Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Mysteryland USA 2015: Experience Holy Ground Camping

Mysteryland is a short few months away, and if you haven't secured your camping passes, well time is running out. With the news that the Holy Ground Camping is 70% sold out, comes along that ground camping already fully sold out. What's all the hype? Well for starters, in it's inaugural year was an unforgettable experience for those in attendance. This year is quite a bit larger, and has a lot in store for all festy goers. Here's a little bit of what to be excited for.

Within the camping grounds, 'The Holy Grounds,' there is an overall theme: "DoYaWannaDance". It is inspired by old school summer camps and classic games such as Giant Jenga, Giant Connect Four, Giant Battleshots, Giant Beer Pong, Giant Operation, Bounce House dodge ball, Hamster Ball soccer (!!), 20 foot inflatable slide... and much more!

There are options for camping on the Holy Grounds. You can bring your own tent, rent an easy pop-up that's all set up for you once you get there, or you can go VIP, the Bohemian Premium packages. This will include premium viewing areas at the Mainstage and the Big Top, private bathrooms, VIP bars and on-site camping in Premium Lodges, inclusion in all pre-parties. It's a pretty sweet deal, and to not have to set anything up when you get there is supper attractive.

Friday begin early exclusively for campers. You can expect music from the BangOn! NYC party bus, as well as Pineapple Paradise and the Camping Circus tent! Campers also get the privilege of getting an early start to every day with The Breakfast Club, hosted by 'Saved By The 90's'. This booze brunch will really rock it to you and wake you up.

On the camp ground there will be a large assortment of food and beverage vendors. You will be able to find vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free vendors/options. Be sure to find all your favorite munchies too, no doubt there will be grilled cheese.

ID&T has also spent a ton of money in infrastructure of the grounds as well. We're talking a 1/2 million worth in gravel roads, shower, drainage, parking, and mud prevention to name a few things. Alongside all the attractions will also be chilled out seating all over the camp ground, morning Deep House Yoga and spiritual workshops, and then late night Silent Disco sets. Best part is you never have to walk far to get anywhere at all. With the campsites and stages only a couples minutes walk away from each other, there is so much going on you will be able to end up places you never realized you would.

There is no question in my mind that if you are planning on going to Mysteryland, you should plan on making it your home for the weekend. It will be full of adventure and an awesome community.

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