Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Hudson Music Project - Listening to Friday

July will hold some amazing talent at the Hudson Music Project. Saugerties, NY, is going to be moving to the beats of all different kinds of artists. On the festival's main page, you can actually find individual pages for all the artists, including tracks you can listen to, music videos to watch, and links to their websites. If you are are feeling like an explorer, that's a good place to go to and learn more about all the artists performing! Here we'll share some of the music of those artists that will be playing at the festival on Friday.

You'll be able to catch this one man electronic army on the first day of Hudson. Hailing from LA, Robert uses an array of instruments including Wii-motes, drums, his voice and keyboards... it's pretty awesome and will have you dancing. We highly suggest checking out his Soundcloud. Look for the orange 'X' logo around the festival grounds and on his set. 

Moon Hooch was sent to us to prove that music played from the soul will constantly move you. These guys started off just playing in public to pay off tuition costs (to graduate The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music mind you). Once they hit the subways, it was all on. With an Australian TV show, a national tour with Mike Doughty, and frequent subway platform dance parties all stemming from performing underground, these guys really caught the public's eye... and they are just all around awesome.

We are very pumped to check out this duo from Seattle as they stop in to the Hudson Music Project during their international tour. Giving us some of that big big big electronic sound, you can be sure to see so much flow at their set. A glow kids delight, Odesza's sound will rush through your body uplifting your soul. Catch them on Friday... probably at night.



Tauk is a band that has literally transformed over the years. They are now at a stage where they have already toured most of the country and can capture. We've seen them at local shows, festivals and heard them on the radio, these boys make Long Island proud. You'll find yourself grooving to Tauk and their originals, as well as some of the covers they perform time to time. 


That's just the tip of Friday's musical iceberg. Friday at Hudson Music Project will also behold Modest Mouse, The Flaming Lips, STS9, Excision...and yea.. a whole lot of awesome talent. What's more is that they extended this tier of tickets so you have more time to get them at a discounted rate! Find your tickets HERE