Sunday, July 6, 2014

Hudson Music Project - Listening to Sunday

So far we've covered a small few of the artists performing on Friday and Saturday. If you are partying responsibly, you'll be able to full take in Sunday and it's glory. There are some major performances going down, including the fully blocked out Bassnectar set, something that has been routine as previous festivals from MCP. The whole day is stacked with goodness, and we're going to check out some of them.

The Floozies -

Start your day off with The Floozies in the Circus tent. You be keeping cool with the funky and fun electronic beats. Mark Hill and Matt Hill will move the hills and start you off with a healthy does of a good time. Check out their remixes above, their set time starts at 1:30pm, you'll be up by then right?

Jonas Rathsaman -

Jonas will bring you back to the classic club flow. You'll be feeling good walking into this set. His music is fun and meant to make you move. This will also be midday in set time-terms, the perfect time to get ready for the epicness to follow. Catch Jonas in the Catskill Cave.

Moon Boots -

Keep on dancing in the Catskill Cave as you are lifted into the cosmos with Moon Boots. His bio actually refers to him being a pair of astronaut boots. That alone would have me checking him out. The music is smooth and flowing. Might play a nice introduction into Tipper...

Paper Diamond -

Alex B. is a Colorado based producer, but people have been dancing to him as Paper Diamond. Experience the raw energy that comes to a Paper Diamond set. Shivers will be sent up your spine as your arms and legs get turnt up. People will be going nuts. It will be spectacular. He'll be closing out the festival in the Circus Tent Sunday night. Find me there.

So there you have it! The whole weekend is full of great music and artists...the whole freaking weekend is! Below you'll find the Sunday lineup/set times, and be sure to check out the other two days of features!

Listening to Friday @ Hudson Music Project
Listening to Saturday @ Hudson Music Project