Stage. Emancipator will tear it up at 5 at the Blackbeat and half of ATL's own outkast, Big Boi on the Point Stage. Conspirator starts at 6, and though I'll be jamming hard for the first half hour, im going to have to move over to the Blackbeat for the Pretty Lights Music showcase (minus Elliot Lipp and Break Science) and Paul Basic at 6:15 and will probably stay there through Supervision, Michal Menert and Gramatik. though you may want to go check out such massive names as Steve Angello, Zeds Dead, Lotus, or Skrillex, i dont think i can turn down six hours of pretty lights music, because come 10:15 Pretty Lights brings counterpoint to its climax. Seeing 20,000+ people groove to such funky futuristic bass mixed with just about any style of music you can think of at summer camp and electric zoo are some of my favorite memories of the summer and I can't wait to be there again. If pretty lights isnt your scene, Porter Robinson and The M Machine are on call at the other end of the park to keep you moving until the late night sets start, but no matter what makes you move, you'll find something Saturday night. Ghostland Observatory and Laidback Luke keep things grooving on the beat stage while Alvin Risk and Zedd end the weekend with a bang of high energy electrohouse.

So that's what my music schedule is looking like two days before the festi. There's sure to so much to do on the festival grounds. I can't even begin to cover all the vendors, the forest, and the potential surprises around every corner. Make your schedule, get a good nights rest and come say hi in Georgia. You can follow us a little moar on Twitter/Facebook @EGPunkOfficial/ElectricGhostPunk!!

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Catskill Chill 2012: Photos Galore!

As we finish preparing our coverage from Catskill Chill 2012, here's the photos we got from the weekend, all taken by the awesome Zodd!

Horizon Wireless

The McLovins

Crowds Were Always Stocked!

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Keep your eyes out, interview with Adam Deitch and Catskill Chill 2012 coverage coming your way!!

Fitz and Adam Deitch

Monday, September 24, 2012

Music We're Listening To (This Week: 9/24/2012)

Notice on the right over there, you got some music you can check out! It's always changing, and this is what's new this week!

This week Wish[Paus3] is checking out Pretty Lights Music. Being that Fitz and Zodd are going to be at CounterPoint Music Festival, they will be checking out almost the entire roster of Pretty Lights Music... Wish[Paus3] will not. So instead, he's banging out some beats imagining how amazing their shows are going to be.

Zodd's chiming into Australia with with some music from Mr. Bill! This is some sick stuff, if you haven't listened to any Bill, it's your chance to evolve your earbuds to a whole new level.

PUSH PLAY >>>>>>>>> Sit back, relax, enjoy!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

NYC Weekend Party Watch (this week) - 666 Lights' Black Mass

What are you doing this weekend? If you're in New York and don't have any plans yet, you've come to the right place, because no matter what your into this weekend there is huge shows which you don't want to miss out on. if you're into hard dubstep, 666 Lights' Black Massive is the party for you.

Insane lineup with producers that have yet to step foot into NYC, you'll be jamming out with Airwave, Mantis and Jantsen. The spot is none other than the Highline Ballroom. With this amazing musical talent mixed with the theme of all things evil and dark, this is the perfect fall party!

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Z-Dar - Singularity (artist/music review)

Whatsup everybody? Z here once again and I'm coming to you to share with you Singularity. he is an artist that's been on the radar  as an up an coming producer from the states for quite some time and as a personal favorite I've wanted to cover for a while now. So due to his plethora of new tracks off his Breathe EP (free download!), I figured what better time than now? He has a style that is very precise on his productions, it have remnants of chip tune sensibilities that stand out well with tight production quality and crunchy rhythms that melt together amazingly as stand alone melodies that give a sound that boarders somewhere between Gameboy and alien crystalline planet. So today all you EGPunks, I'm gonna give an artist overview to the LA native Singularity, and play you some tracks from the new EP as well as some of my favorites from the back catalog.

Singularity - Fracture *FREE DOWNLOAD* by Singularity

Fracture is one of Singularity's newer tracks, taken off the Breathe EP. It's definitely one of the more interesting takes on a Glitch-Hop ensemble, with catchy rhythms overlaying the whole piece and drops that are on the less abrasive side that come elegantly after melted interludes. The arranging is top notch and the tight synth work that Singularity is quickly making a name for himself with is more apparent than ever.

Singularity - Crave *FREE DOWNLOAD* by Singularity

Crave is an amazing piece of art. It's melody instantly drags you into a comforting space with a electro vibe that has a lot to be admired. It's clean drum play has some real staying power keeping the overall flow of the track going well and the vibe high as hell. If that's not enough, it then smacks you in the face with some impressive vocal work that is consistent enough to be a feature but not done too long and frequent to take away from the actual song structure itself and to top it off it was done by Singularity himself. Multi faceted and talented in all fields I hope to hear more all encompassing work by the man In the future.

