Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Z-Dar - Camp Bisco 11: Space Jesus

Yo Whatup?! Z here again and I just had to share with you something that literally blew me away when I was at Camp Bisco 11. I found myself separated from Wish[Paus3] and Fitz, so I decided to take my good friend Josh around for some sight seeing in the late nights on Friday. We found ourselves at the door of the Silent Disco neatly tucked away on the outskirts of the festival with an impressive underwater decor theme and a caged dance floor and a cool versus-style DJ setup. They had two DJs every set to go on the wireless headphones off two FM channels. The headphones were some of the best I've ever used by the way, on top of being wireless with no delay. I thought it was a cute idea but I didn't really give it any thought to who might be there until earlier that morning Alpha Data had told me he would be playing again later in the Silent Disco. Being that he's one of my favorite glitch hop DJs made me realize I should be spending a lot more time there, and boy was I right in deciding that.

I Had no Idea what to expect from The EDM producer and DJ, Jasha Tull, I mean really? Space Jesus? I had thought the name was funny in a cheesy way. Maybe some campy DJ alot of the locals knew or some kinda fun joke guy... at least that's what I expected. Upon putting those wireless headphones I was instantly hooked on some the dopest, dirtiest, catchiest, and most versatile music I have heard from one single DJ at Bisco 11 yet. I mean just listen to this:

DURO DURO ft. Capitan Futuro & The Galaxy Girls by SPACE JESUS

DURO DURO quickly became one of my favorite songs ever the second I heard it and I'm pretty sure it was his first time playing it that day from what he said, and It doesnt dissappoint with its catchy vibe and nice glitched out vocal work that just gets your head in the right kinda mood to party. Great thing to be introduced to the Silent Disco to if I don't say so myself. 


Songs like Book One, really showed off his harder side with still keeping a bouncy style that leads off in a sick original styled drop that I quickly learned can only be called Space Jesus style. I couldn't help myself I was literally jumping around at every corner of his music it sets such a great mood, and it looks like he's having a blast doing what he loves on stage. Keep a lookout for him if you don't know him already I expect alot from him. He's also giving away his newest album Quantum Crunk Theory for free on his Bandcamp. He just might really be a saint.

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