Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Hudson Music Project Full Lineup Announced!

The Hudson Music Project is just over a month away, and the full lineup has just been released today. Here's what that full lineup looks like:

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Now, not only is this an eclectic lineup, but it has a lot of people online asking the question, who? A lot of these names are very well known, but others have not necessarily gained that type of hype. So to help all you folks expand your musical horizons, let's choose a few of these "mysterious" artists on the lineup and introduce you to their tunes, starting with a few now, a few later...let's not overload your brains with too much awesome all at once!!

Off today's announcement, let's get a little funky, a little soulful, and a whole lot of hip-hoping. Here's some styling from Woody's Produce.

Another newly introduced artist will help you blast off into space with his interstellar feel, here's Moon Boots!

One of our local favorites, bringing funk, soul and jazz back to the forefront of our attentions, Exmag will be taking the stage. Cannot wait to join the Lowtemp family at his set!!

Speaking about the funk, we are so ready to get down with The Floozies! There is no way to now feel good when jamming out to their tracks!!

You can enjoy these artists for now, and we will share more as we creep on closer to the show. This is turning out to be the summer of The Hudson for sure. There's rock, funk, soul, hip-hop, dubstep, house...everything will pretty much be represented there. With four stages and an expectation of 20,000 people, this will be one hell of a weekend to remember... or forget...depending on how you do ;)

Get your tickets HERE: 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Tauk: Burning Rubber and Blazing Trails

For anyone that follows festival lineups, you know there are a few names you see popping up all over at different festies. This year while on your own festival experiences there is one band we highly recommend to check out, Tauk.

This band has been around for a while, and in the past couple years they have been making waves across the country with their music. Their most recent achievements include frequent airplay of their single "Dead Signal" on Sirius XM Jam On, winning Relix Magazine's 'On The Verge' poll, preparing the release of their second full length album for this summer (with Grammy-Winning Producer Robert Carranza [Mars Volta, Jack Johnson]), and being signed onto 16 festivals throughout a full tour the started in April to last through September.

Here's a list of all their upcoming tour dates:

May 16 - Covington, KY @ Cosmo's Grille Pub w/ Aqueous
May 17 - Indianapolis, IN @ The Mousetrap w/ Aqueous
May 21 - Charlottesville, VA @ The Southern w/ DJ Williams Projekt
May 22 - Richmond, VA @ The Camel w/ DJ Williams Projekt
May 23 - High Point, NC @ Blue Burbon Jacks w/ ESP
May 24 - Asheville, NC @ Asheville Music Hall w/ Nomadic
May 25 - Knoxville, TN @ The Bowery
May 30 - Terra Alta, WV @ Domefest
May 31 - Blackstock, SC @ Blackstock Music Festival
June 7 - Asheville, NC @ All Go West Music Festival
Jun 19-20 - Hedgesville, WV @ Mad Tea Party Jam Festival
Jun 27 - Prospect Hill, SC @ The Big What? Music Festival
Jul 5 - Terra Alta, WV @ Under The Stars Festival
Jul 11 - Saugerties, New York @ Hudson Music Project
Jul 12 - Berryville, VA @ Pasture Palooza Music & Arts Festival
Jul 24 - Charlotte, NC @ White Water Center
Jul 25 - 26 - Floyd, VA @ Floyd Fest
Aug 9 - Luray, VA @ Doah Fest
Aug 14 - Abingdon, VA @ Abingdon Music Experience
Aug 21 - Bartow, WV @ Camp Barefoot
Sept 12 - Rock Camp, WV @ Pink Moon Festival

That's one hell of a tour. Another recent accomplishment would definitely include the over 50,000 hits on their cover of the Beatles' I Want You (She's So Heavy). We actually go to see them do this live at Peach Festival last year, and it was amazing to witness. Check it out here:

So while your out there tour and checking out new music, make sure you have Tauk on your mind. 


