Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Hudson Music Project - Listening to Saturday

Just earlier Hudson Music Project released the set times for each day of the festival. After seeing how the days will be panning out, I'm excited to say this festival will be filled with tons of awesome music and good times.

Here's what Saturday looks like:

As you can see there's four stages and sometimes they all overlap. This can complicate things when you wanted  to see a set in full, but ride the rails and the next stage over which could be a ten minute walk and a few thousand people to get through once you make it there. So you should plan ahead, create a small schedule and don't be afraid to leave it behind if you so please... there will be awesomeness everywhere, and sometimes it will find you.

Bit Funk -

When Bit Funk hits the stage, get ready for some late afternoon delightful soul. You will be feeling satisfied throughout. The is also a great place to glovers to be.. assuming the Catskill Cave stage is indoors. Set time's at 4:30pm.

Coming at you in the Circus Tent just as the sun slowly disappears, Kap Slap will bring on that big progressive house sound to your earholes. I imagine the Circus Tent to be the equivalent to the dance tents at previous festivals, and I can't wait to see the visuals happening here. Kap Slap will hit the stage at 7:30, and will directly be followed by....

Felix Cartal -

One big sound after the next. The buildups and energy in the Circus Tent will be HYPE through Felix Cartal's set. It'll be two epic hours at the festival, be sure to catch in on some of this action while you are wandering the music and grounds.

Gold Panda -

Late nights can start getting a little different at a festival. Music that is put together differently than a build and a drop. Hudson Project has graced us with an opportunity to experience Gold Panda in all his glory. This is a set I might pull the art supplies out for.

Well, whatever set you check out I'm sure they will be awesome. Remember though, explorers explore.