Singularity- Pulse *FREE DOWNLOAD* by Singularity

Pulse is a more reserved entry ensemble wise as it keeps to the tried and true dubstep formula, but don't let that fool you one bit. It's impressively done. It keeps a more airy vibe throughout and just lets the drums carry it through for most of the way giving a more Trance-esque feel that breaks off into a more liquidy breakbeat/drum and bass motif before it drops into a glitchy, crunchy, all around fun before bering it back to that trance feel you got comfortable with before. Not a party song by any means but one of his best chillout songs to date.

Singularity - Breathe (Feat. Steffi Nguyen) *FREE DOWNLOAD* by Singularity

Breathe, if you hadn't already figured out, is the title track to the newest EP, featuring vocals by none other than Steffi Nguyen who Singularity has used before on his song Fade. It's probably the most varied out of all the tracks on Breathe with super tight production quality and drum play that gets the intensity without breaking the overall chillout vibes from the beginning that are only intensified by the vocal, until it drops abruptly turning it into the banger you wouldn't immediately notice. Deserving of being the title track as I see it incorporates a lot of the skills from the previously featured tracks melded together in a way that gives it a stand alone feel.

Singularity - Earthbound (Original Mix) * OUT NOW ON ITUNES* by Singularity

This one off Singularity's back catalogue released about a half a year back is called Earthbound, It has a jumpy Glitch-Hop feel that keeps you dancing. It presumably features vocals by Singularity himself, It hasn't been made official but it sounds exactly like the person who does Crave which Singularity came out and said he did himself. It has more a video game chip tune feel to the entire thing that is done tastefully without being annoying, and the Mario jump is a fun touch.

Singularity - Nanox (Original Mix) *OUT NOW ON BEATPORT* by Singularity

Nanox is another one off the back catalog that was released a little more than a half year ago. It's one of the most cliff diving vertigo inducing tracks Ive heard in Glitch-Hop history. It bring euphoria whenever it kicks into overdrive from one modest end of the EDM spectrum till it soars into space with an impressive melody that glitches itself into percussion, and the only way that makes any sense is if you check it out yourself.  Finding impressive ways to be hard hitting as the best of them without being heavy to the point of being generic and abrasive.

Singularity is definitely one to keep on the radar, hopefully someone books him in NY or tries to get him on a few festivals that I could take the time to check out because I'm interested in seeing how he can do live sets. His sound is original to him as not much people in the same fields of genres take their time to cultivate a distinct difference in sounds that they can call their own so to see that progress further and taken into the live music territory would be nice. Any promoters who check our site out and I know there are a good number of you can make that happen, but for now go to his website and check out the new Breathe EP along with other music.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Heading Upstate to Chill: Catskill Chill

This summer has been chock full of amazing parties, festivals, gatherings, and just all around good times! Most of it was spent jumping to a constant flow loud and bass heavy EDM, but we like to sit back, relax, and let the waves of musical genius flow over our bodies, lifting our souls and bringing us closer to that feeling of "everything feels just right". It might be jamming, jazz, soul, funk, or even the blues, we love it all. If you like that feeling and diverse music, you want to be at Catskill Chill.

Chilling Lights
Deep in the Catskill Mountains in Hancock, the is a beautiful place called Camp Minglewood. For the third year now, Catskill Chill will be three full days of diverse music on three stages, camping and hanging out with friends. Did I mention the camping is free? Yup! You don't have to pay for that, unless you bought an RV spot or cabin.

Chilling Camp
The lineup is great and full of different genres. We're talking Conspitator, Dopapod, Zoogma, EOTO, Consider the Source, Break Science, Fikus, Lotus, and so many more! Within the lineup there is a lot less bassy hard-hitting music and more flow, rock, and jamming.

There will also be a bunch of activities to get involved in! There will be yoga Saturday and Sunday mornings, open mic times, and some unscheduled surprises only you will find! The ticket price is VERY affordable for what you get, we're talking $125 now, and $145 at the gate. So what are you waiting for?! Get up to the mountains, and enjoy the end of your summer chilling.

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CounterPoint Music Festival: Artistically Speaking

With CounterPoint Music Festival pretty much right around the corner, we here at EGP are getting excited for all the amazing news coming out on the event. So far, the lineup has been released, a college fan contest is running,  and now a little more information about the artistic side is coming to light.

Geometrical Imaginative Insanity...<3

MCP has partnered with the amazing artist, Greg Mike, to organize a group of artists to participate in the weekend-long live action Visual Arts Installation. These artists will cumulatively cover over 1600 sq. feet of space created what could possibly be the craziest mural seen to date!

LAmour Supreme

Greg is the founder and Creative Director of ABV, Atlanta's contemporary art gallery and creative agency known for its focus on street art and pop surrealism. And get the rest of this lineup, from straight off of CounterPoint's page, "[Greg] will share the spotlight with the likes of Aaron Crawford, Brandon Sadler, LAmour Supreme, PLF, Sam Parker, Skinner, Trey Moseley, Will Mitchell and, the man - the myth - THE Wolfdog." This is an awesome way to get different types of art involved in relative and unique ways, especially at what looks to be the biggest and kickass festival of the summer! Just take a look at this lineup!!

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