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Interview: Morgan Freeman (Bluecrash)

Back in February, I was given the opportunity to sit down with an amazing artist. He has worked in many different fields in the professional world, and is now settled into a position of visual artist, his main role being the resident VJ at Marquee, one of NYC's hottest night clubs, as well working at different corporate events and national acts such as Knife Party and Erykah Badu. He is a photo journalist, techy, humanitarian and all around great guy. His name is Morgan Freeman also known as Bluecrash. This was a interview was originally video recorded.

Etan Wish: I have a very special and awesome interview for you today. I am sitting here with Morgan Freeman, also known as Bluecrash. Why don't you go ahead and introduce yourself and let everyone know what you do.

Morgan Freeman: My name is Morgan Freeman, and I'm a visual artist here in New York. I do a lot of design, different looks for different events. From underground warehouse events to designing the look of corporate shows. I work with DJs and even Bar Mitzvahs... it's been a pretty interesting year!

EW: Looking through your work, one would find that you also capture the world through your camera lens.

MF: I am also a journalist. I had my NYPD independent press accreditation for many years. My work has been published in many magazines including Globe, AERA Magazine, the front page of an architecture magazine for an article I did with the wonderful Keiko Tsuyama, known for her international news coverage and published books about technology. There was a lot of breaking news and interview journalism. I covered the Occupy Wall Street story, was in Spain covering a lot, as well as in Haiti after the earthquake to cover the rebuilding. The last story I covered was the inauguration this last January in Washington. But, more recently the focus has been on keeping my residency at Marquee, New York.

EW: Right on. So you're pretty well known for your work with projecting mapping and digital art, can you tell us a little more about that?

MF: I've been doing projection mapping for a little over four years. I know I'm probably not the first person to do it, but I'm one of the first people to do the more complicated and some of the first stuff here in New York as far as projection mapped stages for underground parties, pieces for museums, or corporate events and nightlife.

EW:  How are you able to combine your professional passions into your art?

MF: I originally have an IT background, working with hardware and software for over a decade. I knew that wasn't really me, I always thought of myself as an artist, but I knew I couldn't make a living as an artist, so I worked in IT for a long time. After the dot com bubble burst, I realized I couldn't make that living as an IT person! So I went back to the idea of being an artist. So I combined my background with computers and software to do a lot of the digital art and move forward with some ground breaking ideas as far as technology and art. So as far as passions coming together, well in the end they all kind of did, and led me here to Manhattan for the past four years.

EW: While at Marquee, what's one of the craziest things you've seen go down?

MF: I don't want to blow up any celebrities spots. We have a lot of celebrities, a lot of actors, a lot of old heroes of mine. One of the craziest moments was ... *laughs* ... well one of the more interesting moments from Marquee and it's celebrities was probably Afrojack's birthday where he walked around and was serving everybody a shot of Patron. So getting served a a shot of tequila by Afrojack on his birthday, that's the usual kind of thing to go down at Marquee that I think I can talk about.

EW: Where do you draw inspiration from?

MF: I draw from everything I see, I think like most artists. When I go for walks in the city and see window displays. A lot of looking at other artists work online from other countries all over the world. I think everyone is looking at everyone's work and reinterpreting what we see. I believe it's that interpretation that gives us our own styles. I would work a lot through mash up work at a lot of the warehouse stuff. People used to think there were messages in my work, but it was all very da-da. If you have to make something that is  not a loop, I would do a six or eight hour pieces that would constantly change over the night, there was no message.

EW: I'm aware of work you've done with Erykah Badu. Where are some places we've seen your work?

MF: Years ago I did an interactive projection mapped floor for a BET performance for Erykah Badu. After I did that, the whole floor at the Super Bowl later that year had the mapping. I was happy to see that stuff as catching on and people were making use of the technology. I've also done work with big companies like Nike and Patron. I have been lucky to  work with a lot of my favorite top 100 DJs, and working at EZOO 2012 for Knife Party on the main stage.

I've been at Marquee now for the past year, one of the hottest clubs in New York City. Pretty much every big artist in their event calendar I've worked for in some capacity. I work with the LEDs and pretty much all of the video on the walls and on the ceiling... Which only run second to the lighting. I work with one of the best lighting designers, John Triunfo. The room has a very specific dark, underground, minimal look. It's very hip and very now, it's very minimal techno for New York nightlife.

EW: What about you, what do you like to do?

MF: I really love movies. I love... I love food. I'm so, so happy with this residency that I'm able to go out into New York and enjoy a lot of food. I wasn't able to go out and enjoy the last few years I've been here in New York. I know it sounds silly, but I'm very happy to go out and eat in Manhattan.

EW: When you do find time to do exhibits and private shows, how do you mold your designs?

MF: I've been doing a lot of themes, for about the last year and a half. All original work... I did Exploring the Shadow of a Giant Robot. It was a giant installation where we installed a giant robot and I filmed all these apartments interiors and projected them into these buildings that were under the robots shadow. I also did a group exhibit piece that was at MoMa. It was a piece I filmed exploring the architecture and the body's resting posture.

EW: There's an installation you have coming up on June 5th, and from what we've heard so far it sounds very interesting.

MF: Yes, I am having an exhibit June 5th at the Rabbithole Gallery (Dumbo, BK), titled "I Am Normal". It's an exhibit that features the human body, both male and female. It is an interactive installation as well, where people there will be able to manipulate the bodies of 9 models, men and women. A great way to describe the gallery comes from a review by Max Ritvo; poet and experimental comedian in the NYC-based troupe His Majesty the Baby.

He wrote that it will be a "groundbreaking, merciless interrogation of viewer and viewed, exploration of manhood, womanhood and sexuality; projection artist Morgan Freeman uses his imagination, technical bravura, and keen understanding of the human form to allow audience members to manipulate, in real-time, moving video of models."

EW: That's great. That's a really interesting and capturing environment for people to be in. I am definitely looking forward to that. Well, thank you so much for your time today Morgan, and before we go, let everyone know where they can find you online.

MF: My pleasure, and people can find me online at and I also have video channels to watch as well.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Mysteryland USA: Nicky Romero Presents - Protocol Recordings "NY Reboot"

**Official Press Release**

On the evening of Friday, May 23, Mysteryland USA attendees who are camping on the Holy Ground will be treated to a special pre-party hosted by Dutch phenom Nicky Romero's Protocol Recordings label, inviting some of his most talented residents including Tritonal, Don Diablo, John Dahlb├Ąck, Vicetone and Michael Calfan to kick-start the festival.

"I’m really proud of having these five very talented artists of the Protocol family playing at our Protocol stage at Mysteryland USA. Each of them had one or more successful releases on my imprint so they play a huge part in the succes of the label," Nicky explains. "I’m very happy we can support the guys in this way as well. Come check us out!"

Nicky will be performing on the Main Stage on Saturday, May 24, infecting Mysteryland USA with his seductive blend of progressive house laced with electro and acid synths. He continues to pave it forward with his Protocol brand that is quickly establishing itself as a leading dance music platform - a go-to outlet for forward-thinking dance music. Championing up and coming artists, like Don Diablo, John Dahlback, Vicetone, Kryder, Michael Calfan and Merk & Kremont, with his record label, club night and radio show, Romero extends his influence to help develop the next generation of artists, while also supporting more established acts such as Calvin Harris, R3hab, Nervo, Krewella and Bassjackers, among others.

With the label’s releases consistently flowing in the Beatport top 10, it is clear that its impact is being heard around the world. Furthermore, Protocol Radio, a weekly show syndicated to more than 60 radio stations on FM, receives over 40 million listeners every week and it continues to grow at a rapid rate. Don't miss the Protocol family, as they take over Mysteryland USA this May!

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